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Red-Carpet Exclusive Portrait, Audio: Jeremy Piven for Gene Siskel Center Renaissance Award

Chicago – Actor Jeremy Piven came home to Chicago on May 13th, 2017, to moderate the Gene Siskel Center Renaissance Award tribute to actor Kevin Spacey. Piven, who grew up in nearby Evanston, Ill., has forged a diverse career in Hollywood, and is most well-known for portraying super-agent Ari Gold in the HBO series “Entourage.”

Each year, the Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago celebrates the art of film by honoring a filmmaker who advances that artform. Kevin Spacey was the latest Renaissance Award honoree, and Jeremy Piven moderated a conversation with the Oscar-winning actor.

Jeremy Piven at the Gene Siskel Center Renaissance Award Night

Photo credit: Joe Arce of Starstruck Foto for HollywoodChicago.com

Piven was born in New York City to Byrne and Joyce Piven, who became top acting teachers when they moved to Evanston, opening the Piven Theatre Workshop. After training at
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Ready Player One To Be Adapted By Superhero Scribe Zak Penn

We've known since before Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One hit shelves that plans were in the works to adapt the story for the big screen. The book was since published in 2011, however updates on the fate of the film have been few and far between. But it seems like there's been movement on the project, as Warner Bros. has hired Zak Penn to rewrite the script. Zak Penn's list of writing credits includes work on a number of comic book movies, including X-Men 2, X-Men: The Last Stand and more recently, The Avengers. On the non-comic side, he has writing credits on The Last Action Hero and Pcu. According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. has Penn set to rewrite the script, which was originally adapted by Ready Player One author Ernest Cline, along with Eric Eason. Wrap notes that Cline was involved in Penn's efforts to document the
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The Top 10 Party Movies of All Time

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, the Irish are poised to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in their homeland, while Americans are simply looking for an excuse to wear green, eat corned beef, and drink copious amounts of green beer. Sounds good right? To get you in the mood to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick, I’ve compiled a group of movies that will help inspire your party planning this year.

Will Ferrell in “Old School.”

After looking at the movies I picked out for this list, the thing that strikes me is how many are set in and around schools – high school and college respectively. I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t remember any school I attended being like any of these movies. So, without further ado, here are my picks for the Top 10 Party Movies of All Time. Did I leave your favorite out?
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Top 50 underappreciated comedy films of the past 30 years

Odd List Simon Brew 20 Sep 2013 - 07:14

They don't make funny movies any more, right? Wrong. If you're looking for a laugh, then here are some you may have missed...

For this list, blame The Hangover Part III. It was whilst walking out of that film that I got into a chat with someone, who was bemoaning the lack of genuinely funny movie comedies. Certainly, big budget Hollywood comedies have no end of problems right now - with the occasional exception - but I couldn't help thinking of the many neglected gems that had gone through my DVD player over the past decade or so.

As such, I started to put this list together. It's inevitably subjective, as one person's comedy is another person's snore fest. But I've tried to dig out a mix of comedies from the past three decades that have either flown under the radar completely, or
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Exclusive Interview: Jessica Walter talks ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Archer’ and more

Jessica Walter has a diverse acting career for more than 50 years, ranging from film to television and every single genre in between. She’s appeared on a multitude of television series from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour to Columbo. In the 90′s, she could be heard on the prehistoric sitcom, Dinosaurs, as the pained upon wife, Fran Sinclair. As of late, she can be seen (and heard) everywhere on the TV Land sitcom, Retired at 35, and as the voice of Malory Archer, on the hit FX series, Archer. She’s also returning to her massively loved role as cold-hearted, and perky Lucille Bluth on the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix in May. She’s also got a long film career as well with roles ranging from Play Misty for Me, to roles in my favorite films growing up, Tapeheads and Pcu. She’s just as whip-funny and warm as she comes off,
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Top Ten Tuesday: We Like To Party

I’m just gonna say it… We Like To Party, but even we can’t party as hard as the Wolfpack! Alan, Stu and Phil are bringing the party back to theaters this Thursday with The Hangover Part II, so we thought, what better way to ring in the party than to count down our favorite party animals!

These are the cool kids that bring the party! They rage, they get down… heck, they might even get “jiggy wit it”! Sure, they might not be from the fluorescent box of crayons, but these folks can MacGyver a good time out of a paper clip, a broomstick and a Nelson cassette. (Yep, I said it!)

