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Sometimes difficult to watch, but excellent nonetheless

Author: Peter from New York City
5 April 2003

It's hard to "love" a movie that taps into the lives of a group of losers who fail to connect with each other and the world, but this was a well acted and mostly well-made film and I enjoyed watching it. Sean Astin was endearing and heartbreaking all at once, definitely a standout performance. One "external review" likened it to a Gen-X "Day of the Locust", but it reminded me a bit of Carson McCuller's "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter". If you can relate to the characters (who hasn't ever felt lonely, detached, unrecognized and without direction at some point?) then you will take away something from this movie.

If you're impatient, don't like movies on the depressing side, or by some luck have never had an unhappy day in your life then you would not like this movie.

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demands respect and appreciation

Author: Sian from Perth, Australia
30 May 2003

The low life is a film that will no doubt leave you depressed and just for that, you know that this film is well made and very successful in it's aim. It's purpose is to portray the low lives of society, the people who are the 'scum' or the under-dogs of the world, the people we always look down on and give dirty looks. This film tells us that there is a reason for them being the way they are and provokes real sympathy. Sean Astin is the strongest link in this film, one can't help but feel so sorry for his character...all he wants is a friend. Viewers will find themselves hanging out for scenes with him. The low life is a very good film, realistic and thought-provoking....not uplifting, but thats how it should be.

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starving artists LA style

Author: cheese_cake from dc, usa
23 June 2006

The movie is about three male friends living in Los Angeles. They have just completed college and are working temporary jobs. They have little to no money and it's not clear what exactly they want to do, although one senses they have lofty artistic goals. The main character is typing a novel and is seemingly very jaded. He has seen it all. The facade is chipped by his blossoming relationship with a woman. they have both started to share their true feelings. he also has a roommate desperate for companionship, whom he disdains. good story, good acting, good everything. if you ever wanted to be a starving artist and bogart cool, but now just go to your mind numbing job and sit behind the desk, this movie's for you.

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moves kinda slowly, but still worth seeing

Author: Lee Eisenberg ( from Portland, Oregon, USA
21 June 2008

For the most part, I thought that "The Low Life" moved pretty slowly. But even so, it's still worth seeing, if only as a character study. The main character is John Martin (Rory Cochrane), who has moved to Los Angeles hoping to make something of himself, but has to separate carbon copies to make ends meet. He has to stay with geeky Andrew (Sean Astin). Surrounded by several different kinds of people, John tries to maintain his identity however possible.

So, there's nothing particularly special about this movie. Maybe it's worth seeing once. But the entire cast does some interesting things with the characters. I think that that's about the best description that I can give; much of the movie confused me.

Also starring Kyra Sedgwick, James Le Gros, J.T. Walsh, Shawnee Smith, and Renee Zellweger in an early role (she plays the poet).

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Author: ( from Denver
13 March 2003

This movie is really good...easily Rory Cochranes best movie as well as Sean Astin's best movie. Sean Astin's character is so easily relateable to if you ever were a geek. The first time I saw this movie, I gushed tears at the end when they played that Journey song. Ron Livingston is always great to watch too. My buddy painted a picture of the end when Rory's character is walking along the street next to the parking meters and as soon as I saw it, I bought it from him. I honestly can't believe that this film has not been put on DVD. Anyways, you need to see this movie. It came out at a time when the Gen-X movies were in full swing and almost cliche, but Sean Astin's character breaks those cliches(when he crumples that lamp, you'll die), it will give Sean Astin a free pass much like Emilio gets a free pass simply because he was Otto.

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This film is an experience.

Author: Jeanna from Lincoln, Missouri
19 February 1999

The Low Life is my favorite movie. This film left me feeling numb, that's when I know if something was good or not. Rory Cochrane gives an amazing performance, which he always does, as the aspiring writer, John Martin. Sean Astin, Ron Livingston, Christian Meoli, Kyra Sedgewick and others also take roles as interesting characters in this well written work of genius. Again I say that this movie is an experience, and to understand this experience you need to see this film. It's so good, I don't want to spoil it for you, so go see for yourself.

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A little sleeper that wakes you up

Author: couple4fun1 from Las Vegas, Nevada
16 May 2000

Fine performances and a believable story revolve around a Yale graduate who is stuck in a rut of temp jobs. His bland friends can't help him get on his feet but a strange new roommate whom he thinks he can't stand actually brings out the life that he has pent up inside. At first glance this film may seem slow, a bit dark, and even depressing, but when examined as a whole after completion it really is a little slice of art with stand out performances from Cochrane, Sedgwick, and Astin.

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Funny, offbeat and believable indie film

Author: bigbadblair from Burundi
10 August 2007

I found The Low Life to be quite a funny film. It's about that period in life around your early 20s where you have to make that transition from student to career mode. If you have ever moved from a small city or town to a big city for a career or personal goal then you should watch this film because you should be able to relate to it. I really don't feel that this is a depressing film, I think there are quite a lot of really funny, unexpected yet believable scenes to help balance it out. This film is actually quite realistic and I would not be surprised if all of the characters were based on real people known to the writers. I am quite surprised at the overall rating of 5.5 out of ten, I would totally disregard this if you had the opportunity to see the Low Life because you will definitely be going on an exotic trip of a film experience.

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Entertaining ...

Author: ejm54 from Washington, D.C.
21 July 1999

The characters don't interact with each other very well, but separately they are very interesting. I especially liked Sean Astin's Andrew, a lonely twenty-something with a penchant for 80s power ballads. James LeGros is up to his usual standards as Michael Schroeder, Jr., the landlord who sends his temps to do everything from plumbing to evictions.

I usually like Rory Cochrane, but either his character wasn't written all that well (probably the case) or he didn't do it very well. At the end you're more interested in Andrew's fate than anyone else's.

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One of those rare movies...

Author: troia from Germany
15 June 2003

that takes you in completely. I can't help but noticing that many people praise Sean Astin. I agree, he is wonderful in that role. He makes the audience feel with him. But still I think this is definetely Rory Cochrane's Movies. His performance is so incredibly good, that I saw that movie three times in a row. There never was any doubt that Mr. Cochrane is a very, very talented Actor, but he just shine's out in "the low life". Yes, the movie is somewhat depressing, but it's Cochrane's play to thank for, that the viewer can still enjoy the whole movie. I really can't believe that I just recently saw it for the first time. To bad there might never be a DVD, finally a movie worth buying. bibi Germany

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