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  • Lone group of teens, led by recently released joyrider and his disenchanted Belfast girlfriend, strives to leave their mark on "a British city in the near future" while attempting to avoid a rival gang. Scenes of joyriding and ram-raiding, which attempt to portray the addictiveness of fast driving whilst also showing the downside (the effect on the community and ultimately death)

  • Billy and his girlfriend Jo steal expensive cars and speed them into shop windows (ram-raiding), which they find exciting and gives them an addictive adrenaline rush. There are many fast chases and encounters with the police. Rivalry grows between Billy and Tommy, as both want to be seen as "the hero". Jo wants her and Billy to change their way of life, but Billy wants first to ram-raid the Shopping Mall, because it has never been done before. But, who will get there first, Billy or Tommy? Hard-hitting, fast-moving, ultraviolent drama.

  • Billy and Jo get their kicks from their special type of window- shopping (driving a car through the window and stealing everything inside. These professional criminals are not in it for the money, but for the fun of it. When Billy gets released from prison, his rival Tommy has taken over the street. A fight for power commences as Billy starts his own gang and hits a shop the day before Tommy had planned to. Tommy makes a move on Billy's girlfriend Jo, who wants Billy to change his lifestyle and move away, instead of fighting Tommy, a fight which will hurt them both. He agrees, but he wants to hit the shopping mall on a final hit. That has never been done before, so it will make him a hero among the others.

  • Auch die heutigen Jugendlichen wissen nicht, was sie tun: Autoklau als Lebensinhalt ACTION-DRAMA Tödliche Langeweile plagt die Jugendlichen in einer englischen Industriestadt. Also stehlen Billy und seine Freundin Jo mit ihrer Bande Autos. Damit fahren sie zum "Einkaufen" - direkt in die Schaufenster der Geschäfte. Doch dann gibt es Ärger mit Billys Ex-Kumpel Tommy, der inzwischen seine eigene Gang gegründet hat. Er macht aus dem Zeitvertreib ein Geschäft. Auf Bestellung des Hehlers Venning soll Tommy ein Kaufhaus ausrauben. Es kommt zum Showdown jenseits der Geschwindigkeitsgrenze...

  • You've run out of options, no school, no job. Steal a car, smash a shop with a heavy car and reap the proceeds! This movie is about underground England. The causes, the benefits, and the result of a life of 'crash and carry.'


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  • Bored adolescents, scared by drugs and sex, resort to Ram-Raiding and Joyriding with stolen cars to entertain and support themselves.

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