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Alternate Versions

A brief scene where Laura gives Scott the phone number of Neal's mother (1-800-SPANKME), and Scott says that he "knows that number," has been deleted from the DVD release of the film.
Whenever the film appears on Disney Channel, Scott's line, "We're getting the Disney Channel. Merry Christmas," is deleted.
In Current TV Versions, the scene where Scott takes Charlie to Denny's has been cut to show him extinguishing the flames of the turkey to getting their seat at Denny's. The Original Uncut Version feature Scott and Charlie trying to find an open restaurant on Christmas Eve. They pull up to Denny's and the next shot is of a Chinese/Japanese meeting before they get their seats and Scott sees all the other Dad's that burnt their Turkey Dinners and their hands.
When aired on most television channels, the phone number that Laura gives to Scott is changed from 1-800-SPANKME to 1-800-POUND.
In the same version, the part where Scott says "Where the hell did this come from?" after banging into the ladder was edited.

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