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"The nights will never be the same again!"

Author: einsijo from Iceland
3 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Although there has been almost a decade since this show was aired it will always have a place in my heart as one of the most unintentionally (or not?) hilarious shows I've ever seen on TeeVee. At the time the Baywatch craze was at an all time high and the original show had scores of followers (Including my sister). yet, It just didn't seem to appeal to me as much. That changed with the spin-off. During it's first season it was a detective drama where the Big H and some chick cracked cases far away from the beach, the scantily clad women, idiot bathers and submerged nuclear bombs. It immediately hit home with my young naive soul, showing a tougher side of Mitch, being more "cool" and less "girly" in my opinion than the original was. Unfortunately it wasn't very unique and memorable so I don't remember much about that first season. That changed when the bizarre second season started. Tired of regular vanilla detective work (and low ratings from disinterested TV surfers) the Big H changed pace, switched chicks and started and upgraded from Private Eye to a Paranormal Eye. From there the episodes turned from the "Cliché detective show" to a more extreme "X-files on Crack", featuring several oddball episodes including "Hasselhoff and Paranormal-chick get chronologically cloned to save themselves from mutated Brazillian-body-snatching-snails" and "Frozen Viking who floats to LA and wreaks havoc when he thaws out" (this one gained extra publicity in my country as it incorporated a real incidence, the 1996 glacier-run of Vatnajökull glacier, to explain the origin of frozen Viking). At the time this show aired in Iceland it became one of my favourite shows, which is understandable since I was only about 11 at the time and had considerably lower standards than I have today. Of course, today I doubt this show, like many other TV failures of the same caliber, can still be found anywhere. But If I ever happened across a reasonably low-priced tape or DVD of the episodes I will probably buy it, if only to smirk at the outlandish plots and sub-par acting. And in the end, who doesn't love Mutant Brazillian Body-snatching Snails?

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The Best "Baywatch" Series!

Author: Reggie Santori from Fort Worth, Texas
22 February 2004

This show was seriously too much. "Baywatch Nights" was like some brilliant combination of the original "Baywatch" and "The X Files" by way of Raymond Chandler. I only got to watch a little of it back in 1996 before they canceled it. Hasselhof would always be contending with aliens, mutants, or even demons! Man, I wish they still put stuff this crazy on television. It really beats the crap they have nowadays, like "Mutant X". They didn't know what a good thing they had. "Baywatch Nights" is probably the best thing to grace the small screen since "Playhouse 90" in the 50s! This is a great one, and you can quote Reggie on that.

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Season 1 Top, Season 2 Flop!

Author: rsvideo from Switzerland
22 February 2016

I really like season 1. It's a cool entertaining crime show. And the main cast with David Hasselhoff, Angie Harmon and Gregory Alan Williams did a good job! It's a cool modern private investigators show! The stories are not very complex but they don't have to. The new job of a private investigator suits to Mitch Buchannon.

But it's too bad that they changed the character of the show for season 2 into a pseudo mystery show. And it's very confusing that Garner isn't longer a part of the show and they don't explain why. Season 2 is really bad and I just ignore it. For me only season 1 exists!

The show is a great supplement to its "mother show" Baywatch.

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Baywatch Without The Sexy Bodies?

Author: Desertman84 from United States
30 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Baywatch Nights is a spin off from the popular syndicated series Baywatch.It stars David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchannon,who now has a private detective agency; together with Gregory Alan Williams, Angie Harmon,Lisa Stahl,Lou Rawls,Eddie Cibrian,Donna D'Errico and Dorian Gregory.

The series changed its premise in the first season by making it a mystery thriller like Law And Order.In it,we get to see Mitch Buchannon join his friend and former resident officer of Baywatch,,Sgt. Garner Ellerbee,portrayed by Gregory Alan Williams,to form a detective agency.They are joined by Ryan McBride,portrayed by Angie Harmon,in their pursuit.In the second and final season,it changed its genre into science fiction similar to X Files.

