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‘Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe’

‘Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe’
Opening in L.A. and other cities June 16, “Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe” is a stylishly accomplished and intellectually well thought out character study of a man who was the most popular author in the world in the 1920s and 1930s and who, today, is nearly forgotten. Told through six windows of 20 minutes each, this unique storytelling technique gives the film an immediacy as each part of Stefan Zweig’s life plays out in real time.

Stefan Zweig’s books have been made into 23 movies around the world, including his novel, Letter from an Unknown Woman, which was adapted to the screen in 1948 by Max Ophüls and starred Joan Fontaine and Louis Jourdain. His writings have also inspired Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Having just read his memoir, The World of Yesterday and having been on my own private search for what it means to have to leave your
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Human Rights Watch Ff 2017 Women Directors: Meet Cristina Herrera Borquez— “No Dress Code Required”

“No Dress Code Required”

Cristina Herrera Borquez is a Mexican film director whose first documentary short film “The Minutemen Project” (2006) received recognition for Outstanding Artistic Endeavo” at the 6th International Hispanic Film Festival. In 2013, she opened La Cleta Films and began production on “No Dress Code Required,” her first feature-length doc. She received the John Schlesinger Award at the 2017 Palms Springs Film Festival for best first documentary.

“No Dress Code Required” will premiere at the 2017 Human Rights Watch Film Festival on June 13.

W&H: Describe the film for us in your own words.

Chb: The documentary follows the story of a gay couple, Victor and Fernando, as they journey through the legal process of trying to be the first same-sex couple to get married in the state of Baja California, Mexico, where same-sex marriage is illegal.

It is also a personal love story of two people who want the viewers to recognize their right to live their love publicly.

W&H: What drew you to this story?

Chb: I’ve known Victor and Fernando for years and always knew they wanted to get married. I was approached by a mutual friend who thought it was important to document their legal battle, not knowing really where this would end.

W&H: What do you want people to think about when they are leaving the theater?

Chb: I don’t really care if people have their own opinion on same-sex marriage, but I would love if people leaving the theater could feel empathy and respect towards the rights of others to love whomever they please and not have their right taken away for that reason.

W&H: What was the biggest challenge in making the film?

Chb: Making it with mainly a one-person crew.

W&H: How did you get your film funded? Share some insights into how you got the film made.

Chb: The yearand a half of shooting was done with no funding. Everything was paid out of my own pocket, although I was searching for funding that whole time. After the shooting was done and I had a first cut of the film, we entered the film in Ficg in La — Doculab.2 Los Angeles in the summer of 2015.

There we won seven of the eight post-production awards and that helped of the post-production of the film. A few months later we were awarded finishing funds from Foprocine, the Fund for Quality in Film Production, from Mexico, and that really helped us finalize the film.

W&H: What does it mean for you to have your film play at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival?

Chb: It is something that we hoped for when I was making the documentary. This type of festival was something that just seemed like a long shot. Now that we are playing at the festival, exposing it to the audience that attends the festival and the venues that it’s playing in New York, it means seeing three years of hard work — and closed doors — pay off.

W&H: What’s the best and worst advice you’ve received?

Chb: The worst advice: “Don’t do it. Don’t do the film unless you have money secured.”

I don’t remember the best advice for this particular project, but I can say the best encouragement came from someone outside the film business — my husband. He always believed this documentary would turn out great and always told me so, even when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

W&H: What advice do you have for other female directors?

Chb: For female directors in my country, Mexico (with a strong Latin Machista culture) I would say, just pick up the camera and do it. We don’t need doors and opportunities to open for us: we are those doors and those opportunities just waiting to happen. Get out of the assistant spot you’ve been handed and create your own project with or without help.

W&H: Name your favorite woman-directed film and why.

Chb: “Nobody Loves Me” by Doris Dörrie. It was one of the first films where I realized there was a female eye and sensitivity behind a project, and I’ve been a fan of her ever since.

W&H: There have been significant conversations over the last couple of years about increasing the amount of opportunities for women directors yet the numbers have not increased. Are you optimistic about the possibilities for change? Share any thoughts you might have on this topic.

Chb: There is a lack of opportunities and I don’t really think that will change fast, at least not in other parts of the world, but I am optimistic that we can create those opportunities ourselves, and if we create those with the help of other women, even better. We just grow stronger when we are together and it makes our projects that much better.

Human Rights Watch Ff 2017 Women Directors: Meet Cristina Herrera Borquez— “No Dress Code Required” was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Inaugural Redford Center Awards Grants to Six Indie Documentaries Focused on Environmental Filmmaking

Inaugural Redford Center Awards Grants to Six Indie Documentaries Focused on Environmental Filmmaking
The Redford Center has announced its inaugural round of grants for six indie documentaries, all focused on “pushing the boundaries of environmental filmmaking.” In addition, the official Selection Committee has also singled out 7 honorees from a robust bunch of applicants that included 282 applications received from 28 countries worldwide (of particular note: 67% of the Grantees are female filmmakers).

