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Season 1

31 Aug. 1995
The New Pilot, Literally
When Maggie notices Jess has chemistry with new bartender Mac, she tries to set them up. Meanwhile, Captain Parker begins working at Regency Airlines and Lenora instantly fawns over him.
7 Sep. 1995
The Dating Game
A night in causes a feud between Mac and Jess. Randy's date is interrupted by the woman's blind husband. Maggie goes out with a jerk. Paul ultimately comes to realize why he has such good chemistry with his date, and Lenora's plans for a date with Rex go south.
14 Sep. 1995
The Operation
Jess fumes when Paul receives a promotion; Randy hits on a passenger, not realizing that he once slept with her; an obnoxious passenger has a medical emergency mid-flight.
21 Aug. 1995
P Is for Paul
Paul takes drug tests for himself and Randy, but only his own test comes back positive for drugs; Maggie slaves to throw a formal dinner party.
28 Sep. 1995
The Sugar Shack
Randy dates a much older woman who lavishes him with gifts; Lenora tries to seduce Rex when they go on a hunting trip together.
5 Oct. 1995
Bar Mitzvah Boy
Paul's father bonds with Randy; Jess finds herself reluctantly caring for a laid-up Maggie.
12 Oct. 1995
Who's Got the Button?
Jess resents it when Maggie asks for money to pay for an operation for their psychotic cat, Spats; Rex has a falling out with his co-pilot.
19 Oct. 1995
Invitation to a Wedding
When Maggie is invited to her ex's wedding, she tries to pass off her gay friend Paul as her new boyfriend.
2 Nov. 1995
Goin' Hollywood
Mac joins the crew for a vacation in Los Angeles, but they never make it past the car rental desk.
9 Nov. 1995
Around the World in 80 Ways (The T&A of PSA?)
Jess runs into Mac's ex-girlfriend; Randy discovers a '70s skin magazine that features a spread with Lenora.
16 Nov. 1995
Lenora has a breakdown after she's burglarized; Randy tricks Paul into going on a camping trip; RuPaul lives out his fantasies of being a flight attendant.
30 Nov. 1995
The Mating Season
Randy is speechless when his prepubescent blind date arrives; Paul and Lenora each get stood up. Meanwhile, Jess makes up ridiculous lies when she realizes she made plans with Mac and Maggie for the same night.
14 Dec. 1995
The Worst Noel
The crew form a Christmas choir, but no one has the nerve to tell Jess she's a bad singer; Rex reluctantly plays Santa Claus; Lenora's sister Loretta arrives with an ulterior motive.
4 Jan. 1996
My Mother, My Sister
Maggie's mother comes to visit and asks her daughter to be an egg donor. Mac rooms with Jess while his apartment is undergoing renovations. Lenora and Rex continue their tryst. Randy's girlfriend displays a sculpture of his pelvis in an art show.
11 Jan. 1996
A League of Their Own
Feelings are hurt when Jess drops Maggie from the company softball team in favor of Mac.
25 Jan. 1996
Retail Slut
Lenora winds up working at a clothing store after Jess tricks her into quitting; Mac has a very traumatic mishap when he decides to get his nipples pierced.
26 May 1996
The New Kids on the Block
Jess and Mac get an apartment together, unaware that they're moving into a crack house; Maggie has trouble finding a roommate to replace Jess.
9 Jun. 1996
Love and Marriage
Jess insists there's something wrong with Maggie's new boyfriend; Rex and Lenora each have problems controlling their desires after agreeing not to have sex.
16 Jun. 1996
Winds of Change: Part 1
Jess is irritated that Mac isn't jealous when she has dinner with an ex; Rex makes plans to propose to Lenora.
23 Jun. 1996
Winds of Change: Part 2
Mac confronts Jess about her dinner with Darnell; Randy sleeps with Maggie; Rex's plans to propose to Lenora are put on hold by her dying mother and the appearance of his wife, whom he presumed was dead.
30 Jun. 1996
The Man We Love
Paul and Maggie unknowingly go out with the same guy; Randy catches Lenora and Rex making out; Mac's religious parents come to town, so he tries to hide the fact he's shacking up with Jess.

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