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Wickedly mocking but empathetic, able to laugh at its characters while paying attention to their sorrows, this subversive comedy about self-esteem resists the notion that films have to timidly remain within tidy genre rules.
Chicago Sun-Times
And the casting of minor characters (including Muriel's sister with the naughty-naughty smirk) is flawless.
A crowd pleaser that spices a tired formula with genuine feeling.
There's poignant drama in this brash, sometimes overstated film, and Muriel's transformation is truly touching.
Christian Science Monitor
High-energy comedy.
While Muriel's Wedding has its moments of exhilarating humor, it is, as often as not, downbeat and even mean-spirited.
Thankfully there are no weight-loss montage sequences; what you see with Muriel is what you get, like it or not. This refusal to change or convert the main characters makes the film so appealing.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Watching this is a feature-length exercise in frustration - comedy that promises to be amusingly black stays uniformly grey; sentiment that looks to be credibly bittersweet winds up badly soured. We're constantly tantalized and perpetually disappointed, but don't despair - there's one terrific bonus...Toni Collette.
Ultimately, the comedy here is grounded in self-hatred, hostility, and despair. Nearly everyone who wanders through this brash and deliberately tasteless film is stupid, ungainly, or grotesquely tragic. But this only heightens the pleasure during moments of delirious merriment.
Entertainment Weekly
The trouble with the movie is that there's nothing to Muriel but her false dreams: We never quite glimpse the woman they're hiding.

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