So, without further adeu…

Top Ten Party Animals Honorable Mention: Trent (Vince Vaughn) Swingers (1996)

Trent (Vince Vaughn) is an aspiring actor. He’s loud, flirtatious, and he’s living the swinging lifestyle. Vegas is this kings castle,
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Zak Penn on The Avengers & Alphas

Zak Penn is easily the most prolific superhero scribe for the big screen. Along with working on non-comic book genre screenplays like Last Action Hero , Pcu , and Behind Enemy Lines , Penn has enjoyed a long collaboration with Marvel Studios, bringing their iconic characters into film and introducing them to a new generation of fans. His superhero filmography includes X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand , Elektra , The Incredible Hulk and perhaps his biggest assignment of all, next summer’s The Avengers . Penn also has a new TV series set to premiere on Syfy that he co-created with Michael Karnow (with “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s” Ira Steven Behr as executive producer/showrunner and “Lost” helmer Jack Bender...
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Party Favors: Look To The Skies!

  • Quick Stop
Roswell, N.M. - The aliens have returned! Maybe not returned so much as finally arrived on home video with the release of Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series on DVD. Startling enough, the show only lasted a season on NBC in 1996. It gained a large cult with an alternative history of America in the ’60s. “History as we know it is a lie” was the startling series slogan. John Loengard (Eric Close) went from plucky congressional aide to a member of the ultra creepy Majestic 12 run by Frank Bach (J.T. Walsh) to battle the alien menace. An equally bizarre transformation happens to his girlfriend, Kimberly Sayers (Megan Ward). She gets alien abducted and returned. The perky perfect sixties gal goes to dark side. Can he bring her back?

Megan Ward called up the Party Favors hotline for a brief chat about the series, being covered in cow guts,
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Jeremy Piven Going ‘So Undercover’ With Miley Cyrus

Entourage,” the show that turned our favorite “Pcu” star Jeremy Piven into a household name, comes to a close in 2011, which means it’s time to find another gig. As far as PR moves go, starring alongside pop star Miley Cyrus isn’t the worst decision.

An announcement (tracked down by Comingsoon.net) adds Piven to “So Undercover,” an action-comedy starring Cyrus as a private investigator hired by the FBI to infiltrate a college sorority. Crazy hijinks ensue.

The fast-talking Piven will play Special Agent Armon who we can only assume finds himself in awkward situations inside the sorority house. If it were anyone else, watching a grown man hiding in the closet of a college co-ed may be unbearable, lowest-denominator material, but Piven has talent. The man can turn subpar into…par.

The film will also star Mike O’Malley, known for his work as Kurt’s Dad on
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Interview: Jon Favreau on the Set of ‘Cowboys & Aliens’

Yesterday we took you out into the middle of New Mexico and behind the scenes of Cowboys & Aliens. Today, we continue our week-long set visit report by talking with director Jon Favreau. I’m standing in the middle of the desert, and Jon Favreau is holding an alien arm up toward my face. There’s this look in his eyes that reads as a mix of sheer excitement and a hopefulness that the group surrounding him approves of his alien arm. From the amount of questions buzzing him like airplanes taking a pass at a giant ape on the top of a tall building, it seems like they do. Favreau has navigated a jungle-like career (which started in earnest when he met Vince Vaughn on the set of Rudy) in order to stand in front of some sun-stroked journalists with a piece of painted plastic in his hand. That career has taken him from the college of
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Jeremy Piven and others added to cast of Waska

I’ve been a fan of Jeremy Piven since One Crazy Summer, Say Anything, and Pcu. The man has what is commonly referred to as “swagger,” and it’s hard not to fall for his charm. I guess these days Piven is mostly known for his role on “Entourage,” where he’s had the masses “huggin’ it out” for quite some time. I’ve never seen the show, but that’s no fault of Mr. Piven. I am but one (wo)man and I can’t find the time to watch every buzzworthy television show as well as bring you the latest in film news, but I am glad that he is getting his due.

Read more on Jeremy Piven and others added to cast of Waska…
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Stars in Rewind: Ken Ober & 'Remote Control'

Attention children of the '80s: If you haven't already heard, television's Ken Ober died at the age of 52. The cause of death is not yet determined, although his agent noted that Ober "complained of headaches and flu-like symptoms on Saturday night." While he produced shows like Mind of Mencia and The New Adventures of Old Christine, he's probably best known for his time as the host of MTV's '80s quiz show: Remote Control.

