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In the setting of the pristine beaches and rolling dunes of Cape Cod, director Arthur Egeli paints a canvas of beauty and love and the forces that form an artist.

Steve Buchanan (Pablo Bryant) is a driven young painter on the verge of discovery. Three beautiful women vie for his attention: his model, the sensual Theresa (Jessica Brytn Flannery) a young woman who lives for the images Steve creates for her; Melissa (Isabelle Dahlin), a young art student who worships what she thinks Steve stands for. But one woman is about to change Steve forever, Mary (Aleksandra Kaniak) whose art - and life - are about passion and emotion.

Lost in a doomed relationship, abandoned by his friends, his model, his mentor and the one woman who truly loves him, Steve finds himself on the brink of total self-destruction, where he must find inspiration, his own voice and the true meaning of the Art of Passion.


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