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Oscars: Best Actor is a Race to Lose to Gary Oldman… Or is It?

Oscars: Best Actor is a Race to Lose to Gary Oldman… Or is It?
Compared with this year’s lead actress Oscar race — a wide-open contest packed with serious contenders and no clear winner in their midst — the lead actor competition is a little less exciting. The list of viable players ends a bit more quickly, and they all might well be vying for the right to lose to a towering Oscar bait performance.

Gary Oldman is a force of nature as Winston Churchill in Joe Wright’s “Darkest Hour,” gnawing the scenery, wonderfully comfortable in the famed Briton’s skin. He has felt like the one to beat seemingly since the first production stills arrived showing off his physical transformation. Long admired for his efforts in movies like “Sid and Nancy,” “State of Grace,” “True Romance” and “Léon: The Professional,” among others, the actor finally landed his first Oscar nomination just six years ago, for “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.” But despite missing some early precursor prizes, everything seems to
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Natalie Portman Shares Her Own Experiences With Harassment and Sexism: ‘I Have 100 Stories’

Natalie Portman Shares Her Own Experiences With Harassment and Sexism: ‘I Have 100 Stories’
Natalie Portman was only 11 years old when she auditioned for and won the role of Mathilda in Luc Besson’s “Léon: The Professional,” and after more than two decades making moves in Hollywood and abroad she has her own share of harassment and sexism stories. During a conversation at Vulture Fest in Los Angeles, Portman was asked about the many sexual harassment and abuse allegations coming out of Hollywood, to which she got incredibly candid about her own experiences facing similar issues.

Read More:Natalie Portman to Play Bull Rider in ‘The Fits’ Director Anna Rose Holmer’s New Film

“When I heard everything coming out, I was like, ‘Wow, I’m so lucky that I haven’t had this.’ And then, on reflection, I was like okay, definitely never been assaulted, definitely not, but I’ve had discrimination or harassment on almost everything I’ve ever worked on in some way,
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Oscar Winner Jean Dujardin to Star in ABC Drama Pilot The French Detective

Oscar Winner Jean Dujardin to Star in ABC Drama Pilot The French Detective
ABC is putting a French twist on the standard cop procedural.

RelatedABC Orders More Kevin (Probably) Episodes, More Scripts for The Mayor

Oscar winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist) has signed on to star in The French Detective, a light-hearted crime drama that has earned a put-pilot commitment from ABC, our sister site Variety is reporting. Dujardin will play Luc Moncrief, a Parisian detective who joins the NYPD and solves crimes with his blue-collar female partner.

The French Detective is based on the Luc Moncrief mystery novels by bestselling author James Patterson, whose book Zoo was adapted into a CBS series
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Director Luc Besson's Next Action Film Anna Stars Helen Mirren and Luke Evans

Lionsgate and EuropaCorp have closed a deal for Luc Besson’s next action film, Anna. Variety reports that the movie begins production this November and will be released under Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment label.

Helen Mirren and Luke Evans star, they are joined by Cillian Murphy, and newcomer Sasha Luss, as Anna. There aren't really any details on the story, but if you're familiar with Besson's work, you'll know what to expect.

Anna will be the first film to be produced under EuropaCorp since Valerian. Last month EuropaCorp’s CEO Marc Shmuger laid out the company's new focus on making action thrillers and science-fiction films, along the same lines of Taken, Lucy, The Professional and The Fifth Element.

Right now EuropaCorp is also developing a sequel to Scarlett Johansson's sci-fi action film Lucy whose script has already been written by Besson.
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EuropaCorp Rejigs Strategy to Cut Losses Post-‘Valerian’

EuropaCorp Rejigs Strategy to Cut Losses Post-‘Valerian’
Paris – After posting record losses of $135 million during the last financial year, Luc Besson’s film studio EuropaCorp is set to scale back its ambitions and rejig its strategy to climb out of the red.

The new plan, which EuropaCorp CEO Marc Shmuger unveiled during a shareholders meeting in Paris on Wednesday, involves a drastic reduction of the film slate, an increase in TV activity and cutbacks in overhead, as reported last week in Variety. The company plans to produce two to three English-language films a year – including its next project, an action thriller by Besson already in pre-production – and two French movies per year, Shmuger confirmed to Variety following the shareholders meeting.

