The Lion King (1994) Poster


Plot Keywords

scar king
prince lion
animal africa
stampede uncle
hyena fight
battle meerkat
canyon warthog
shakespearean ant
foster child foster family
traumatic past trauma
post traumatic stress disorder revealing the truth
good versus evil best friend
single mother only child
near death experience only son
widow mourning
grief cheating death
lost family member loss of loved one
manipulation starving
swahili famine
political succession victory
wrestling kung fu master
brawl challenge
kung fu fighting kung fu
fighting mild violence
cartoon violence duel
showdown tough guy
warrior battlefield
disney animated feature subjective camera
animal name in title slow motion scene
character's point of view camera shot tragedy
tears male hits female
falling from height anthropomorphism
anthropomorphic animal sibling rivalry
reference to shakespeare's hamlet rivalry
revenge jealousy
haunted by the past first love
dysfunctional family death in family
dark past false accusation
friendship animal in title
tastes like chicken joke no opening credits
talking animal tragic event
family relationships regicide
lava family betrayal
epic growing up
comic relief guilt complex
disobedience poetic justice
rescue spirituality
hornbill love
wildebeest bird
blockbuster cage
hula dance loss of father
cyclical monkey
shaman brother brother relationship
self identity baboon
vulture attempted bite
father son relationship fratricide
runaway coming of age
swimming thunderstorm
betrayal murder
redemption desert
unnecessary shame self esteem
arranged marriage fire
wildlife elephant graveyard
martial arts flatulence
death of father

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