“We have been humbled by the global response to our first-ever call to support films with innovative approaches to the challenges of environmental storytelling,” said Jamie Redford, Chair and Co-Founder of The Redford Center, of the announcement and their brand new honorees. “We said we were seeking the weird and the wild, and we got it. The range of creative and intelligent filmmakers working in this space only makes us more determined than ever to support and mentor more of their work in the future. It’s incredibly exciting.”

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Oj Fact Check: That Marcia Clark Tampax Joke Really Happened

Oj Fact Check: That Marcia Clark Tampax Joke Really Happened
(Spoiler warning: Please do not read on if you haven’t watched the latest episode of “People v. O.J. Simpson” entitled “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”) On Episode 6 of “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” Marcia Clark’s world closes in. The case isn’t going well. She’s in danger of losing her kids. And almost everyone is making fun of her hair — one reporter says she looks like Rick James, and even O.J. Simpson makes a face as she walks into the courtroom. Also Read: Oj Fact Check: Did Mark Fuhrman Really Own Nazi Medals? A miserable day ends with a trip to the grocery store,
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Berlin Film Review: ‘Fukushima, mon amour’

Berlin Film Review: ‘Fukushima, mon amour’
“A radiation vacation” — as the protagonist who survived 3/11 calls her brief encounter with a German volunteer — sums up the gallows humor of Doris Doerrie’s post-disaster traumedy, shot right in the middle of Fukushima’s Exclusion Zone. Lensed in poetic black-and-white with the German helmer-scribe’s trademark whimsical fantasy and peppered with absurdist cross-cultural gags, “Fukushima, mon amour” offers a refreshingly quirky perspective on a heavy subject, suggesting that sometimes audiences, and perhaps even victims, need a vacation from misery and pity. Judging by its rapturous response at the Berlinale, the pic should enjoy niche domestic success and small-screen deals across Europe and North America. Japanese viewers, however, may find the topic too touchy and painful to be given a funny treatment.

In addition to the more exotic and crowd-pleasing “Cherry Blossoms” (2008), also about a German traveler trying to overcome personal loss by soaking up foreign culture, Doerrie has set other films in Japan,
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'The Sopranos' rewind looks at the intersection of gangsters & gangster rap

  • Hitfix
'The Sopranos' rewind looks at the intersection of gangsters & gangster rap
Welcome to the tenth installment of our summer trip through "The Sopranos" season 1. When I revisited early seasons of "The Wire," as well as the whole run of "Deadwood," I did separate versions of each review for newcomers and veterans, but over time realized that the newcomers weren't commenting much, if at all, and that it therefore made sense to simply do one review. Any significant spoilers for episodes beyond the one being reviewed will be contained in a separate section at the end of the review; so long as you avoid that, and the comments, you should be fine. Thoughts on the tenth episode, “A Hit Is a Hit," coming up just as soon I've recorded in Denmark... "But I never really understood what he felt — to be used for somebody else's amusement, like some fuckin' dancing bear — til I played golf with those guys." -Tony Like "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti,
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'X Factor' Top 12: Josh Levi owns '80s night

When we join "The X Factor," host Mario Lopez informs us that it's '80s night -- but he emphasizes hits from the nineteen-eighties, which really makes us wonder if he thinks anybody is confused it might be the eighteen-eighties.

Meanwhile, the female judges are decked out in their best '80s attire, which is awesome. Scroogey old Simon, however, cannot be bothered to put a suit jacket on over his plain white t-shirt and rock a Crockett and/or Tubbs look. For shame, Cowell.

However, we must eliminate someone first. You know, we hope they told the act who was eliminated last week when it actually happened so that he or she didn't have to rehearse all this week like normal. That just seems mean.

Anyway, Carlos Guevara is eliminated and for once, America got it exactly right. He had a couple very rough nights, he shouldn't have advanced out of the four-chair challenge.
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Twitter Watch: Big Fish Plants a Daffodil for a Fan!

