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Get Cast in Short Film ‘This Vampire’ and 3 Other Exciting Opportunities!

Want to star in a music video with a popular indie band? Or maybe you’d like to put your science skills to work in a promotional video for an engineering company? Maybe it’s your chance to star in a new short film? Check out these four exciting opportunities to get cast! “This Vampire”Here’s your chance to be cast as one of two leads in a short film! “This Vampire” is a drama that follows Chloe, a recovering addict who will lose custody of her daughter if she relapses. This gig pays $100/day, and travel and meals are provided. Filming will take place in January in Rockaway, N.J., and submissions are being sought from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Music Videoa popular indie artist is looking for three actors to be featured in their upcoming music video, which will shoot this December in Brooklyn,
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Project of the Day: 'The Mistover Tale'

Project of the Day: 'The Mistover Tale'
Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. The Mistover Tale Tweetable Logline: The Mistover Tale is a haunting modern tragedy, inspired by Thomas Hardy’s classic novel of isolation, “The Return of the Native”.A modern interpretation of Thomas Hardy’s novel “The Return of the Native”, The Mistover Tale is a story of angst, isolation, and self­-obsession. It's set on Martha’s Vineyard, an island that is home to the privileged and the working­ class. The rebellious heroine Cliona MacEgan marries a man who she hopes will take her off the island, and when he doesn’t, she takes up with her long-time lover. She rages against her plight, as forces conspire against her.
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Thomas Vinterberg and Carey Mulligan May Work Together to Adapt ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’

Seeing as his work was published back in the 1800′s, Thomas Hardy probably isn’t much of a household name these days. But people who were English majors in college still know him, due to the class or two where they were likely assigned works like “The Return of the Native” or “Jude the Obscure.” He’s like Wordsworth, just a little less famous. Thomas Vinterberg, similarly, isn’t much of a household name. But he’s a name that film students probably recognize, due to his being one of the co-founders of the Dogma 95 movement of minimalist filmmaking. Also, several of his works, like The Celebration or, more recently, The Hunt, have made decent waves in the insular worlds of film festivals and awards shows. Basically he’s like Lars Von Trier, just a little less famous. We’re discussing these two Thomases because their work is about to collide in an interesting way. According
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Mark Kermode's DVD round-up

The Fighter; Brighton Rock; Howl; West is West; Rabbit Hole; How Do You Know?

Receiving a Golden Globe for his hyperkinetic best supporting actor turn as a washed-up pugilist in The Fighter (2010, Momentum, 15), Christian Bale graciously acknowledged that he couldn't have got away with a performance that "big" without a sounding board as quiet and understated as Mark Wahlberg – and he's right. The pair play Dicky and Micky, real-life boxing half-brothers from Lowell, Massachusetts the former of whom coulda been a contender until Ko'd by junk. When Micky becomes the family's new rising star, his unreliable sibling (who is now being followed by a documentary crew) hangs on to his coat-tails, promising to coach him to success. Can Micky put aside his fearsome family – which includes Melissa Leo's tough-as-nails matriarch and a rogues gallery of Budweiser-chugging sisters – and strike out on his own with new love Amy Adams? Or
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