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Season 4

9 Oct. 1998
De Cock en de vermoorde onschuld
De Cock and his team investigate the murder on a Serbian man who was found shot inside a barn. They discover that the man was working for the Yugoslavian underworld, and wonder why his pants were pulled down.
16 Oct. 1998
De Cock en de moord op de buurman
Transport firm acquisitions chief Tjeerd Fokkema (43) is found in his garden by a neighbor's grandson, skull smashed with a 'silence' monkey garden statue. He was on bad terms with his grumpy neighbors, including sculptor Siep Wijers, rumored to have an affair with Fokkema's girl-friend Viola, which both deny. Recluse Wim Van Eck's alibi in an obvious fake. Rude rumor-monger Mrs. Harskamp keeps her cancer-recovered daughter Jolien in bed needlessly, but she sneaks out to be with Tjeerd's abused dogs, which she and Wim care for. Old secrets, including a whole identity,...
23 Oct. 1998
De Cock en de enge moord
Violent, tyrannic squatters leader Marco Kruisveen (27) is knife-butchered in Paul Mast's building trough throat, belly and both eyes. In his blood was written 'see no evil' on the wall. The answering machine recorded 'You've seen to much'. Fellow squatters Nicole Kemper, Marco's bitchy, pregnant ex-girlfriend, and severely dyslexic painter Tom Koopmans, who was covered in blood, her present lover, and blind sculptor Wanda Lammers, all lack alibis. Someone threatens and follows the detectives, even stabs Vledder in the arm.
30 Oct. 1998
De Cock en de moord op het beest
An unpopular publisher of ladies' magazines is found murdered. While investigating, De Cock and his team discover that the man abused and cheated on his wife. Strangely, all suspects seem to have an alibi.
6 Nov. 1998
De Cock en de moord op de jaren
In charge while De Cock is on holiday, Vledder doubts Dr. de Koninghe's suspicions about he apparently natural, yet unprovoked death of Annie Bunk, one of the pensioners in Mrs. Nachtegaal's private Amstyerdam retirement home. De Cock convinces him to order an autopsy anyhow, which suggests murder. Bunk has (potential) heirs from two marriages, who lie about alibis. Things have disappeared from the deceased's room. Nachtegaal and her unpaid deputy, pensioner Jacob Breekland, have their own secrets.
13 Nov. 1998
De Cock en de moord zonder effect
De Cock witnesses a fire at the house of a promising young tennis player, in which his girlfriend dies. To De Cock's amazement, no on- not even the young man himself- seems moved by her death.
20 Nov. 1998
De Cock en de moord op de priester
De Cock and his team investigate the murder on a priest in a church- the man has been hit in the head with a statue of the archangel Gabriel. It turns out that the man was not as holy as he seemed.
27 Nov. 1998
De Cock en de moord op de volkszanger
De Cock and his team investigate the murder on a popular singer who has been poisoned.
3 Dec. 1998
De Cock en de moord in het donker
De Cock and his team investigate the murder of a young dominatrix who has been strangled in her own SM equipment. Her practices did not make her very popular amongst her neighbors and family. A blind young man with good hearing turns out to be an excellent help for De Cock.
12 Mar. 1999
De Cock en de moord op de bruid
Dutch Turk Erdogan Olgün's wife Dobbe is stabbed fatally during their wedding party. Vledder thinks of the Turkish mob or racism, but father Achmed Olgünand his business seem legitimate. Her bigot father Evert Dobbe has an alibi. Baantjer also checks out Erögan's best friend Ali Kuçuk, who has a bitter with him argument that evening, but no apparent motive, and the bride's alleged infidelity.
19 Mar. 1999
De Cock en de moord op internet
A man from Assen witnesses the murder of a web-cam model while visiting an Amsterdam-based porn site. De Cock and his team investigate, and reluctantly work together with crime reporter Renee Goes. During the investigation De Cock meets an old acquaintance who turns out to be deeply involved in the case.
26 Mar. 1999
De Cock en de geslepen moord
De Cock and his team investigate the murder on the rich widow of a jeweler. Her son-in-law keeps asking about her rare Casseiopeia diamond collection, which is missing, and her will holds vital clues for De Cock and his team.
2 Apr. 1999
De Cock en de raadselmoord
De Cock and his team have a mystery on their hands when a man is found murdered, lying on his own grave. De Cock decides to open the grave, which reveals even more confusing clues.

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