This was definitely a poorly planned spin off.The show was out of its character.A lot of people watched the original show due to the sexy bodies that were all over in each episode.That is why it lasted eleven seasons.Too bad that it was completely missing here.Also,it wasn't about lifeguards and life on the beach but rather lifeguards who changed careers into become detectives.As mentioned earlier,it became a cross between Law And Order And X Files. That is what it was. No wonder it lasted less than eleven seasons.

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Baywatch Frights, hokey, and d-uh! how d'ya spell embarrassingly bad?

Author: RavenGlamDVDCollector from South Africa
28 May 2014

I am currently greatly disappointed by BAYWATCH NIGHTS. Imported from Amazon through a greedy, greedy shark that took a chunk out of me, and... Well, I knew David Hasselhoff is just too much and Gregalan Williams I won't even mention (king of the dorks?), but really, I've watched eight episodes so far, and the sex appeal is almost non-existent. Only the first episode, Pursuit, was worthy of being associated with BAYWATCH. Plus it's a really low-grade DVD with very weak graphics - I have those two with the dreary dark covers, not an inspiring sight to begin with. Avoid them. I have no idea if the even-more-expensive option available on Amazon has better resolution, but drivel in better resolution would remain just drivel.

It's more than enough that David Hasselhoff is in BAYWATCH. Allowing this poor excuse for a leading man into yet another series is a crime worthy of heinous torture, such as being forced to watch endless repeats of this drivel.

Lisa Stahl was cute in BAYWATCH, she is an all- time failure in BAYWATCH NIGHTS. She totally lost her sparkle. I can't quite make my mind up about Ryan McBride (Angie Harmon); she is at the very least the best part of the show, the only salvageable item, but I am not too fond of her either. Pretty soon I'll reach the Donna D'Errico episodes, but there's clearly not going to be any real magic in this show.

Amazon should reduce their price for this series considerably in the name of providing better value for money. It's worth about less than a tenth of their asking price.

ADDENDUM 20 June 2014. Watched the episode starting the new era of the First Season tonight, "Takeover" (coincidentally very aptly named), and Donna D'Errico graced my screen. Wow! New life breathed into a failing show. The episode was brighter, and I'm raising my score from 2 to 3. Pity this happened years and years ago, I'd have loved to send them a telegram (that long ago?) of congratulations!

By the way, last week I saw that messy tenth episode "Kind of a Drag". Storyline was absolutely ridiculous junk, but that girl in the underwater sequence, the bikini lovely, oh wow! How could they have NOT focused on her and instead opted for that drivel, a plethora of drag queens, David included? For shame!

But tonight, the outlook for the rest of the series looks much better.

ADDENDUM 13 October 2014. Finished watching Season 1 some weeks ago. The series did get more popular with me. So stick with it, just get past that dry spell. Be warned that this show is mostly aimed at schoolboys, I'd say. The kind of 'frights' and levels of suspense might affect toddlers, but the beauty of the actresses is what it is about for me. Season Two at ELectricLadyLand scheduled for South African Winter 2015.

ADDENDUM, 30 September 2015. Season 2 is very, very bad. What were these people thinking? Donna D'Errico mostly not there, not likely because of her limited acting abilities, because David cannot act for licking out old toffee wrappers, and he mugs it up the whole freaking, embarrassing time. Must have laughed all the way to the bank with his double income from the added show. Angie Harmon tries her damnedest best, but nothing can save this hokey junk. Some episodes are beneath contempt, like "Frozen Out Of Time", which scraped the very bottom of the lowly barrel. Still recovering from the corniness of "The Servant" as I sit here, I have yet to watch the rest, but there is very little hope. Though "Circle of Fear" did meet my approval, and brought a spark of hope early on in the season, see my separate review for that episode. One winner, of course, only proves that they COULD HAVE DONE BETTER THROUGHOUT.

Three stars, all for Angie Harmon, without her, like the name of that Brett Easton Ellis novel-turned- movie, LESS THAN ZERO. Donna might have been worth an extra star, but typically of BAYWATCH stars, she's AWOL almost always, and if not, kept on the sideline of the script.

