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Season 4

15 Nov. 1997
The cast receives a complimentary letter from their biggest fan, Danny Tamberelli. They enjoy the letter so much they pay him a visit and add him to the cast, along with his friends Christy and Leon.
13 Dec. 1997
Dru Hill
Nickelodeon's quintessential all-kid sketch comedy series from the 90s.
27 Dec. 1997
Green Room - The Meteor: A meteor is headed straight for the Green Room, and the Cast is scared for their lives! The meteor ends up landing on Kevin. Coach Kreeton is a Substitute and has to deal with a Coach Kreeton voodoo doll brought in by a student (Leon). Vital Information. Tater & Family: Tater & Family Get Cable installed. Lump Maroon appears as a cousin of the Tater Family. Everyday French w/ Pierre Escargot Ask Ashley has a one of her letter-writers (Danny) actually arrive in her bedroom to deliver his letter, asking her advice on how to get a letter to her ...
24 Jan. 1998
Episode #4.11
Green Room-Fishin' For Pork: The cast go fishing for some pork. *Coach Kreeton has to babysit his grandson (Leon) after the babysitter of his grandson cancels at the last minute. Vital Information. Lester Oaks meets Dr. Bynes (the worst Dentist in the World). Bully Academy: Two adult bullies (Danny And Lori Beth) send their sweet & perky little daughter (Amanda) to Bully School. Loud Librarian Introduces Musical Guest: Usher "You Make Me Wanna".
31 Oct. 1998
Episode #4.17
Green Room - The Spaceship: Amanda & Leon build a spaceship to go to Jupiter. The older kids laugh at them... until it works! Coach Kreeton in Home Eccch!: Kreeton is substitute for Home Ec. Vital Information. Dusty Pants and Nasty Nancy: Dusty Pants and Nasty Nancy's latest feud is interrupted by the Slappy Brothers (Kel and Leon). Ask Ashley. Miss Piddlin Introduces Musical Guest: Salt-N-Pepa "R U Ready".
7 Nov. 1998
Episode #4.18
Green Room - Robo Danny: The Cast build a Robo-Danny to replace the real one and he can do everyone's sketches better than them. What-Everr: The girls have a Hanson Look-alike contest; they meet Lump Maroon and Lester Oaks, Construction Worker. Vital Information. Coach Kreeton's Birthday: Principal Pimpell, Miss Fingerly, Ms. Spork, Mr. Trevell, and Janitor Gaseous throw Coach Kreeton a painful surprise party. Peter and Flem. Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz: Leroy talks about how babysitters irritate him until his latest babysitter is a cute-looking girl.

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