On Twitter Watch, Big Fish wrote 'No one got me a fake BigFishBroadway daffodil today. Nobody Loves Me Which is the name of the show I'm seeing tonight, incidentally.mrtylermartins Enjoy the awesome show tonight Take a peek in the planter near the theater entrance on your way out. GiftsAreFunMy suitors can no longer use flowers to woo me because a Broadway Show trumps all. Thanks, BigFishBroadway pic.twitter.com9wN7021OFdStarring two-time Tony Award winner Norbert Leo Butz Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Catch Me If You Can as Edward Bloom, Tony Award nominee Kate Baldwin Giant, Finian's Rainbow as Sandra Bloom, Tony Award nominee Bobby Steggert Giant, Ragtime as Will Bloom, Krystal Joy Brown Leap Of Faith as Josephine Bloom, Anthony Pierini Mary Poppins and Zachary Unger Chaplin alternating as Young Will, and featuring Ryan Andes, Ben Crawford, J. C. Montgomery, Tony Award nominee Brad Oscar, Ciara Renee, Kirsten Scott and Sarrah Strimel,
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'Gallery Girls' vs. Ukraine's real-life 'Sleeping Beauty' art installation: Which is worse?

'Gallery Girls' vs. Ukraine's real-life 'Sleeping Beauty' art installation: Which is worse?
Where’s the art? I’m stumped.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this “living fairy tale” exhibit (see video below) at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, at which any male suitor above the age of 18 may kiss a young painted lady who’s pretending to be asleep. If she opens her eyes, they must get married. This is real! Look at her ear doilies! It’s all so bizarre and disease-y — but after settling in for some Monday night cable, I had to ask: Is it worse than Gallery Girls on Bravo?

This is a question I
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Caprica is back tomorrow (Tuesday at 10 pm on Syfy)

With Caprica season 1.5 premiering tomorrow, there's been a bunch of updates over the last couple of days. In random order:

Episode 1x10, "Unvanquished," was screened yesterday at the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios, with Alessandra Torresani, Esai Morales, Sasha Roiz and executive producers Ron Moore, David Eick, Jane Espenson and Kevin Murphy in attendance. There is a short clip from the event on YouTube and Caprica Hub has a fan report. If you don't understand what is being said in the clip, let The Wall Street Journal explain it to you: Syfy Relies on Social Media for "Caprica" Screening Event.

Caprica Season 1.0 is out on DVD tomorrow. The DVD is currently at #3 on Amazon's list of Bestsellers in Science Fiction and Fantasy. has posted new interviews (including video clips) with Alessandra Torresani, Sasha Roiz and Magda Apanowicz. Check them out here: Caprica's stars talk gay gangsters, robot
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Hellcats - Episode 1.04 - Nobody Loves Me but My Mother - Recap

  • SpoilerTV - Recaps
Hellcats returned last night for its fourth episode "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother".

The show returned to Savannah's family problems last night. She bumps into her parents while with Dan and introduces them to him. Her parents are surprised to see her with Dan but invite them both for dinner. Savannah reveals to Dan that this is the first time she has had a family meal in over a year. Dan also reveals to her that he only wants a casual relationship which adds to her nerves about the family dinner.

Even though the family dinner went well, Savannah and her mum have another argument. Her mum reveals that she does not like Dan as he is not honest. It is clear that Savannah's Mum has serious problems with decisions Savannah has made about university and the boys she chooses to date. She gives Savannah a choice, Dan or her family.
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Hellcats Review: "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother"

  • TVfanatic
The fourth episode of Hellcats proved why The CW has already ordered more episodes of the freshman series.

Titled “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother," provided everything I was looking for from the show: relationship drama, cheerleading practice and a lack of focus on the adult love triangle.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the Dan/Savannah situation. I wasn’t sure how this relationship was going to play out and I was nervous that it was going to be really cheesy. Yet tonight’s episode gave us just the opposite. Savannah really broke out of her shell and stepped up to both her family and Dan.

I was glad that Savannah finally confronted her mother, too. I can completely understand why she broke away to go to Lancer instead of staying at Memphis Christian. Living in that family situation could not be easy, as her mother made me tense just watching.
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Hellcats 1.04 “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother” Advance Review

Tomorrow means a new episode of Hellcats, and today we have an advance review of “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother.” Even if it was written by someone whose experience with cheerleaders consists of fighting with them in high school.

As that no doubt informs you, Hellcats is not exactly the kind of show I’d watch if I wasn’t working on it. However, you can’t give me a series with the underrated Gale Harold (in something that for once isn’t dark or requiring him to be a complete jerk) and not get me curious, so I’ll admit that I watched last week’s episode, “Beale Street After Dark,” and was actually alright with it. This episode picks up somewhat where that one left off, with more complications thrown into the characters’ personal lives (as always): Marti (Aly Michalka) is doing a “will they or
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Marti Shows Great Singing Ability In New ‘Hellcats’ Episode 4 Clip

  • OnTheFlix
Marti shows great singing ability in new 'Hellcats' episode 4 clip. The CW recently released a new,sneak peek clip for the upcoming "Hellcats" episode 4 of season 1. The episode is entitled, "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother," and Marti apparently has some real good singing ability as she displays it while singing the song "Brand New Day," along with the band. In the clip (below), Marti starts playing the guitar and singing "Brand New Day," while Lewis,her mother Wanda,and her friend Dan watch her from the audience,appearing to really enjoy her performance. The rest of the clip just consists of her singing the song to a much pleased audience. After it's done, it shows more preview scenes from the upcoming 4th episode.
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Photos – Hellcats 1.04 “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother”

Aly Michalka sings on the next new episode of Hellcats, set to air on September 29. Check out promo photos and a synopsis from the CW below.

