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Jane's testimony in court is very intense, disturbing and disgusting; she talks to the judge about how she was forced on a number of occasions to have sex with Billy, how he "inserted a PVC pipe up her bum", how he "made her drink urine in a glass" and how he wanted to "have sex back-ass the way dogs do it". She talks about times where he'd bring in their pet German shepherd dog, put a leash on Jane and walk them both around, and occasionally force the dog to have sex with her.

After Jane's pregnancy, she has an operation to prevent her from having more children since it could be potentially fatal, and Billy starts yelling, saying "I won't pay for no damn operation that makes you no good".

Billy buys Jane a pear of skimpy underwear and they have sex on the kitchen table.

Billy brings Jane to a stranger's boat in Halifax and they have sex.

A police officer does a search for stolen deer meat in Billy and Jane's trailer, and Billy says, "oh yeah, I always keep the stolen deer meat in with the ol' doll's panties. Go ahead, take a look, take a pear if you like! Put them on under that uniform."

Billy routinely slaps, beats and kicks Jane, calling her cruel names and eventually turning on his sons as well, slapping and beating them.

In one scene, Billy knocks Jane unconscious and her son comes home with no idea what to do or how to help her.

Billy chases away two cops with a gun, shouting that he was born on friday the 13th and that he has the power.

Jane shoots Billy in his sleep, blood and brain matter is seen splattered on the window of the vehicle.

Jane's empty car is seen by the Halifax waterfront followed by her funeral, suicide is implied.

"bitch", "fatass", "whore", "cock", "shit" and a number of other swear words are said, mostly from Billy.

Several sex words are said, mostly in Jane's court testimony. "anal sex", "back-ass" and various others.

Billy constantly drinks beer and smokes.

Jane downs a few glasses of wine before meeting Billy.

Billy's murder, though he was a very disgusting man, is incredibly intense and disturbing.

Jane's court testimony is disturbing and disgusting.

Jane's funeral is very intense and sad.

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