The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Poster

Plot Keywords

prison murder
friend banker
life imprisonment imprisonment
convict time
redemption 1940s
prisoner hope
locking oneself inside a room public address system
feet on desk tax return
chess piece chess set
reference to yale university reference to harvard university
reference to look magazine reference to national geographic magazine
reference to reader's digest reference to the gospel of john
reference to the gospel of mark bible quote
gay rape homoerotic
gay sex shower room
male nudity man with glasses
prison cell search talking through a book shelf
year 1963 parole violation
listening to music on headphones singing along with a record
rita hayworth poster happy ending
threaten to drop from a height sitting on a rooftop
rooftop bottle of beer
tar pitch beaten up
beaten to death reference to john f. kennedy
letter read aloud voice over letter
prison library apple pie
maggot talking to a bird
interracial friendship murder of wife
convicted of murder three word title
escape vinyl record
first person narration ambulance
black market shiv
beating hammer
prison cell brutality
checkers billy club
water hose warden
prison yard betting
parole board infidelity
judge jury
adultery lawyer
revolver trial
reporter compass
postcard rat
photographer anger
press harmonica
old age pigeon
city park suicide by gunshot
police arrest newspaper headline
lightning sewer
photograph manhunt
reference to albert einstein rope
reference to robert frost shoeshine
reference to raquel welch shot to death
reference to alexandre dumas reference to al capone
reference to marilyn monroe collector
reference to rembrandt reference to erle stanley gardner
kickback wall safe
reference to louis l'amour phonograph record
reference to hank williams watching a movie
sitting year 1957
murder trial year 1954
year 1949 income tax
reference to rita hayworth year 1947
reference to robert louis stevenson year 1966
typewriter reference to mozart
year 1946 subjective camera
character's point of view camera shot prison bus
pen knife liquid
weapon water
violence tunnel
tree thunder
suicide of villain suicide of friend
siren shoes
search party search
rain police car siren
police car pet
night missing prisoner
light hat
gunshot glasses
friendship freedom
flashlight flash camera
dog dead man
darkness danger
corpse car
camera bullet
broken window bloodhound
blood bird
betrayal bet
automobile escape from prison
friendship between men box office flop
pleading tunneling to freedom
rock hammer letter
worm water pipe
unfaithful wife solitary confinement
record player poetic justice
pie mentor
manipulation male bonding
illiteracy filth
disinfectant beer
accountant voice over narration
wrongful imprisonment wrongful conviction
vomit flashback
false accusation maine
poster narrator
death police
based on the works of stephen king parole hearing
police brutality zihuatanejo mexico
cult film mexico
1960s 1950s
pet bird biblical quote
hollow book courtroom
hanging library
bribery revenge
book crow
prison guard suicide
corruption jail
embezzlement education
parole suicide by hanging
bribe based on novella
bible death of friend
plot twist surprise ending

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