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Funnier than you might think, worth the rental!
Phoenix-3610 January 1999
Arnold Schwarzenegger as a scientist who makes himself pregnant? The premise is pretty funny, even if the idea of Ah-nold in a comedy makes one suspicious. I thought "Twins" was awful, and "Conan" a comedy by accident. "Kindergarten Cop" was better because Schwarzenegger was mostly a straight man. Here he is called on to act the part of a pregnant man opposite Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson. While it is not an Oscar calibre performance, he gets the job done.

The story is reasonably simple. DeVito (a fertility specialist) and Schwarzenegger (a scientist) are partners working on a new miracle fertility drug. Their project gets canceled by the University and replaced by an ovarian study under the direction of Emma Thompson. They decide to implant an embryo in Schwarzenegger and continue the study illegally. They steal an egg from Thompson's ovarian study and the stage is set. Of course, the egg is Thompson's and she and Schwarzenegger are attracted to each other.

Ivan Reitman does a very good job with the story, keeping it simple and staying focused on the characters. Had he spent a lot of time focusing on the physical comedy, the film would have failed. Instead we get to watch the ultimate "macho" figure take on the ultimate "female" experience. The contrast keeps the comedy rolling, while the characters carry the film.

It is hardly a profound film, although it is intelligently written. The issues raised rely on simple male vs. female differences and the contrast of Schwarzenegger's image with this role is used to full effect. It's an enjoyable film with strong performances by Thompson and DeVito.
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Silly but fun
preppy-34 January 2002
Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant. That's about it. The premise is ridiculous, the twists and turns in the plot are mind-bogglingly stupid and every joke is predictable and hammered at you--but I still like this film! The script does have it's moments, but the performances really carry this one.

Arnie is suprisingly very funny when he becomes pregnant (when asks DeVito in all seriousness "Does my body disgust you?" I broke up); DeVito is just along for the ride but is good--he's the straight man to Arnie; Emma Thompson is just gorgeous, very funny and full of life as a clumsy scientist. Also Judy Collins (yes, the singer) pops up looking radiant as the head of a center for pregnant women. Everything looks wonderful and the film is slickly made to cater the the audience. I usually hate films like that, but this worked. The only bad part is Pamela Reed--she's a wonderful actress and comediene but she's shamefully underused--she doesn't get any good funny scenes till the end. Also, where else will you see Arnie in a dress?

It's a one joke film. Is it a good film? No. Do I like it? Very much. Call it a guilty favorite.

One complaint--at 2 hours it's too long. Couldn't it have been trimmed a little?
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Gotta love Shwartzie da Mom!
raduluc11 May 2001
Wonderfully light comedy based on a fantastic fiction about a researcher who gets himself pregnant for the sake of Science and Glory, but goes through the nine months for the sake of Motherhood and Baby. There are plenty of plot boo-boos, but the movie is tongue-in-the-cheek throughout, so maybe the boo-boos are meant that way... Anyway, if you don't mind the occasional sexist cliche, and if you want to see Mister (Hollywood) Universe in the charming role of a peaceable pregnant researcher, this movie packs two hours of hearty laughter. In the whole movie, Arnold sends flying only one man, once - the only bad guy in the movie.
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Medically conceivable comedy about male pregnancy
jess-306 March 1999
Delighful piece of fluff concerning male pregnancy and the effect of hormones on one's personality and entire outlook on life. Arnold is a dedicated research scientist who volunteers his own body for scientific research at the urging of a more money-motivated physician (Danny DeVito). His evolution into a typical maternal figure under large doses of hormones and an experimental medication provides lots of opportunity for comedy and some real poignant vignettes. Frank Langella's character as dean of the university sponsoring the research is a bit over-done and becomes annoying. Emma Thompson plays lonely research scientist attracted to Arnold who becomes much more involved than she originally intended.
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A surprisingly clever and heart-warming family comedy.
Michael DeZubiria9 December 2008
Hey here's something interesting. If you type "Junior" in to Google, the first hit is this movie, but if you type it in to the IMDb, the first hit is George W. Bush. I just thought that was funny.

