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Very Dark Comedy
massimiliano30 November 2002
Very black comedy about two psychotic siblings, (Tom Munch - Donny) and (Gerry Quigley - Clem), who terrorize a businesman in their apartment who was brought home by Dyanne DiMarco - Jane. Further, the brothers must decide who will take the fall for a decapitation they recently committed of an individual who took their parking space. Between the religous ramblings of Clem and the prominent psychosis of all three characters, this movie provides decent acting at points as well as extreme violence. Its hard to believe that anybody as insane as the ones on this film would be allowed on the streets. For a low budget movie it is average and one that someone who enjoys extremely dark humour might enjoy. 5/10
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Welcome to the freak show!
FacemeltingFilms1 May 2011
What do you get when a dominatrix, a psychotic killer, his Christian fundamentalist henchman and a kidnapped businessman spend the evening in their apartment together? One crazy movie. Spike of Love is deranged and retarded, but in a good way. This is the review for the VHS you will never find and the movie you will always want. The weird and wonderful world of some crazy Canadians coming to your brain live, from the either. This is Spike of Love.

When Donny and his brother Glen come home from chopping a guys head off over a parking space and find his girlfriend Jane raping a businessman things start to get weird. When they find out they have a few hours left before a gang leader comes to claim their lives, things get even weirder in this dark, dark comedy of horror.

From the creative mind of Steve DiMarco comes a journey into the wonderful world of a psychotic house of killers. We watch as these four run around the house arguing, fu--ing and causing general mayhem at the expense of each other. Glen is a hard core Christian who has sent away to become a pope. He calls blasphemy at every turn and is more than happy to chop up a body with his meat cleaver. Donny is an over all psychopath and metal head with a cartoon voice and a huge mouth. Lastly, Jane is a bored dominatrix who constantly changes into different outfits and harasses everyone in a five-mile radius. Welcome to the madhouse! The film consists mostly of these three along with some reoccurring characters like the businessman, the mother and some gang leaders fighting over who to kill and how to do it.

Surprisingly enough it's funny and well filmed. Although at times it might move a little slow, you never really know what's around the next corner and the adventure is something new every time. Donny, played by Tony Munch, really holds the film together. With his hilarious voice and happy go lucky psycho demeanor he keeps even the darkest moments fun. Although the film does not have as much gore as you'd expect (almost none) the movie is fun and well worth tracking down. This would be a great addition to a pizza and beer night any day of the week!
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