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Horror at the Oscars 2011 - Part Two

Rick Baker. Friend of apes. Maker of monsters. Seven time Oscar winner. And that lucky number seven was for The Wolfman, shared with fellow Efx maestro Dave Elsey. Their on-stage speech was great, but the extended Thank You Cam was even better. Both Baker and Elsey thanked Jack Pierce and Dick Smith for inspiring them. Though there were grumblings online that the Academy clip showed the CG transformation rather then the make-up. It is always a treat to see our own getting the gold.

In the best original music category, Trent Reznor won for The Social Network. But who could forget his rivethead contributions to Class of 1999, Se7en, and Tetsuo: The Bullet Man? And Danny Boyle’s nominated 127 Hours didn’t win for Best Picture, but we will always love him “best” for his bloody crazies in the 28 Days series.

Rounding out the highlights in horror cred are nods to Jason X,
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George Mihalka’s Valentine Present

Valentine’s Day is February 14, but this year, fans of George Mihalka’s holiday slasher favorite My Bloody Valentine got a couple of early gifts. Not only did Lionsgate’s remake prove relatively faithful to the spirit and storyline of the original while adding the fun of 3-D, but the company gave the 1981 Canadian chiller its long-awaited DVD release in uncut form, with numerous moments of MPAA-scissored gore reinstated.

This disc (reviewed here) has delighted fans who’ve had to make do for over 25 years with VHS and disc editions from previous distributor Paramount containing the R-rated cut. And no one could be happier with its release than director Mihalka himself, who has long bemoaned the butchering of Valentine, and had been told a restoration would be impossible. “I was asked whether I wanted to do a director’s cut a few years ago,” he reveals. “Of course I said yes,
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