So by 1994, Schwarzenegger had just done a series of pretty hardcore action movies – Terminator 2, Last Action Hero (shut up, that movie rocked), and True Lies – so I'm really curious to know who came up with the idea of making a movie in which he gets pregnant and carries a baby to term. Yeah, Last Action Hero and especially Kindergarten Cop showed the world that Arnold was a big action movie star that was not above having a little fun with himself, but a pregnancy??

Amazingly enough, however, the movie is much better than you might think. He stars as Dr. Alex Hesse, a scientist working on a new formula that will help create successful pregnancies for women having trouble conceiving. But the problem is that they are unable to get authorization to perform necessary tests so, desperate to prove that their formula works, Hesse and his partner Dr. Larry Arbogast decide to create a pregnancy in Hesse – the world's first pregnant man!

They do not, however have any intention of allowing the pregnancy to go on for more than a month or a month and a half, they just need to prove that their formula works. I am reminded of that scene in Terminator 2 when they are all at Miles Dyson's house and Sarah is telling Dyson that men like him through of the hydrogen bomb and they only know how to create destruction, they have no idea what it's like to feel a life growing inside you. In Junior, Hesse learns what it's like to have a life growing inside him, and tat life becomes more important to him than the science experiment that he and Arbogast were carrying out.

There is a cleverly designed side story about Arbogast's ex-wife carrying a baby that resulted in a one-night stand after an Aerosmith concert, but the majority of the comedy in the movie is derived from Schwarzenegger literally not only turning into a woman, but poking fun at his real life self. When he goes to a pregnancy retreat dressed as a woman, he explains his manly performance by stating that back in "her" native Germany, she was a body-builder and excessive steroid use was considered perfectly common and acceptable. He experiences all of the ups and downs of being pregnant, but no matter how outlandish the premise is, there is no denying that the movie is definitely pretty charming.

It was great to see Schwarzeneggger and Danny DeVito together again after their classic work together in Twins several years earlier. Once again, they have come together and brought us a great piece of family entertainment.
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Very strange, but funny
Yodie_2001Odessy9 November 2000
This film is one of the strangest films I've ever seen, and I've seen some pretty strange movies (Attack of the Killer Banana anyone?). Although extremely strange, it's funny, in only a way the director of Ghostbusters could make it. Arnold's explanation of why he's so ugly in drag is hilarious. Emma Thompson gives a particuarly good role by Danny DeVito. Worth a rental, if not a buy.
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Great fun movie
cynar100025 January 2006
My daughters love this movie and I've watched it with them over 100 times. OK, that is excessive and probably unwarranted. But I've really grown to appreciate it. The acting from DeVito, Frank Langella, Pamella Reed and Emma Thompson is great. No scene or action is unnecessary. The scene where Arnold and Pamella are pigging out, cocktail weenies, struedelhounds, DeVito's reaction to "feel how soft my skin is" many more, are hilarious. Arnold is stiff as usual, but he's able to show a convincing transformation. They almost make the premise believable. Bono's rendition of "Got You Under My Skin" at the closing credits is my only fault with the movie.
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Actually a pretty funny Arnie movie!
dvdmrp19 November 2000
The first time I saw this I was like "ok, that is kinda strange", but this movie gets better every time you see it. There are some funny parts in this movie especially where arnie is in the dress! I wanted to see this, because I really liked Twins and Junior also stars Danny De Vito so it was like a reunion. If you liked Twins I think you will like this too. Ivan Reitman is a pretty good director. i don't think he has made a movie that I haven't liked. If you want a good laugh then go out and rent this arnie movie today. It is not as bad as you have heard from others. 8.5/10
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Finally, A Man Gets it!
arose19598 August 2003
I have never laughed & cried so hard at the same time. Finally, a man pregnant. And having it Arnold playing this part was wonderful. He ran the emotional and physical gammet and he did it beautifully. As a woman who had a horribly difficult pregnancy and constantly wanted to smack men up the side of the head when they make comments about how easy we have it, I finally felt that someone got it.

