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Season 3

16 Sep. 1996
Bringing Home the Bacon
Cybill steals a pig from her TV show. Meanwhile, Ira and Maryann have an awkward sexual encounter, Kevin loses his job and Zoey returns from Europe and announces she's moving out.
23 Sep. 1996
Venice or Bust
Cybill takes a sculpting class; Maryann and Ira realize they're incompatible, Zoey moves out; Rachel and Kevin move in.
30 Sep. 1996
Cybill and Maryann Go to Japan
On their trip to Japan, Cybill and Maryann liberate an oppressed Japanese woman. Meanwhile, Ira tries to get Sean and Zoey back together.
7 Oct. 1996
It's for You, Mrs. Lincoln
Cybill's debut as an understudy doesn't go off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Maryann and Ira have trouble being hospitable after their breakup; Kevin and Rachel continue to quarrel and Zoey's roommate moves out.
14 Oct. 1996
Cybill, Get Your Gun
After Cybill's home is burglarized she turns to Vicki Lawrence for self defense tips. Meanwhile, Maryann is a prime suspect when Dr. Dick goes missing; and Jeff drags Ira to an AA meeting to pick up women.
21 Oct. 1996
Cybill Does Diary
Stunned to see her own face transposed onto another actress' body for the cover of a porn video - The Last Picture Ho - Cybill marches off to complain to the distributor, only for her and Maryann to be challenged to produce their own erotic script within one week. Unfortunately, Ira e-mails the wrong file - and Zoey's memoir of losing her virginity in Italy nearly hits the screen.
4 Nov. 1996
Sex, Drugs and Catholicism
Ira asks Holly to marry him. Maryann revisits her Catholic upbringing. Cybill blows a fuse when Holly suggests Zoey should underplay her own intelligence rather than break up with the co-worker she's just started dating.
11 Nov. 1996
Going to Hell in a Limo: Part 1
Cybill gets cast on a new sci-fi show, but her smug costar plots to push her out of the picture. Meanwhile, Zoey hosts a bridal shower for Ira's fiancée.
18 Nov. 1996
Going to Hell in a Limo: Part 2
Cybill tries to find an angle when her costar fires the show's chauvinistic head writer. Meanwhile Zoey decides she doesn't want to be in Ira's wedding.
25 Nov. 1996
Buffalo Gals
Maryann goes to Buffalo for her high school reunion and discovers her son's been living with her parents.
9 Dec. 1996
A Hell of a Christmas
Cybill's mother comes for a visit and accuses her of favoring Zoey over Rachel.
16 Dec. 1996
The Little Drummer Girls
The ladies indulge in a full moon cleansing ritual. Meanwhile Ira discovers Sean cheated on Zoey.
6 Jan. 1997
Bachelor Party
Cybill and Maryann disguise themselves as men when Ira's bachelor party is moved to a strip club.
20 Jan. 1997
Little Bo Peep
Cybill's job is jeopardized when she's mauled by a sheep on TV. Meanwhile she dates a man who's too good to be true; Maryann falls for a vet who has the same name as her ex and Ira finds himself with nothing to do after his breakup.
3 Feb. 1997
In Her Dreams
Cybill is plagued by bizarre dreams after she's fired from her show. Meanwhile, Ira is audited by the IRS, Kevin gets a job teaching 3rd graders and Maryann gets a mammogram.
10 Feb. 1997
Valentine's Day
Maryann spends Valentine's Day with her son and boyfriend. Meanwhile Cybill becomes known as "The Condom Queen" after starring in a series of condom commercials and Zoey moves back in.
17 Feb. 1997
Kiss Me, You Fool
Jeff gets Cybill a job as the leading lady in his new film, but problems arise when they have to kiss.
24 Feb. 1997
True Confessions
Cybill realizes Ira subconsciously modeled the character in his new play on Maryann, so she begins stalking her for character inspiration. Meanwhile Zoey lands a small supporting role in the play too.
3 Mar. 1997
Name That Tune
Cybill tries to live down the role of Patty the Potty by singing on "Name That Tune." Meanwhile, Rachel breaks her leg having sex, and Maryann fears she's pregnant.
10 Mar. 1997
From Boca, with Love
When Richard asks to meet Maryann's mother, she tries to pass off Ira's as her own. Meanwhile Zoey applies for college and a handsome fan who asks out Cybill turns out to be a toothless dud.
7 Apr. 1997
All of Me
Cybill flips out when her body is drastically altered on a billboard campaign. Meanwhile, Ira gives up coffee, and Zoey starts dating Justin.
21 Apr. 1997
The Wedding
Cybill's family attends a wedding; Justin coaxes Zoey into dancing; Maryann and Richard visit her parents.
28 Apr. 1997
The Piano
Cybill reluctantly sucks up to Andrea to ensure Zoey gets a prestigious music audition.
5 May 1997
There Was an Old Woman
Ira pursues Zoey's piano teacher; Cybill relentlessly pursues a director for a part; and Richard proposes to Maryann.
12 May 1997
Mother's Day
Cybill's mother comes to visit and gets her feelings hurt when she overhears her daughter telling Maryann that she doesn't want to be anything like her mother.
19 May 1997
Let's Stalk
Cybill gets a shot at hosting a cooking segment on "Wake Up L.A.", but only if the audience prefers it to a book review segment hosted by Ira. Maryann sets a date for her marriage to Richard, and in lieu of a bachelorette party, she and the girls decide to exact one last act of revenge on her ex, Dr. Dick. While skulking around outside Dr. Dick's house, she finds out Dick and Amanda are on the outs, giving rise to second thoughts about marrying Richard. Cybill has a disturbing dream.

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