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I liked this movie.....
ralphthe3rd18 November 2005
LOL- I maybe slightly biased, as I too was a Former Motorcycle Flattrack Racer, who had to decide when to retire. But aside from our personal similarities, I really liked Craig T. Nelson's character in this movie. This is one of the BETTER motorcycle movies. But you don't have to be an avid motorcycle/racing fan to enjoy this movie. There is good character development, and the actors really bring out their(and your)emotions during the course of this movie. That being said, women will also be surprised- and probably enjoy this movie. YES...that means some may shed a tear or two during certain scenes, and that what makes this a good movie, as we begin to care and feel for the characters. Who would have ever thought- that a movie about an aging motorcycle racer, would turn out to be so good. But it's TRUE ! And it's also a Good movie for the entire family as well. Please give this movie a shot, and watch it. You won't regret it :-)
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Better than you would expect.
planet groovy8 January 2001
When I heard of this one, it looked pretty lame. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally watched it. Nelson is a pretty good actor - I no longer just think of him as Coach. He made his character serious and funny at the same time (the scene where he helps Shaver fix her car is the best). Like all made for TV movies, it could have been a lot better, but under the circumstances this is pretty good.
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Not Bad at All
Warning: Spoilers
I scored this little gem at a swap meet for a couple bucks. Glad I bought it. It will join my extensive "Biker Movie" collection. It has a flaw or two. For one, how does a racer get to the "Nationals" without racing one race during the season? Why the "Broken Wings" on his denim vest? That usually indicates the rider's motorcycle is down and not running. If you're into Harley-Davidson motorcycles especially the XR750's, you need this movie. I didn't realize it was a made for TV movie until I watched it and it took a while at that. All in all, a great movie for kids, especially boys who may be into motorcycles but don't own one...yet. There's little to no cursing, no real sex other than a woman flopping in a bed like a fish out of water for 3 or 4 seconds. Highly recommended...if you can find a copy and mine ain't for sale!
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