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Season 2

2 Sep. 1995
Control Group
Rebecca test a mind transfer procedure on unwilling Graft and sends him after the Phantom. Kit beats him and takes his memory chip, which shows Graft's tragic backstory and his torment over the war crimes he committed for the Madisons.
9 Sep. 1995
A Boy and His Cat
A female A.I. convinces Maxwell Jr. that the virtual reality program he's trapped in is his playground, when in fact his actions in there directly cause destruction in the real world.
16 Sep. 1995
Rite of Passage
Kit recaps the events of Season 1 and reminisces about some of the key events in Heloise, Sparks, Guran and Sagan's lives during its course.
23 Sep. 1995
The World Is My Jungle
Kit recaps the events of Season 1 and reminisces about some of the key events in the lives of Rebecca Madison, her late husband Maxwell, her son Maxwell Jr. and their henchman Graft, that happened during its course.
30 Sep. 1995
Queen Nia hires professional big game hunter Gunnar to hunt down the Phantom. However, he has a different target in mind - the fabled Shadow Panther of the Ghost Jungle. But the big cat is not what it seems.
7 Oct. 1995
The Ties That Bind
Kit gathers his allies Guran, Sagan, Heisenberg, Pavlova and even Mr. Cairo to try to stop Rebecca after she starts her endgame by annihilating Sean One. However, Kit has one more enemy to worry about - Doctor Jak.
14 Oct. 1995
The Woman in the Moon
Both Sean One and Rebecca have a diabolical plan to influence the vote on the future of the orbital colonies, Sean through a cloning scheme and Rebecca through a false flag terrorist attack.
21 Oct. 1995
Matter Over Mind
Mr. Cairo asks the Phantom to help him return to his "home", but what if it's not a place but a person? More backstory about both Mr. Cairo and the Sector Zero incident is revealed.
28 Oct. 1995
The Sins of the Fathers: Part One
Kit finds shocking footage that shows what caused the Sector Zero train crash. Wise street saxophonist and Heisenberg's best friend Betty tutors him on self-determination. Graft hacks Maxwell Sr.'s mind for information but this backfires.
4 Nov. 1995
The Sins of the Fathers: Part Two
After learning the shocking truth about his dad, Kit suffers an identity crisis but his friends try to help. The Skull Cave in Bengala, Africa might hold some answers. Meanwhile, newly revived Maxwell Sr. starts his apocalyptic endgame.
11 Nov. 1995
The Sacrifice: Part I
Time is running out for Kit to locate his father. Meanwhile, the Madisons team up with Gorda to proceed with their apocalyptic plan.
18 Nov. 1995
The Sacrifice: Part II
To save his father's life, Kit may have to sacrifice his own. The Madisons's plan has backfired and they must find their way out of their Cyberville complex before it kills them.
25 Nov. 1995
Doctor Jak accuses self-aware Heisenberg of being a terrorist leader who's organizing the androids (or biots) to rebel. Sagan is ordered to destroy it. Maxwell Jr.'s parents tell him to find a way to retake control over Heisenberg.
11 Feb. 1996
The Second Time Around
In an attempt to uncover how a smug hijacker obtained the Good Mark coin, Kit uses a virtual reality machine to search the chronicles of the Phantom of 1934. Meanwhile, Rebecca orders Graft to track the hijacker down.
18 Feb. 1996
The Furies
Gorda tries to steal a cache of iridium from the Madisons' Maximum, Inc. corporation behind their back. They find out about it and anonymously tip off the Phantom to help them track her down, so they can deal with both of them for good.
25 Feb. 1996
Moments of Truth
Sparks goes to school to learn geography. Maxwell Jr. uses trackers to locate the Phantom. Rebecca tries to smuggle seemingly normal rare Brazilian roses into Metropia and Gorda wants to know why. So does the Phantom.
3 Mar. 1996
The Whole Truth
In the series finale, Kit finally learns the whole truth behind the Zero Sector incident and his father's actions, while Rebecca finally uses her biot androids to take over Metropia. Will the Phantom finally bring her and her allies down?

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