It’s a clear departure from the strategy put in place by his predecessor, Christophe Lambert, who had launched the U.S. distribution venture Red with Relativity Media in 2014. In order to feed that distribution pipeline, EuropaCorp had started producing eight to 12 films of
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Katie Holmes and Jean Reno Team Up For The Action Thriller Doorman

Jean Reno is well-known for teaming up with a much younger Natalie Portman in The Professional (aka Leon), but now the french actor is teamin up with Katie Holmes in the female-driven action-thriller Doorman.

Variety reports that the movie is currently in pre-production:

"...tells the story of an officer in the Marines who encountered traumatic events while serving her country and returns home looking for an opportunity to heal. She seeks refuge as a doorman at a historic New York apartment building until she encounters mercenaries intent upon destroying everything in their way, in order to retrieve precious art hidden in the walls of building."

The script is written by Lior Chefetz, Joe Swanson and Harry Winer.

Holmes will next be seen in The Gift and Ocean's Eight. Reno has recently worked on The Adventurers.
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Telluride: Gary Oldman Arrives as Instant Best Actor Frontrunner in ‘Darkest Hour’

For actor Gary Oldman, an Oscar nomination was elusive for many years. An Oscar win, however, could be around the corner.

The chameleonic star had dazzled for decades in an endless string of films — “Sid and Nancy,” “State of Grace,” “True Romance,” “Leon: The Professional,” “The Contender,” “Hannibal,” etc. — until 2011, when his work was finally recognized by the Motion Picture Academy. It wasn’t one of his trademark Baroque performances that got the call, but rather, his icy cool portrait of a British intelligence operative in Tomas Alfredson’s “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.” The man has nothing if not range, and that range now extends to Sir Winston Churchill, about as larger-than-life as it gets.

In Joe Wright’s World War II drama “Darkest Hour,” which unspooled at the Telluride Film Festival Friday, Oldman’s showcase might be his finest hour. He digs into the towering role with uncanny resolve, fearless under gobs of makeup,
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‘Valerian’ Looks to China After Tanking in Most Markets

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” is shaping up to be one of the biggest flops of the year. Considered the most expensive independent film ever made, the $180 million sci-fi epic never recovered from its crash at the U.S. box office on its opening weekend and has under-performed in most overseas markets.

With China, South Korea, Spain, and Italy left to open, “Valerian,” based on a French comic book, has grossed $93.3 million overseas, including an estimated $39.2 million from the U.S. as of Monday. It has made just over $130 million globally. By contrast, EuropaCorp’s 2014 action-thriller “Lucy” — whose budget was $40 million — had passed $100 million in the U.S. at the same stage and had grossed more than $130 million worldwide, with 44 additional foreign territories still awaiting its release. In other words, it cost significantly less, had made nearly as much, and still had many more markets left to open. “Lucy
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Theater Chains Are Accelerating The Death Of Movie Industry -- The Lrm Weekend

  By David Kozlowski   |   18 August 2017

Welcome to Issue #9 of The Lrm Weekend, a weekly column offering strong opinions about film, TV, comics, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, animation, and anime. We also want to hear from you, our awesome Lrm community! Share your feedback or ideas for future columns: @LRM_Weekend and we'll post your Tweets below!

Previous Issues: 8.11.17 | 8.4.17 | 7.28.17 | 7.21.17 | 7.14.17 | 7.7.17

Hey Lrm Weekenders, this week we're featuring some of the most intriguing, powerful, and successful women in Hollywood. Its easy to become fixated on our male action stars, since that's how Hollywood tends to market their films, so we sometimes fail to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of our female action stars! But first, we want to discuss the elephant in the room: the dwindling audiences at movie theaters -- we'll explore some problems, one potential solution, and hopefully provide some insight into an issue that's only going to get worse if everything remains status quo.
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Disney Is Desperate And Netflix Is Going To Eat Their Lunch -- The Lrm Weekend

By David Kozlowski | 11 August 2017

Welcome to Issue #8 of The Lrm Weekend, a weekly column offering strong opinions about film, TV, comics, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, animation, and anime. We also want to hear from you, our awesome Lrm community! Share your feedback or ideas for future columns: @LRM_Weekend and we'll post your Tweets below!