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger pair up as a Doctor (OBGYN) and a Research Scientist who are trying to come up with a formula to help women with difficult pregnancies to have a better chance of carrying through. (A worthy effort in itself) They are turned down by the FDA for a human testing and the University revokes their funding. (TYPICAL) In a totally bold, crazy and plot driving move, Devito talks Arnold into trying the formula on himself. But where to get the donor egg. (Enter Emily Thompson as a fellow Dr/Researcher who has cryogenically frozen eggs). And the humor just gets funnier from here.

Arnold suddenly is going through the mood swings, the nausea, the nipples itching and everything else that goes with a "WOMAN" being pregnant. And he doesn't pander or downplay any of it. He was down right beautiful in the part.

I highly recommend this to any woman who is, will be or has been pregnant. You will laugh and cry and totally enjoy this movie. And guys, if you don't get it, well, you never have when we were the pregnant ones, so why should you get this portrayal??? Give it a shot, you may learn what real strengths women have.
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Men now.....what next?
Punk1918 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Dr.Alex Hesse(Arnold Schwarzenegger)and his friend and assistant, Dr. Larry Arbogast(Danny Devito) have a plan to fertilize an egg. But the only thing is that they must pick the 'mother' to place the egg in. But when they can't find one they decide to place the egg in Alex. Nine months later Alex gives birth to a perfectly able daughter named Junior. Thus the title for the movie. Junior depicts the nature of motherhood and parenthood for we not only follow in Alex's footsteps during his pregnancy but we also follow in Dr. Larry Arbogast and his wife who is also pregnant.

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Devito and Emma Thompson, they make this movie funny yet entertaining to watch. A good watch for the kids and you.
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ztanlines25 July 2005
This is a very Clinton-era movie. Which is to say, if many conservatives believe that homosexuality is destroying the family unit or whatever I don't know what they'd think about this.

As many people have said, overall this movie is just kind of creepy. I was expecting a stupid comedy where Arnold accidentally gets knocked-up and wacky hi-jinx ensue. Instead, I got a very touchy-feely movie about the ultimate way for a man to embrace his feminine side. With a smarter script and different casting, this could have actually worked, but instead the filmmakers try to make this subject standard box-office fare, which it's not. The result is the most unintentionally creepy romantic comedy ever. The scene where Arnold dreams of a baby with his face stands out in my mind as spectacularly nightmare-inducing. If that all sounds appealing to you, have fun!
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better than Maltin says.....
Robert D. Ruplenas9 July 1999
"Junior", is a thoroughly entertaining, yet insightful movie that manages in the end to be touching. The story line (man gets pregnant) is sufficiently well-known from the publicity that it need not be outlined here. I have always admired Arnie's refreshing unpretentiousness about his lack of acting ability, but he has indeed come far from the grunting days of Conan and in this movie attains some very good moments. He really does make you believe he's carrying to term.

Good work all around - Emma Thompson (this great actress can't think too badly of Arnie to agree to make a movie with him; then again, is it the dough???) is a delightfully klutzy research scientist, and Danny DeVito plays a sympathetic role but with the inevitable undertones of sleazoid tackiness that he does so well. A good subplot is the relationship between DeVito and his divorced wife, also pregnant.

The commenter who said the premise was 'medically conceivable' [sic] didn't know much about amniotic sacs, placentas, and umbilical cords. That's ok; suspend disbelief and enjoy the humor.

The 'messages' here about gender roles and expectations are delivered with such a sense of humor that they are never preachy (I think of the classic "Tootsie" as a comparable example). An intelligently funny script, good comic pacing, and a hefty dose of outright slapstick make this a winner.
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Weird how people react to this movie and apple pie
Joyce Hauchart15 December 2000
When reading the comments I saw lots of pro's and lots of contras. But the comments are quite strong so it is worth reading them carefully.

