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A wealthy and beautiful wife works at a brothel

Author: (
30 September 2003

Rochelle Swanson (Diane), a bored, lonely, doctor's wife, decides it's time she spiced up her life. So she joins an exclusive club where the members can act out their wildest sexual fantasies. But the kinky fun ends when Diane finds herself -- and her husband -- in serious danger when the man she's been fantasizing about begins to terrorize her. However, Director Gregory Hippolyte takes you on trip of sexual test and pleasurable senses . Rochelle Swanson's beautiful and sensual body, especially, when she takes off her luxurious cloths, with her dark hair and full chest. She also express the hunger of most rich neglected housewives. Very erotic film. In this film, it seems that American directors closing up the gap between them and their European counterparts. I recommend it.

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If you love Rochelle Swanson you will love this movie

Author: DesiMaal from India
13 September 1999

The only reason for watching this movie is Rochelle Swanson. She (used to be a model) looks absolutely terrific in this movie - with and without her clothes. The plot moves along predictable line - bored housewife, brief fling, dangerous consequences and finally back to being the dutiful wife of a faithful husband.

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#1 movie if you're looking to watch sex, sex, and more sex

Author: ryan715 from Ohio
2 May 1999

Rochelle Swanson and her big breasts play a giant role in this movie in more ways than one. She acts well, as she's extremely seductive, even to the viewer. I give it a 10!

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Usual bored-housewife-on-sexual-awakening film

Author: anonymous from Florida, USA
25 June 1999

The movie starts out with the lovely Rochelle Swanson soaking in a bath and relaxing. Any movie that opens with a nude scene rates high in my book anyway, and this movie just follows along on that momentum.

Rochelle Swanson first caught my eye in "Droid Gunner" (aka "Cyberzone" as the intelligent and beautiful assistant to hero Mark Singer. In that film, there were 3 opportunities for her to get naked and she didn't, so my main reason for watching this film was to see if she'd get naked in this one. She does. Plenty. The difference? They probably paid her more money for this movie.

You got your typical bored-housewife, sexy-next-door-neighbor, sexual-escape film, but with a slight twist. Rochelle Swanson is the bored housewife who's husband is a doctor (and consequently away most of the time) and the lovely May Karasun (who did a bang-up job in "Lake Consequence") is the next-door neighbor who shows her how to find some adventure as a high-priced call girl at a discreet gentlemen's club. The plot twist comes when one of the gentleman clients decides that he must have Rochelle as his own, exclusively, whenever he wants. So he breaks into Rochelle's house and leaves her a flower, and then he steals a picture from her bedroom. Frightened that her husband may find out about her extracurricular activities, she tries to quit the club scene but the client won't leave her alone. The bartender, an ex-cop who also runs background screening checks on the club's clients, finds out that the client gave them a false name and is actually an ex-Special Forces soldier, now a contract assassin, who killed May's husband a few years back. The police get involved, the husband catches the client in the house just as he attacks Rochelle, and the bartender gets to shoot his gun. The film ends with Rochelle still in that bathtub. Was this all just a daydream of hers?

Rochelle and May are always great to watch and they're hot together, though I wish Rochelle hadn't smoked so much at the beginning of the film (a real turn-off, man). The other actors are good enough, and I got a kick out of Bob Delegall (he's the only person I know who can recite a line without moving his lips). The film could've been a better thriller if they hadn't focused so much on the skin factor. Still, its a good film for late Friday and Saturday nights, which is probably when you'll find it being shown on cable television.

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Decent Erotic Movie Starring one of the genre's best Rochelle Swanson

Author: med_1978 from United Kingdom
26 October 2008

This movie does not have a great original story, excellent acting or a great cast. What it does have is the incredibly attractive Rochelle Swanson. I have to say when I first saw this actress I thought she looked truly amazing. He physical attributes are stunning along with her gorgeous dark raven coloured hair and amazing eyes. Her acting is also not bad for this genre, I could actually imagine her playing a femme fatale type in a forties or fifties set thriller with ease. The overall movie is not really that great, but the nude scenes with Rochelle Swanson, in fact any scenes with her in are watchable. Woody Brown is fairly convincing as the obsessive guy but when he goes crazy he becomes a little less convincing. May Karasun is also quite attractive but looks bored at times and the actor playing the husband is not great either. Still, I don't think anyone will be watching this for the acting. So if you are looking for a bit of late night romance or nudity with great looking women this should suit your needs just fine.

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Beautiful and seductive Rochelle

Author: from Italy
13 August 2005

Rochelle is a very beautiful wife ignored by her faithful husband who works day and night as a doctor in an hospital. She feels lonely and a neighbor (May Karasun) gives her the chance to work in an high-priced brothel for rich people, but she does it for free. But then begins the thrilling part...

Well, I have seen this movie tonight and I liked it a lot. Rochelle is simply voluptuously beautiful, very seductive and at the same time a little shy. But she is not only beautiful, she performed very well in this role, very convincing. OK, I know American actresses are very good in their job, unlike Italian ones who only think they are. I have seen another Rochelle's movie only: Hard Bounty. I liked it but Secret Games 3 is even better. A must and not only for Rochelle fans. I give it and above all to her a 10!

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It's a shame that I couldn't see another movie like this with Rochelle...

Author: calidadyservicio from Mexico
13 February 2000

I was looking this movie in a lot of places to see it again, and further more, I wish to see another movie where Rochelle Swanson can shows her amazing body and sensuality like on this one. Don't miss up this movie, you'll enjoy it a lot!

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rochelle's fantastic, but the others...

Author: Leslie ( from london, england
9 January 2002

Okay, weak story; this is soft-porn after all. However, Rochelle Swanson is at the most beautiful and delectable i have ever seen her, leaving me a huge fan. But the other actors, especially the ever-charmless Woody, appeared more boring than usual, and left me impatient for Rochelle's next scene. She's a 10. But everyone else is a 2. Overall: 7.

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Routine fleshfeast

Author: Tito-8 from North Bay, Ontario
8 August 1999

There were no surprises in this completely unoriginal erotic thriller, but then again, who watches these films for the plot? That having been said, there is nothing even remotely suspenseful in this movie, so my enjoyment rested entirely on how entertained I was by the sex scenes. But even though Rochelle Swanson is an exceptionally voluptuous woman, not even her wonderful body was enough to keep me interested in the film.

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Why, of course

Author: Neil Welch from United Kingdom
30 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Your husband turns out to be a bit on the workaholic side, so what do you do? Yes, of course, it's obvious - you take a trip down to the local brothel and start a little part-time job. I mean, it's not like you could predict the ex-Special Forces assassin who develops a bit of a thing for you, is it?

This preposterous load of old bilge is beautifully photographed through loads of soft filters by Wally Pfister in the days before he became Christopher Nolan's director of photography on various major blockbusters including the Batman/Dark Knight movies. Its sole raison d'etre is to display female nudity, which it does fairly prettily: primarily Rochelle Swanson (who, I suspect, may be silicon-enhanced) and, to a lesser extent, May Karasun (who, I suspect, may not be and who, in my view, is a superior treat for the eyes, but what do I know?).

Don't expect good acting. Don't expect convincing action. Expect soft focus boobs, because that's what you're going to get.

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