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Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.
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A couple are shown naked on the bed, the man is shown performing cunnilingus on the woman, her nipples are shown as she is heard moaning. The woman is shown laying on her front, her ass can be seen as the man kisses her back before performing anilingus on her. The woman is shown riding the man. Interspersed in the scene is another woman who masturbates herself whilst a man is shown sleeping next to her, her breasts are shown

Two women removes their bikini tops as they sunbathe. One woman tells the other about her fantasy, which shows a man kissing the woman's breasts. Her naked ass is shown. After the fantasy ends and when the pool boy arrives, the two women run inside

The two women are shown inside topless, one woman remarks her nipples are hard, she implies that they both masturbate and also suggest doing it together in the same room. The first woman then sensuously dances to arouse the other woman as she is shown masturbating, the first woman stops dancing as she also begins masturbating. Outside the glass the pool boy can be seen removing his shorts (his naked ass is shown) and jumping in the pool. The two women are shown climaxing. Afterwards they go outside and talk in the pool, their breasts can be seen for the entire conversation [lengthy scene lasting 10 minutes approx]

A woman strip teases for a man, shown laying topless on a bed. She sways sensuously and pulls up her shirt as she turns around, she is shown wearing a thong which she pulls further into her butt cheeks. She removes the shirt and her breasts are seen. She performs fellatio on the man, before straddling the man.

A man is shown thrusting on top of a woman in bed. After a while the woman gets on top and rides the man enthusiastically, her breasts can be seen. The man tries to get back on top but the woman gets on top again, after a while the man gets back on top and the two are shown rising and falling on the bed as the man thrusts into the woman

Two women remove their clothes, their breasts can be seen, they are shown masturbating each other, afterwards they redress. One woman asks the other to kiss her, which she does

A man fingers a woman who is sat on a chair, he then is shown performing cunnilingus on her, the woman opens her blouse and rubs her breast. The woman is then shown bent over a sofa, as she tells the man to 'put it in me', the man pulls down her panties (her naked ass can be seen) and penetrates her from behind. He is shown thrusting into the woman as she is heard moaning. Afterwards the man is shown laying on the floor as the woman performs fellatio on him

Two women are shown wearing robes, which they undo and their bare breasts are shown and their panties. The women go over to a bed, where one woman proceeds to masturbate herself as the second touches her own breasts. A man is shown spying on them and masturbating from behind a door. The second woman fingers the first and then masturbates herself until she climaxes.

A man's female cousin describes to the man's wife how she caught him masturbating when they were younger, she then looks at her cousin and claims that he is hard, the man's wife goes over and confirms that he has an erection. The wife removes her top and her bare breasts are shown as she stands in her panties, the female cousin touches the wife's breasts before undoing her robe and removing her own bra. The two women touch each other, as the cousin kisses the wife's breasts. The female cousin and wife are then shown on the bed as they call the man over to them (incest/sex implied)

A man and two women are shown entering a hot tub naked, the women's breasts can be seen and from an overhead shot the man's flaccid penis can be seen under the water. A woman's hand is shown over the man's penis as she claims that he is hard, the man's testicles can be seen. The first woman tells the other woman to feel the man's erection and leads her hand to it. The second woman claims she wants to watch the two have sex. The first woman straddles the man and rides him

A naked woman is shown masturbating in a sauna as a man and another woman watch from outside

A woman strips for a man sat at his desk, she bares her breasts and takes off her clothes down to her panties. She walks over and lays face down over the desk and performs fellatio on the man. The woman climbs off the desk as the man kisses her, before they both fall to the floor (sex is implied)

A man and woman are shown naked in bed, the man refers to himself as being an ass man, the woman upon hearing this removes the bed sheet covering her ass (she is wearing panties). The man and woman have sex in a spooning position, the woman's pubic hair can briefly be seen. Afterwards the woman is shown riding the man as she moans, the man's testicles can briefly be seen

A woman is shown naked talking to a man in bed, afterwards she is shown furiously riding the man

Two women remove their bikini tops and proceed to touch each other and themselves as two men watch


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