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Trailer For Peruvian Sci-Fi Opus The 2Nd Horseman

Apparently, the city of Lima lends itself well to post-apocalyptic settings. For proof there's that modern B-movie classic, New Crime City, where Rick Rossovich is sent into a devastated Los Angeles, which has been converted into a prison colony, to hunt down some bad guys (yes, it's a cheap John Carpenter rip-off). My fair city circa 1994 was chosen to stand in for a post-nuclear holocaust La - and they didn't even bother to hide the graffitti for local soccer teams.Lima is once again standing in for the future in The 2nd Horseman, from first-time director Arthur Cross. Peruvian films rarely travel into science fiction territory, save for some independent, low-budget experimental efforts but this one is clearly aiming to become a sci-fi action blockbuster,...

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