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This show was awesome that never really got a chance from Dice haters!!!

Author: jersey-3 from Lake Worth, FL
1 November 2005

This was a pleasantly surprisingly funny sitcom that came out in 1995. The Honeymooners feel of this show worked. I thought the chemistry between Dice and Cathy Moriarty was the perfect Ralph & Alice. And Andrew Clay wasn't Dice in this show. He reminded me of plenty of the Jewish/Italian dads I knew growing up in New York City. They worked hard, seemed annoyed with life at times, but truly loved their wife and kids. And Lenny & Phyllis were Trudy & Ed Norton.

Unfortunately, before this show even premiered, people were boycotting it because "Dice" was in it. So stupid people were not to give this a chance. It was funny and real. Problem was we were in the middle of a politcally correct time. People complained, CBS buckled, and the show was no more. What a was one of the few new shows in 1995 that I loved.

Incidentally, one of the few people who actually gave Dice a chance was my Dad. HE HATED DICE!!! But he watched the pilot and enjoyed it greatly. He was as upset as I was when the show was cancelled prematurely.

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It didn't get a chance

Author: Gourry Gabriev from Atlas City
10 December 2005

The network shafted Dice big time, because of how they killed the show off. The sad part is that the entire show was basically recast and repackaged as The King Of Queens. The parallels are to close for it not to be that.Just compare the characters and you can see they are all basically the same characters repackaged for the new show. OK IMDb is forcing me to stretch this comment out, I already spoke my piece about the show but it doesn't seem to meet their ridiculous 10 lines of text minimum. A suggestion to the powers that be at IMDb. Drop or reduce the minimum lines of text. It may be fine for those who write books about their opinions, but for those of us who are quick and straight to the point it screws us over.

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I actually liked this

Author: Pat McCurry ( from Wilton, NH
27 March 2003

This was an average sitcom, but it wasn't as bad as Dice purists made it out to be. First of all, CBS wanted him to drop the 'dice' from his name because this was a family sitcom. It wasn't his idea, which is probably why he was in billed as Andrew Clay in the movies he made around that time. He had a good cast to work with like Oscar winner Cathy Moriarty. Still, this was just an upgraded version of The Honeymooners that was just okay. I don't remember many of the episodes, but Dice was showing true acting ability, and not just the offensive comedy that made him a target of conservatives and the moral majority. Don't get me wrong, I like Dice, but I would like to see more mainstream stuff like this.

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should have lasted a lot longer.

Author: bobbyfar74 from United States
2 March 2010

Andrew dice clay was ripped off big time for this show.people bashed him for his comedy,but let me tell you he is very underrated as an actor...his comedic moments are top-notch.Hollywood shows dice no respect,and he should get his like to see him in more mainstream the lead man.if your offended by his stand-up comedy.,don't buy his dvds....i own everything dice has ever did regarding movies and comedy Cd's.i will root for him to make a comeback...because i for one love and appreciate his talent.the lack of respect the #1 comedian in history(record sales).gets is baffling.lastly id like to say diceman your unbelievable in my book.

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I loved Bless this house

Author: middlej16 from United States
23 November 2014

I was so mad when i sat down and turned my TV on to watch Bless this house. I forget what show came on but i was like "What the h..."! Bless this house was funny! It wasn't just Dice's humor, all the actors played an equal role. Shows usually don't work if relies on one actor. I think the next weeks tvguide came out with the reason the show was canceled. Sighting some contract that Dice had signed that if the powers game him the show he would have to not do his standup show. I'm guessing in his show he bashes women. And to be perfectly clear, I never have seen any of his stand up back then. Only clips here and there. So i really wasn't a Dice fan or hater. All that mattered to me is some idiot(s) took the funniest show to come along in a long time off the air! I feel Bless this house would have lasted just as long as Married with children. I along with the rest of us comedy hungry people were robbed! I read the other reviews and Tue comparisons they were giving about what show Bless this house was spun off of. Honeymooners sure, but King of Queens, don't see it. I didn't like King of Queens. Tried watching it. It just wasn't that funny. Okay i have had my say but i need to get to what I really want! WERE CAN I BUY, STEAL, COPY, or BORROW Bless this house on DVD? I'm not kidding. I feel if the powers that be made this available on DVD, it would sell just fine! Thank you for reading my comments on Bless this house. Jerry

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Great US Comedy

Author: boogietunes from United Kingdom
12 August 2015

Where Can I Find this on DVD?? Don't you just love the Clayton family? This show has been given a worldwide 'cult following' status. Like all American comedies (good & bad) there's just this air of magic about this one. Andrew Clay and Cathy Moriarty do it justice and I believe their parts could not have been played by anyone else because for me, they're truly peanut butter and jelly. Only 16 episodes? I think it was because people thought Andrew Dice Clay stinks (which I never understood) being British and all. Many of us craved for a second season..alas it was not to be. All I can do is patiently wait for the UK's Channel 4 re-runs.

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What happened to Dice?

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
6 May 2000

When I say what I saidc in that one-line-summary, I don't mean what happened to Dice in the sense that his comedy is gone and is now a full blown dramatic actor that makes Marlon Brando look like Jerry Lewis. I know he is still the cool man that smokes and makes fun of ladies. I mean, where has his name gone? For this show, he has dropped his name and is now Andrew Clay. Andrew became famous by being known as Dice, not as Andrew Clay or Andtrew Silverstein. He shouldn't change. He's been known as dice since 1984's Making the Grade. Still, the show he acts in here is good, and Clay makes sure he gets his acting down pat by doing this, and it works, but Andrew shouldn't forget where his came from. DICE! A-

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Snake Eyes For Dice

Author: hillari from Chicago, USA
11 December 2000

I believe that Andrew Dice Clay has the potential to be a good actor, but this so-so sitcom was not the place to display his talents. This was a 1990's version of The Honeymooners, with Clay and Cathy Moriarty as a working class couple trying to get ahead. This wasn't a totally horrible show, but it wasn't all that good, either. Clay's talents are better than what was shown in this bland sitcom.

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Author: WalletGuy from Hill Valley, California
11 September 2003

Much-bleeped comic Andrew Dice Clay (need I really go on?) headed the cast of the borderline abusive Honeymooners rip-off. Bless This House seemed determined to show that love means always having to say you are sorry. Watching this series which co-starred Cathy Moriarty as long-suffering wife Alice (blasphemy!) was like overhearing your neighbors arguing. If only we could have called 911.

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