Then again, what does it mean, some people like apple pies, some don't.

I watched this movie on TV, there was nothing better to watch, and at first I thought this is crazy I have ten 4-starred videos that I can watch tonight, but I stayed on.

It's just a bit of fun. I also wanted to see the combination Schwarzenegger - Thompson, which really works. Add De Vito and you're in for 3/4ths of an apple pie. Add Reitman and you have a complete apple pie.

The cream on top is not provided, mainly because the antagonist, the evil guy at the University does not work.

I don't think it's worth a rental, certainly not a buy, but better than Prozac.
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Who the hell thought THAT up???
chucknorrisrules4 August 2012
Errr...OK where to start with this one? Arnold Schwartzenegger is a scientist who wants to test a pregnancy drug for women but doesn't get permission to do it. Instead, he and Danny DeVito come up with the utterly deranged idea to decide to test it on a man, that being Schwartzenegger obviously. After starting the experiment somehow, Arnold eventually abandons the testing in exchange for keeping the baby, acting like a sensitive woman, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

This film is terrible. It's your basic 1990s big-tough-guy-tapping-into-his-feminine-side awful comedy like 'Mr Nanny' I suppose (lessons which have NOT been beneficial to men OR women, but that's another story). There is some cheesy feminist rhetoric as to 'my body my choice' and 'you should try being a woman, it's a nightmare' (which in and of itself makes no logical sense), and none of it is remotely funny. I suppose the problem is that now that male sensitivity is mainstream to a somewhat crippling level, this film fails to be funny anymore. It just looks dated. The science which propels this horrifying idea forward is broken - how the hell does Arnold even grow a baby, having no womb? For me, I'd rather commit seppuku than watch this god-awful pile of horse manure again.
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Never watch
josefnoah10 February 2014
9 reason to avoid this move:

1.It is deeply disturbing.

2.It will give you nightmares for the rest of your life.

3.You'll never look at Arnold the same way again.

4.Your face may become permanently locked in a look of shocked disgust.

5.You may find yourself standing over your broken TV, wielding an ax you did not know you even owned.

6.You will need to see a psychiatrist at least once a week.

7.Your psychiatric bills will eventually make you poor.

8.When you psychiatrist realizes you are hopeless you will be admitted to a mental facility where you will spend your remaining days.

9.You will eventually kill yourself.

I know this, because it all happened to me.
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Unoriginal, But Still Fun
sddavis6316 July 2002
A relatively amusing story starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Alex Hesse, who - teaming up with Danny DeVito in his typical curmudgeonly style (this time as a gynecologist) - subjects himself to an experimental drug which allows him to become the world's first pregnant man. The basic plot has been done before ("Rabbit Test" starring Billy Crystal), but this one is still worth watching.

Schwarzenegger demonstrates his flair for light comedic roles once again, playing his part perfectly and DeVito is DeVito. Emma Thompson puts on a decent performance as well as Schwarzenneger's somewhat clumsy love interest.

There's no real side-splitting laughs to be had here, but it's good fun and if there are no side-splitting laughs there's still a few good old-fashioned chuckles.

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delightful funny and pleasant movie
Mr_JM8427 August 2005
I enjoyed this movie a lot and i enjoyed it so much that i want to buy it on DVD, it is a very funny pleasant and enjoyable family movie which is squeaky clean and it was good to be able to watch this kind of movie for a change which is a lot different to the usual violent sleazy foul mouthed movies that i usually watch, not that there is anything wrong with that of course but it was great to be able to watch some clean fun entertainment for a change.

All the actors are brilliant and the characters in the movie are all very lovable and are funny and Arnold Schwarzanegger was tops and was very funny and it was good to see him play a different role which is very different to his usual macho action man role, and in this movie you get to see Arnies soft gentle side, Danny Devito is always a treat to watch and he is one of my favourite actors and Pamela Reed and Emma Thompson the two main female actors also added charm to the movie.