Give this one a miss. BAYWATCH fans hungry for beach bodies will in any case be sorely disappointed. Even more so in Season 2, which is worse than pathetic, especially by 1996 standards. This is a series that should never have existed, Angie Harmon's time was just wasted, and what's seen of Donna D'Errico belonged on BAYWATCH. As for David, hammy old David, pack him up in an airplane, and toss him out over Germany. They'd lap him up. And keep him there. And spare us his dumb presence! Take the other unmentioned lot along too, they are beyond hopeless. Meanwhile, cast Donna in a part where she gets to be tickled silly while trying to hide coyly behind only the three stars I've given this undeserving drivel. :) yeah baby

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Takes Away Everything Good About 'Baywatch'

Author: chow913 from United States
2 October 2013

Some call 'Baywatch' the single worst series in TV history. I disagree.

The series was about much more than just silicone T and A, it was about... Well OK, that is what the show was all about.

'Baywatch Nights' IS the WORST series in TV history! The mere concept of this premise is insane. NO ONE watched 'Baywatch' for the story lines, compelling characters, and certainly not the acting. We watched it for the silicone! 'Baywatch Nights' revolves around Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) and Garner the token black cop who appeared on 'Baywatch' every once and a while starting their own private detective agency. What's next? 'Al Bundy MD?' 'Tour of Duty' joins the peace movement? Or Superman develops a fear of flying? They're joined by Mark Harmon's sister Angie, best known as the voice of Darth Vader in 'Star Wars,' and finally an over the hill dumb blonde. No... not the good type of dumb blondes we're used to from 'Baywatch,' the bad type of dumb blondes whom aren't sexy.

Since the detectives work at night that means on swimming at the beach. Which means no swim suits, which means no dumb blonde life guards' silicone bouncing along the beach in swim suits! So why did anyone expect this series to be popular? What 'Baywatch Nights' did have was really bad story lines and even worse acting. No, the mysteries weren't interesting in any way shape or form.

The show could have worked if the silicone blondes from 'Baywatch' solved crimes during the day still in their swim uniforms.

Actually the show could have worked if the silicone blondes from 'Baywatch' mowed lawns still in their swim uniforms.

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Author: Apogee_
1 August 2002

Simply horrible. This is a spin-off show from Baywatch with Mitch running around with his police officer friend, playing detective. Bah, it's simply original plots, boring and uncreative acting and way too predictable stories.

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A show that had action that was sometimes at the beach or away from the beach

Author: ( from New York, NY
13 October 2003

I only watched the show when Eddie Cibrian joined and I liked it while it was around and seeing that Eddie was going to be the sidekick of the agency it was cool. But then they had the sci-fi stuff for its second season and the show was being focused mainly on David (which the show was his baby) and Angie and it was turning that Eddie was going to be the sidekick, because his character started from a photographer to a detective and instead of him carrying a camera he's carrying a gun, I wasn't enjoying it. That's how I started to lose interest. But it did have a good run. A shorter one than the actual "Baywatch".

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more cheese from hasselhoff

Author: thebigeasy540_ from Ireland
21 June 2005

Cheese is what David Hasselhoff does best and it is replicated here in all it's glory.The original Baywatch was good.It had a huge following worldwide and brought in a lot of dollars.But this lame spin off with x-file style situations?It's terrible and that's putting it mildly.How could anyone possibly take Hasselhoffs character Mitch Buchanan seriously?Or come to think off it,could anyone take anything Hasselhoff has ever starred in seriously?Every time this show came on it was a reach for the remote moment.Thankfully in the UK and Ireland it was consigned to a graveyard slot of about 1.00am.Most people wouldn't have even bothered checking the listings for this piece of self indulgent crap.Basically an ego trip for Hasselhoff

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Next best thing to Hunter

Author: Øystein Glømmi ( from oslo, norway
2 July 2000

This show is well done with a complex mix of action, suspense and finally action, all of wich is superbly done with mucho macho man David Hasselhoff in lead, wow that dude's just great he is actually producing this series ass well as he is the creator. He must surely be one of hollywoods astonishing geniouses.

This show has it all, plus good looking chicks.

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