Lewis Asks Marti On A Date And Savannah Takes Her Relationship With Dan To The Next Level

Lewis (Robbie Jones) asks Marti (Aly Michalka) out but she turns him down. Alice (Heather Hemmens) tells Lewis (Robbie Jones) she will stop taking drugs if he helps her get back in shape as a flier, but then after a sweaty workout the two end up having sex.

Meanwhile, Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) takes Dan (Matt Barr) to her parents’ house for dinner and a fight erupts after Savannah’s mom (guest star Teryl Rothery) demands that she stop seeing Dan. Wanda (Gail O’Grady) convinces Marti to give Lewis a chance so she tells him she’s ready to date but he has second thoughts.


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Hellcats Ep 4 Spoilers: Lewis Has Sex With Alice & More

  • OnTheFlix
Lewis has sex with Alice & more in CW's "Hellcats" episode 4 of season 1. We've got spoilers for the episode,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is entitled, "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother," and things get pretty heated when Lewis and Alice have a little sex romp while trying to workout,Marti turns down Lewis' date request,and more. In "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother" episode, Lewis will ask Marti out,but she will turn him down. Alice will tell Lewis she will stop taking drugs if he helps her get back in shape as a flier. However,after a sweaty workout,the two end up having sex together.
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'Hellcats' 1.04 Preview: Lewis Caught in Love Triangle

Love triangle would be the centric story in next week's episode of "Hellcats". Lewis asks Marti out but she turns him down. Alice tells Lewis she will stop taking drugs if he helps her get back in shape as a flier, but then after a sweaty workout the two end up having sex.

Meanwhile, Savannah takes Dan to her parents' house for dinner and a fight erupts after Savannah's mom (guest star Teryl Rothery) demands that she stops seeing Dan. Wanda convinces Marti to give Lewis a chance so she tells him she's ready to date but he has second thoughts.

When asked by TV Squad whom she would pick as Marti's love interest, Alyson Michalka said, "I actually love her with both. It's really funny. I understand that people are going to root for one or the other, but they both bring such great things to Marti. When I
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First look at “Hellcats” in “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother” “Hellcats” has brought more great ratings this week after the follow up episode to the premiere on CW. To hold you over until next week’s episode, we are brining you a first look at the new episode entitled, “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother.” View the slideshow below:

Hellcats ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 16

"Nobody Loves Me But My Mother" - Aly Michalka as Marti, Robbie Jones as Lewis in Hellcats on The CW

Lewis (Robbie Jones) asks Marti (Aly Michalka) out but she turns him down. Alice (Heather Hemmens) tells Lewis (Robbie Jones) she will stop taking drugs if he helps her get back in shape as a flier, but then after a sweaty workout the two end up having sex. Meanwhile, Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) takes Dan (Matt Barr) to her parents’ house for dinner and a fight erupts after Savannah’s mom (guest star Teryl Rothery
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Them Crooked Vultures upload more footage

The supergroup formed from members of Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters have made another video available online. As previously reported, Them Crooked Vultures have already uploaded several teaser clips ahead of the release of their debut album. The band's latest video features a longer instrumental segment of 'Nobody Loves Me And Neither Do I', the track the group posted a clip of earlier (more)
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Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl Debuts New Band, Them Crooked Vultures

Long-rumored superband Them Crooked Vultures, which personnel include Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, have finally come out, making their debut performance at club Metro in Wrigleyville, Chicago. During the August 9 gig, they performed eleven tracks, one of which was titled "New Fang".

Them Crooked Vultures consist of Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme on guitar and vocals, Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones on bass and Dave on drums. During their intimate concert at Metro, they were supported by Eleven's Alain Johannes who played rhythm guitar.

On why this new band chose to perform in Chicago, Josh told the concertgoers, "We could have done this in L.A." Then, he pantomimed a well-endowed woman performing a rude sexual act which made the crowd cheering wildly. "That's why we came here!" he said. "We came to Chicago because we wanted to play Metro!"

Following their live appearance at Metro, it is announced that "U.
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