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An entertaining movie! Where is the DVD?
MrExcitement26 January 2008
All of the fans of "Midnight Run" label this movie as extremely bad. Not at all. This movie has everything but the cursing.

Midnight Run for Your Life was fantastic.

Christopher McDonald plays Jack Walsh very well. Melora Walters is a perfect Lorna Bellstratten. The story for this movie is original and is very entertaining.

What I like most, is the more mellower Jack Walsh that McDonald brings and the more darker story line. There is less comedy.

Melora Walters character is always trying to kill herself and Christopher McDonald has to, in a way, jump in front of the bullet all the time.

Since there is no DVD, it will be difficult to find. I strongly suggest seeing it. It was a very good movie.
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As good as the original, but way too similar.
MisterHandsome13 January 2007
"Midnight Run for Your Life" is the third and last "Midnight Run" adventure in a series of television movies. Christopher McDonald gives a great performance as Jack Walsh.

Chris McDonald gives Jack Walsh a new image than Robert De Niro. There's a lot of yelling and frustration, also he brings a little brain-less effect that gets him into trouble.

The movie focuses on Lorna Bellstratten (Melora Walters) who is a waitress that has a dream in show business. She is dating a Hollwood producer, Micheal Vega, who is really a drug-dealer and uses her to drop a bomb.

Lorna is on the run when the cops chase after her. She flees to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where she hires a hit-man to kill her. This mission differs A LOT from the other movies. Lorna's father hired Eddie and Jack with the price of $10,000. Eddie wants to split the price 50/50 with Jack if he can track her down and bring her back to LA alive before anyone else gets to her.

But, there is no Marvin Dorfler to sabotage Walsh's efforts in this movie.

Walsh gets into a bigger problem when he reaches San Cabo Lucas. Vega sent his stupid henchmen, Hector and Benny, who are a lot like Joey and Tony from "Midnight Run", to chase after Walsh to find Lorna. The cops are also after her and so is the hit-man.

The story becomes more serious by the end of the movie. Also dramatic, when it ends on a beach. The script was written by Shaun Cassidy. The funny scenes are in the beginning and serious, closer to the end.

The movie features a more mellower Jack Walsh when he falls in love with Lorna("Jack...would you kiss me?"). A likeness of Walsh we haven't seen before, As for the music: it is way to silly to fit with the story. It didn't compliment the film like the first "Midnight Run." You won't find much information on this or any other "Midnight Run: Action Pack" movie. I was able to find a copy from a British video store. You might be able to find a bootleg somewhere...

All in all, this is a great movie.
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Great Fun
james67628 June 2005
Before Hercules and Xena, the WB Network produced great made for TV movies. VANISHING SON, BANDIT (a spin-off of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT) and THE MIDNIGHT RUN films. MIDNIGHT RUN FOR YOUR LIFE was fantastic. Christopher McDonald as the Robert DeNiro tough-guy bounty hunter with a heart was charming, funny, very entertaining. The beautiful Melora Walters (prior to BOOGIE NIGHTS and MAGNOLIA) is sweet as the lovable Lorna. I loved this movie, and luckily was smart enough to video tape it in 1994. I recently dug it out and enjoyed it again. It is a shame they don't make great movies like this for TV anymore, but it's great to see Christopher McDonald and Melora Walters still going strong.
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