Remember it? Three players would get strapped into arm chairs, answer questions about television and film (basically anything that could be found on TV), find food raining down on their heads, and get entertained by the likes of Colin Quinn, Kari Wuhrer, Denis Leary, and Adam Sandler. It was part classic MTV ridiculousness, and part media junky geek party.

In memory of the host and show, I thought I'd take us back in time for
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Five Rules for Great DVD Commentaries

  • IFC
Whenever someone asks me what my favorite DVD special feature is, I always pick audio commentary. But from talking with other cinephiles and casual film fans alike, I've begun to feel like I'm in the minority. I hear the same complaints, over and over, about filmmaker tracks: they're boring, they're uninformative, and so on. To which I always reply, you don't like them because you're not listening to the right ones.

There are plenty of bad commentary tracks out there, but there are plenty of bad movies out there too; the trick is to find the good ones. From my highly subjective perspective, here are the rules that govern all great DVD commentary tracks.

1. Don't Just Tell Us What's Happening on the Screen

Just about the worst thing you can do on a commentary track is simply reiterate what the audience is seeing. Thankfully, it's not an especially common phenomenon nowadays,
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Exclusive: 'The Goods' Character Poster

Click image below to view full poster

Cinematical has just received this exclusive character poster featuring the hilarious Ken Jeong as Teddy Dang from the upcoming comedy The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Starring Jeong, Jeremy Piven, Ed Helms, Ving Rhames, David Koechner, Tony Hale, Rob Riggle and an assortment of random comic talent, The Goods follows a used-car liquidator (Piven) who's brought into a flailing car dealership to help them dodge impending bankruptcy by turning one helluva profit during their Fourth of July sale.

The month of August is known for its sleeper comedy; the kind that sneaks up on you after a summer full of overly-hyped popcorn fluff. I remember Accepted being a late-August surprise, as was Superbad -- and now The Goods is shaping up to be this year's raunchy little guilty pleasure. As someone who loves to watch Jeremy Piven lead a rag-tag team of morons
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The Goods Trailer Starring Jeremy Piven

While high mercury levels [1] supposedly kept Jeremy Piven from fulfilling his duties on Broadway last year, health concerns didn't keep him from shooting The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, an upcoming movie from Will Ferrell's production company that could be his biggest starring role since Pcu! Clearly Piven has been typecast as a fast-talking salesman ever since he started playing Ari Gold on Entourage, and that's why he was perfect to headline this comedy about car salesmen. The red band trailer has hit the interweb this week, and I gotta say, it looks pretty damn funny. In addition to Piven, the casting is solid all the way through, from David Koechner, Ving Rhames, James Brolin and Kathryn Hahn to Alan Thicke and even Will Ferrell himself (he played a great car salesman in Eastbound & Down). Ed Helms and Ken Jeong are also involved, and after people see their performances in The Hangover,
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Movies That Deserve a Second Life: Comedy Edition

Welcome to another edition of Movies That Deserve a Second Life. If you need a refresher on what I’m referring to by “second life,” check out the Action/Adventure Edition. If you’re caught up, read on to see what funny flics I felt were unfairly ignored/disliked upon its release or have been forgotten in the years since its release.

Comedy is almost certainly the most subjective of all genres. What makes one person laugh is guaranteed to make another yawn or wrinkle his/her brow. Some find juvenilia in poor taste while others bust a gut. Everyone claims to have a sense of humor, but almost no one enjoys every type of humor there is, from dry wit and pungent satire to bodily fluid gags and intentionally groan-worthy puns. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that no one (besides myself) will be satisfied with every choice.
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Steve Rash directing 'Crooked Arrows' pic

Steve Rash directing 'Crooked Arrows' pic
Steve Rash has signed on to direct "Crooked Arrows," an underdog sports comedy set in the world of lacrosse.

Mitchell Peck and Adam Leff, who co-wrote and exec produced "Bio-Dome," are producing with J. Todd Harris ("Bottle Shock"). The trio are fans of the sport and, in the words of Peck, aim to make "the first mainstream lacrosse movie out of Hollywood."

They are finalizing financing and sponsorships for a late-summer shoot in the Northeast. They have already lined up endorsements from Major League Lacrosse, the National Lacrosse League, Us Lacrosse and LaxFestUSA. The producers also are talking to sports brands, colleges and prep schools.

The sport's origins date back to northeastern American Indian tribes in the 1100s, and "Arrows" will have a Native American angle, with the story set on an upstate New York reservation.

The film centers on a 30-year-old of mixed blood who must postpone his casino-building
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