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MPAA Rated R for strong martial arts violence, sexuality and language

Sex & Nudity

  • a kidnapped woman is held down on a bed. her shirt is ripped open (bra remains intact) and she is licked on the upper chest & neck while screaming. scene ends.
  • a man begrudgingly lets a woman enter his appartment. she immediately takes off her dress. her bare breasts are shown for a few seconds. she comes on to the man, but he spurns her. he asks her to leave, and one of her breasts is shown again as she puts her dress back on.
  • a man goes to bed with two women. he is fully naked and is shown from behind. one of the women takes off her dress in the face of the camera revealing her bare breasts. she is wearing a thong. the other woman lays on the bed and the man undresses her. the two women stand up from the bed again, with their breasts exposed. they then take off their thongs and are fully naked. their front pubic area is not shown, though everything else is. the man lays naked on the bed. his leg covers his pubic area. they return to man laying on the bed. one woman mounts the man and has sex with him. the other woman first moves around to his head and kisses him. she then moves back around to the other woman and caresses her breasts. it looks like the women are about to kiss each other when the scene ends. this scene is intermixed with another character sneaking around and hiding. neither scene has any plot elements and can be skipped.
  • a man enters a woman's apartment. they lie down on the bed and start kissing. magically their close are off and they are naked having sex. you can see the upper part of the woman's breasts as the man thrusts on top of her. they talk afterward and she has the sheet covering her most of the time, but she keeps adjusting her position which reveals her breasts a few times.
  • during a violent scene a woman is forced into a chair. one side of her shirt is hanging off revealing her bra. she is later shown hanging from a rafter by her hands with her bra revealed.

Violence & Gore

  • martial arts hand to hand violence throughout. complete with cheesy sounds of breaking bones, torn ligaments and the like
  • a man is tortured, not too much is shown but he is bloody.
  • a woman is forced to sit in a chair. her cheek is sliced open and she is stabbed in the stomach with a knife. she is later shown hanging from a rafter by her hand, showing her stomach's stab wounds.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • near rape scene
  • a torture scene
  • violent fighting scenes with bones being broken, ligaments & tendons torn, and necks snapped


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • later in the movie all of the fights are to the death. there are many necks being snapped.

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