Previous Issues: 8.4.17 | 7.28.17 | 7.21.17 | 7.14.17 | 7.7.17 | 6.30.17

Hey Lrm Weekenders, we've got a bunch of cool stuff for you this week. In our editorial we'll examine the big Disney streaming service announcement and what it means for Netflix. We'll also dive into the career of master crime writer Elmore Leonard, assess Chuck Norris' fighting skills, and have some fun with 80s Action movies. Looking forward to your comments and feedback!

Netflix Is Poised To Dominate And It's All Disney's Fault

Disney's big announcement, to pull their films from Netflix and launch their own streaming service by 2019, might look like
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Ronin Starring Robert DeNiro Available on Blu-ray August 29th from Arrow Video

Ronin Starring Robert DeNiro and directed by John Frankenheimer will be available from Arrow Academy on August 28th.

Ronin: Noun, historical. A samurai who no longer serves a daimyo, or feudal lord.

From director John Frankenheimer (Reindeer Games, The Manchurian Candidate) comes Ronin, a pulse-pounding, action-packed crime thriller featuring an all-star cast headlined by Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver, Heat) and Jean Reno (Léon: The Professional).

On a rain-swept night in Paris, an international crack team of professional thieves assembles, summoned by a shady crime syndicate fronted by the enigmatic Deirdre (Natascha McElhone, The Devil’s Own). Their mission: to steal a heavily guarded briefcase from armed mobsters, its contents undisclosed. But what begins as a routine heist soon spirals into chaos, with the group beset by a series of double-crosses and constantly shifting allegiances, and it falls to world-weary former CIA strategist Sam (De Niro) and laconic Frenchman
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Melville at 100: Playing through August 13 at Grauman’s Egyptian in L.A.

Melville at 100: Playing through August 13 at Grauman’s Egyptian in L.A.
Born 1917, as Jean-Pierre Grumbach, son of Alsatian Jews, Jean-Pierre adopted the name Melville as his nom de guerre in 1940 when France fell to the German Nazis and he joined the French Resistance. He kept it as his stage name when he returned to France and began making films.

Melville at 100 at the American Cinematheque in Hollywood is showcasing eight of his films made from 1949 to to 1972 to honor the 100th year since his birth.

Americn Cinemtheque’s historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood

The American Cinematheque has grown tremendously sophisticated since its early days creating the 1960 dream of “The Two Garys” (for those who remember). Still staffed by stalwarts Barbara Smith, Gwen Deglise, Margot Gerber and Tom Harris, and with a Board of Directors of Hollywood heavy hitters, it has also been renovated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association which has spent more than $500,000 restoring its infrastructure and repainting its famous murals.
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Full Details for Arrow Video’s August Horror Releases, Including Re-animator 4K Restoration Limited Edition Blu-ray

This August, Arrow Video enters the deranged mind of Herbert West with their limited edition 4K restoration of Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator (which was initially slated for a July 25th release), and we now have the full list of special features for the anticipated release, along with two other horror Blu-rays coming out this month from Arrow: The Slayer and a limited edition steelbook of Society.

Press Release: The summer really hots up in August, as Arrow Video releases a special edition of an 80s classic, a white-knuckle thriller, a splatter horror masterpiece, a box set of crime classics, a rare Italian sword-and-sandal epic, and an amazing new limited edition steelbook.

First up, one of the most wildly popular horror movies of all-time, Stuart Gordon's enduring splatter-comedy classic Re-Animator returns to Blu-ray in a stunning restoration packed with special features. According to the distributor (Mvd), this awesome package is officially sold out already,
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The Most Disappointing: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Anghus Houvouras on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Tl;Dr: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is a terrible movie & super disappointing because of how much I love Luc Besson’s earlier films.

The long version:

I love Luc Besson. One of his films, Leon: The Professional, I list in my top 10 movies of all time. It’s a movie I unabashedly love and have seen over 30 times. Besson is a filmmaker who has made some very interesting movies during his career, including the action classic La Femme Nikita and the corny, ridiculously fun The Fifth Element. Not everything he touches turns to gold. He’s made a few movies that are less than stellar like The Messenger and Lucy. But more often than not he’s an interesting filmmaker with a distinct style. When I heard he was heading back into the world of Science Fiction,
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17 Awesome Facts about “The Professional”