A movie which is very worthwhile watching and a movie i would enjoy watching over and over again.
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Politics disguised as comedy -- and a lame comedy at that.
Chrissie26 April 2003
I thought Junior would be stupid. I was right. The only reason I watched it was because I was stuck in a hotel in Korea, and couldn't sleep.

Aside from beating a single lame joke to death, Junior threw in way too many gratuitous bones to the proabortion lobby. (I guess the idea being that Hollywood just has to underscore their theory that if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.) Arnie and DeVito intended to abort the fetus after a brief test pregnancy -- repeating again and again that the whole "experiment" will be "completed" "by the end of the first trimester." Yup -- killing fetuses less than one trimester old is so morally neutral that it's okay to create the embryo with the express intention of killing it off "quick, before it becomes human!"

At the end of "the first trimester," Arnie is supposed to stop taking the drug cocktail that sustains the pregnancy. He looks at the vial of blue fluid at the time he's supposed to deliberately miss his first dose, then talks to the fetus, telling it he doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl so he'll call it Junior. And he downs the drug, hence converting the "pregnancy" into "my baby." The whole thing is absurd, since DeVito plays an obstetrician and he'd been doing routine ultrasounds so they'd have known already if the baby was male or female.

Later, when the big bad guy from the oppressive patriarchal university learns that Arnie is pregnant, he gets guards and tries to take Arnie into custody. Arnie tosses the guards, telling the big bad guy, "My body, my choice!" One of the women in the lab yells, "Amen!" Since the bad guy wasn't even trying to abort Arnie's baby, this was clearly a gratuitious attempt to get across the bizarre idea that the only reason Arnie was able to get pregnant and have his baby was because abortion was legal. As if that had squat to do with it.

If you're a rabid abortion supporter, you'll probably love Junior for all the propaganda moments. I can't see anybody else much caring for it.
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expectane a good time!
mortscab7 August 2002
a cleverly though out script with believable terminology like "expactane". This was arnie's funniest movie ever. The scene where arnold poses as a women why was overdosed on steriods by the german olympic team was hillarous. a must see film.
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Very enjoyable.
VCRanger3 May 1999
Junior is an entertaining, enjoyable film that is suitable for the entire family. All the actors do a fine job and the storyline (you must suspend disbelief) is actually very funny. A rating of 7 out of 10 was given for this movie.
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Tough Call !!!
rjhey4 April 2003
Its weird but at the same time funny. So its hard to say whether this movie stinks or its good. So its a tough call. Its got a good set of actors, its got an okay story line, but its just plain WEIRD ! I think it depends on the person who is watching it. If their idea of fun was watching Arnold Schwarzenegger go through morning sickness then they would love the film but otherwise people might just hate it to bits.
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The greatest movie I've ever seen
petiteandbeautiful229 August 2002
I love the movie, it's one of my favorite out of the other Arnold Schwarzenegger movies I've seen. I think that "Junior" is a hilarious movie, and a good one too! Arnold is a great actor, I mean all on his other movies, he played like a macho role, but in "Junior", he played kind of like a feminine role. This movie is so funny that I watch it over and over, because it's a GREAT movie!!
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Great movie
petiteandbeautiful229 August 2002
I love the movie, it's one of my favorite out of the other Arnold Schwarzenegger movies I've seen. I think that "Junior" is a hilarious movie, and a great one too! Arnold is a great actor, I mean all on his other movies, he played like a macho role, but in "Junior", he played kind of like a feminine role. This movie is so funny that I watch it over and over, because it's a GREAT movie!!
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SquirePM9 December 2000
I am watching one of the worst films ever made. I don't think I can stay to the end. This is excruciating.

I can see why Arnold would take this role on. The premise is just right for him to spoof his image. And the cast is one of guaranteed winners. But, ohhhhh, the execution! It's awful! The acting is fine, the great chemistry between Arnold and DeVito is there, but nothing works. There are even some jokes that would be pretty funny in another context, but they flop.

Too bad, but this is a sorry, sorry movie.
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