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Mathilda never replaces the floorboard in her old apartment. When she is surprised there, she picks up the money and goes around the corner. The board would have been in the way and the hiding place obvious to the three men.
When Leon asks Mathilda why she hid the cigarette, the cigarette varies in length between shots.
Mathilda's money should not be neatly wrapped as she darts away from the detective entering her apartment.
The amount of milk seen in the reflection of Leon's sunglasses at his meeting does not reflect the amount of milk in the next shot. The reflection in Leon's sunglasses after setting the milk glass down on the table, when asked if he is free on Tuesday the glass is gone in his sunglass reflection.
Léon's milk rises and falls in his glass, depending on the camera angle, immediately prior to the charades game. He pours a less than full glass for himself when his back is to the camera, but it is at the top line when the camera faces him. As he talks with Mathilda, there are several shots back and forth with the level changing back and forth each time.
The bathroom mirror disappears and reappears during Mathilda's charades game. It is on the wall for 'Madonna', off the wall for Marilyn Monroe, back on the wall for Charles Chaplin, and off again for 'Gene Kelly'.
When the taxicab pulls up to the DEA building, the rearview mirror is on the windshield. Immediately afterwards, the spot for it is evident, but the mirror is missing.
When the fat man calls the cops, the antenna on the phone is longer than when Leon is behind him.
When Mathilda confesses her love for Leon, she's laying on the bed and her fanned hair changes
Early in the movie, when the fat man fires his gun at the wooden curtain to the terrace, there is a scene with conspicuously fewer bullet-holes than in the preceding scene.
A bit more than half way through the film, Mathilda enters a Men's room with a bag of food sitting on top of a pizza. She stops, removes her sunglasses, the camera cuts to a wide-out of the bathroom, and almost immediately cuts back to Mathilda. When this happens, the sunglasses have completely disappeared, never to be seen again in the film.
During the scene of Matilda's first "hit" with Leon, as Leon is instructing Matilda how to properly shoot the client, the client's position and body language against the wall, as well as his dialogue, are not consistent.
During Malthilda's first "hit" with Leon, she placed her handbag on the drug-mill table. Later the handbag was still on the table when she poured some fuel on the drug. But after she lit it up, the handbag was missing.
When Leon comes to the room he has blood on his right hand. When he gives Mathilda her present, there is no blood on his hand, nor when he answers the door for the hotel manager. He doesn't stain her dress either.
Early in the movie, Léon gives Mathilda a revolver, which she fires six times out the window. Later on (in the International version) she plays Russian Roulette with the same revolver, and we see her place three bullets into the cylinder, although the audio indicates she loads four. However when she spins the cylinder and before snapping it closed it can be seen that three out of five chambers are loaded. It would be impossible to fire the gun six times without reloading.
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Crew or equipment visible 

When Leon tells Mathilda, at the very end, to "grab the ax off the wall", when she opens the glass door, you can see the director Luc Besson's reflection in the glass, behind the camera filming her.
When Stansfield is walking into the DEA building, followed by Mathilda, a cameraman is standing in the window high above the entrance.

Errors in geography 

According to the headmistress's phone call, the Spenser School is supposed to be in Wildwood New Jersey, but the end of the film shows that it overlooks Manhattan. Wildwood is a oceanfront community at almost the southernmost tip of New Jersey, over 150 miles from NYC.
When Mathilda follows Stansfield, we see him enter One Centre St. (which is an NYC Municipal office building.) She tells Leon he works at 26 Federal Plaza.
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Factual errors 

When the fat man hangs up on his 911 call after Leon puts a knife to his throat, he pushes a button near the bottom of the handset to disconnect. The OFF button for that phone is at the top of the handset, not the bottom.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When Matilda is watching The Transformers for the final time in the film, scenes from different episodes of the series are used straight after each other. This was a conscious decision by the filmmaker to use scenes to echo Mathida's state of mind.

Plot holes 

In the men's room scene, the dread-locked guy tells Stansfield how Malky was killed, right down to the hit man's words "No women, no kids." But everyone at the scene was killed - who told him how Malky died?
Stansfield has never met Léon, nor - at least on-screen - has he seen his picture. Yet, near the end of the film, he catches a brief glimpse of him from a distance and recognizes him.
There are no other chalk marks visible for the dad or the sister, both shot in the hallway.

Revealing mistakes 

Following the DEA raid on Mathilda's apartment in the beginning of the movie, Mathilda's "dead" sister is seen visibly breathing while lying on the floor.
There is no phone line in the cordless phone base when the fat man picks it up.
On the Uncut version, when Mathilda goes on her first "hit", she loads her gun with an empty magazine and shoots her mark with two red paintballs.
After the second SWAT attack, when the SWAT team back up against the wall, the wall wobbles and bends inwards


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


Immediately prior to Mathilda's capture by the SWAT team, she is holding the keys in her left hand. Even though she had no opportunity to change hands, they are in her right hand when she hands them to the SWAT team.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the SWAT team raid's Leon's apartment they use a rocket to blow it up. The cable the rocket rides on can be seen.

Revealing mistakes 

At the end, in the hotel hallway, when Leon blows himself and Stansfield up, the explosive rigged under one of the police cars goes off before the fireball from the hallway hits it.

Revealing mistakes 

The "Rocket Grenade" that is fired through the door in the final chase sequence actually bears the NATO parachute markings of a paralume rocket, essentially a long burning flare attached to a parachute, not a high explosive projectile

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