Just looking at Jean Reno for the first time you wouldn’t think that he’d really be the type to play the role of a master assassin, or a cleaner as he liked to call himself. But watching Leon: The Professional was a different kind of treat that we don’t get very often. Fans are used to the ninja-like antiheroes that creep through the shadows and know six or seven martial arts disciplines and could kill you with a pencil. Leon is thankfully a breath of fresh air in that his methods are simpler and just as effective. Plus, he’s not

17 Awesome Facts about “The Professional
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Review: Luc Besson's 'Valerian' Wastes Visual Splendor on So-So Storytelling

Written and directed by Luc Besson (of Léon: The Professional, La Femme Nikita, and Lucy), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is based on the Valérian and Laureline graphic novel series by writer Pierre Christin and artist Jean-Claude Mézières. First published in 1967 in the French comics magazine, Pilote, the seminal science fiction series paved the way for Heavy Metal, and informed George Lucas' Star Wars and Besson's 1997 film, The Fifth Element, for which Mézières contributed concept art. The live-action adaptation, independently crowd-sourced and personally funded by Besson, is supposedly now the most expensive independent film ever made, but does it live up to its influential source material? Set in the year 2740, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets follows Major Valerian (Dane DeHaan, A Cure for Wellness) and Sergeant Laureline (Cara Delevingne, Suicide Squad), special operatives tasked with upholding the law throughout the human territories. Under
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Win a Valerian: City of Alpha Limited Edition Mousepad

  • Comicmix
The much-anticipated epic space adventure Valerian: City of Alpha is now live on iOS and Google Play. And thanks to our friends at Stx Films, we have one of their limited edition mouse pads to give away.

It is the official mobile game of Luc Besson’s upcoming sci-fi movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets starring Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne. The legendary director is famous for creating sci-fi blockbusters including The Fifth Element and Lucy.

All you have to do is tell us what most excites you about the game and why. We want your responses no later than 11:59 p.m., Friday, July 28. This contest is open to readers only in North America. The decision of ComicMix‘s judges will be final.

The film has been described as visually spectacular and the mobile game creates an engaging experience that will draw players into the Valerian universe.
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Dunkirk, Girls Trip and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets tops Tanner's What to Watch weekend preview

  • Cineplex
Dunkirk, Girls Trip and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets tops Tanner's What to Watch weekend previewDunkirk, Girls Trip and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets tops Tanner's What to Watch weekend previewTanner Zipchen7/20/2017 11:23:00 Am

This weekend in theatres we have Dunkirk, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and Girls Trip!

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. This is one of this year's most highly anticipated movies, with critics already saying Dunkirk could potentially be a strong contender for Best Picture. The film’s great cast includes: Harry Styles, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. This is a must see in IMAX!

If you're looking for another visually stunning film,
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Playback: Luc Besson on ‘Valerian’ and Finding Inspiration Outside of Movies

Playback: Luc Besson on ‘Valerian’ and Finding Inspiration Outside of Movies
Welcome to “Playback,” a Variety podcast bringing you exclusive conversations with the talents behind many of today’s hottest films.

Filmmaker Luc Besson grew up at sea, soaking up beautiful scenery, the child of scuba diving instructors. He eventually found his way to the comic series “Valerian and Laureline,” and a childhood dream was born.

For years he wanted to turn the eye-popping French tales into a feature film, but until he saw what James Cameron accomplished on “Avatar,” he felt it was impossible. Finally, that dream is a reality as “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” hits theaters this weekend. And it’s noteworthy that it’s a project with such deep roots in his childhood, because in many ways, his childhood influenced what you see up on the screen in the film.

Listen to this week’s episode of “Playback” below. New episodes air every Thursday.

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‘Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets’ Review: Sci-Fi Fun, With One Huge Flaw

I love good science fiction. Fantastical worlds and spectacle, wrapped up in a very human story, has always been my go-to for entertainment, whether it be film, TV, comics, or novels. And good sci-fi is hard to find these days -- true sci-fi. Until now, that is. In Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Lucy, Leon: The Professional) has adapted a 50-year-old iconic French comic book series by creators Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres into a big-budgeted eye-gasm of all that makes the genre great, but unfortunately, one flaw in the production keeps the film from reaching the grand heights of which it belongs: and that issue is the casting.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is the story of Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne), two agents of the Spatio-Temporal Service, who are given an assignment to procure
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