Muriel's Wedding (1994) Poster

Plot Keywords

porpoise spit friend
australia money
vacation embarrassment
theft politician
abba wedding
lawn mowing boom microphone in shot
telephone book marlboro cigarettes
telephone saying goodbye
lying on bed f word
opening a door telegram
suicide of mother night swimming
sandals backyard
bridesmaid bride
church ave maria
sham marriage racial slur
wanting to marry name change
doctor listening to sex
loud sex sailor
bad dancing male rear nudity
kissing group sex
threesome ocean
catfight singing
costume spying on couple having sex
friendship between women loss of friend
22 year old japanese businessman
wedding ceremony wedding reception
island constable
wedding bouquet bouquet
female protagonist rehabilitation
physical therapy cosmetics
autograph boy
wedding video death of wife
priest leopard print cloth
microwave oven sports hero
female athlete athlete
laundry lip synching
sales representative hibiscus island australia
construction site milk carton
blank check heart attack
telephone call australian prime minister
australian coffin
funeral rain
motel tourist
beach japanese
cricket the game olympic games
wedding ring liar
lie beauty consultant
apprentice locksmith locksmith
high school friend surfer
champagne postcard
injury fire
burning grass pills
on the dole shoes
dignity video store clerk
parking inspector dancing queen
tumor rehabilitation center
slacker south african
personal ad solicitor
barrister dance club
wedding album spinal cord
search surgery
surgical operation geisha
reference to princess diana reference to prince charles
drug addict prostitute
hotel drink thrown into someone's face
secretarial school typist
black eye dry cleaners
u.s. sailor t shirt
coma arrest
rejection obesity
football soccer
kiss nudity
watching tv slot machine
gambling cigarette smoking
reference to charlie chan chinese restaurant
lipstick on one's penis lipstick
fellatio blow job
honeymoon bali
peer pressure emergency room
hospital ambulance
undressing asthmatic
polaroid camera photograph
police car police
policeman cafe
restaurant taxi
aboriginal sitting in the dark
talent show death
dancing dancer
beer bar
drink drinking
robbery thief
swimsuit swimmer
coach swimming coach
swimming pool bribe
unemployment politics
brother sister relationship sister sister relationship
fight tea
mother son relationship father son relationship
mother daughter relationship father daughter relationship
marriage engagement marriage
family relationships wedding dress
tears crying
wedding banquet wedding cake
husband wife relationship love
sex cousin cousin relationship
friendship infidelity
unfaithfulness extramarital affair
swimming sleeping pills
friends who hate each other loss of virginity
bride and groom dysfunctional family
bullying ugly duckling
sydney australia swimming champion
shoplifting marriage of convenience
makeover girl fight
loveless marriage betrayal
suicide corruption
video store cancer
wheelchair adultery
divorce roommate
death of mother independent film
character name in title

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