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The ASPCA refused to allow an actual fly to be killed in the opening kitchen scene, so the art director made a fake "dead" fly.
The video store in the film is John Waters' actual local video store.
This was Matthew Lillard's first film. When he noticed that Kathleen Turner had memorized everyone's names from the call sheets, he asked her why she did it. Her reply was, "Oh, honey, that's the first thing you do!"
The copyright holders of the song "Tomorrow," as heard when Mrs. Jenson watches Annie (1982) in her living room, charged $60,000 for the rights to use the song because of the explicit content of John Waters' past films.
Beverly Sutphin's friendly wave to her family while she is chasing Scotty was improvised by Kathleen Turner. John Waters didn't notice the bit until a screening where the audience laughed at it.
Kathleen Turner asked John Waters if she could bring her friend Sandra Day O'Connor to the set. Waters expressed amazement and agreed. O'Connor spent the entire day on the set, and was photographed with the whole group at the end of the day's shoot.
Body Count: 7.
Julie Andrews was considered for the role of Beverly Sutphin.
Opening credits say "This film is a true story. The screenplay is based on court testimony. Sworn Declarations. And hundreds of interviews conducted by the film-makers. / Some of the innocent characters' names have been changed in the interest of a larger truth. / No one involved in the crimes received any form of financial compensation."
A poster of the band L7 can be seen in Chip's room, briefly, on the back of his bedroom door. L7 plays as the band Camel Lips in the movie.
The movie Scotty is watching as he masturbates is Chesty Morgan's "Deadly Weapons."
John Waters said on the DVD commentary that the hardest location to secure was the church.
Mrs. Jenson's dog is actually licking butter off of Patsy Grady Abrams' feet.
The original choice for the lead role was Susan Sarandon, but her asking price was too high for such a low budget film.
Within months of finishing shooting, and prior to the film's release, the O.J. Simpson murder scandal became headline news.
Columbia Pictures was originally going to make the film before it ended up at Savoy Pictures.

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