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I've worn it out watching it over and over.....

Author: strole from U.S.
25 September 2000

As a female, it's hard to find hard core porno that looks good to me. This film does it. Rocco plays Tarzan (ape man) and his Jane is as beautiful as Rocco is handsome. There is a good enough story line to get lost in, and since the sex is a new discovery for Tarzan, it is most exciting. The African monkeys, elephants and jungle add enough background to make you appreciate the plot. I love this one and I'm looking for another Rocco movie to wear out.

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Amazing Rosa

Author: Souvik Chatterjee from India
23 January 2005

If you like porn classics here is one... Rosa Caracciolo is absolutely amazing. Her act as Jane is absolutely mind-blowing, specially the first meeting that she has with Tarzan. She has 'Expressions'- a rare quality that is missing in almost all porn stars. This movie & Rosa has one thing in common, they both carry emotions. Strongly recommended. By the way - I have become a Rosa Caracciolo fan & have started collecting her photos from the Internet.... she deserves it. Watch this movie & become a Rosa fan... she is mind-blowing.... By the way this movie also stars Her real life husband Rocco Siffredi as Tarzan himself... watch them blow the screen apart...

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Best X-rated

Author: gebwel from Jakarta
13 August 2003

Simply put, this is the best adult movie I've ever seen. Rosa is especially gorgeous. She is by far the most beautiful adult movie star in my opinion. The scenery is also beautiful. Watch this, and you will have new perspective on adult movies. I am also aware that there are different versions of the movie. One which is a little bit toned down to R-rating perhaps? Nevertheless, both are great adult movies. A must see for fans or even non-fans of adult films.

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Im surprised this quality adult film isn't more popular or well known..

Author: reeceindie from manchester, england
28 July 2003

I'm surprised this quality adult film isn't more popular or well known, obviously the awful dubbing on widely distributed copies may put people off, but for me this is easily one of the most accessable hardcore features and shows Rocco Siffreddi to be the great adult superstar that he is.An adult film for everyone. Recommended.

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Couples will enjoy this, especially the finale!

Author: Romantic-2 from Canada
14 February 1999

Superb couples movie.

Delicious finale between Rosa and Tarzan is one of the great love scenes of adult movies. Erotic, provocative, sensual, visually pleasing. The camera angle and the position of the couple puts you in a unique viewing location, so you won't miss any of the pleasurable encounter.

This adult movie not only has great sex, but also a story line and very attractive actors and actresses, enjoying what they do best.

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Stunning Leads, Stunning Photography

Author: Carlo Silvera (silvera@dds.nl) from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
15 July 2000

When I bought this film on video in Belgium two weeks ago, I was slightly worried about the quality of the material. I am not familiar with Joe d'Amato's films but I had seen one with Rocco Siffredi, which was shot with one single hand cam. To my surprise, however, this movie was shot on film! It seems as if they have been using Panavision cameras. And what a great film it is... Rosa Caraccciola makes a wonderful Jane in this 1990s adaptation of the jungle tale, and Rocco Siffredi is the best Tarzan (or: Ape man as he's called) I have ever seen. The action is thrilling, hot and not at all offensive. Since the male lead is as attractive as his female counterpart, this film is a joy for everyone! The story is really sweet and funny (for instance when Jane helps Tarzan with his first shave and shows him a mirror). The chemistry is sparkling and even if you are only slightly interested in films in this genre, this is the movie to watch.

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Rosa me amor!

Author: movieed from Hoogeveen, Netherlands
31 October 1998

O boy Rosa Caracciola, is she hot or what! I Like an xxx rated movie with a bit of a story and nice looking body like Rosa.

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Joe D'Amato's one of a kind Tarzan flick

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
25 March 2016

TARZAN-X: SHAME OF JANE is one of the many porno movies churned out by Italian exploitation king director Joe D'Amato during the 1990s. I guess mainstream cinema had run dry for the director by that stage (with a few exceptions such as FRANKENSTEIN 2000) and he instead found profit in grot.

In any case, this is your usual cheap porn movie, a retelling of the classic Tarzan with added sex. And sex is the only thing it has going for it really. Jane is on an expedition in Africa when she meets up with Tarzan and falls in love with him; she brings him back to Britain, where culture shock sets in.

The film stars the hard-working Rocco Siffredi as the Ape Man, and although he doesn't have much charisma he looks the part. The woman are all of the strikingly beautiful variety, and there's certainly plenty of sex here, although the story is very light and silly. TARZAN-X deserves mention for being entirely shot in Kenya as well as achieving some notoriety when the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs unsurprisingly attempted to bring a lawsuit against it; they failed.

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I prefer the seventies

Author: trashgang from Midian
25 October 2012

Everybody loves this flick. Strange, the flick I saw was for me a bit boring. The acting for a hard core was okay but the story itself was laughable. Maybe it's me but I have seen the real classics from the heydays and this is isn't comparable with them.

I came across this due the fact that Joe D'Amato directed this. I know him as a horror buff from his classics made (Buio Omega (1979)) but I knew that he like for example Jess Franco made XXX flicks.

I must agree with the fact that there are a lot of beautiful women in this and they all go full frontal before Tarzan (Rocco Siffredi) because he was learned to make love by, you guessed it, Jane (Rosa Caracciolo), in fact both were a couple.

But what annoyed me was the simplicity of the script, Jane walks away from her tent camp and comes across Tarzan. Being over 20 years in the jungle he could talk English very well. Maybe it's me but I stick to the real classics from the seventies and as being a horror buff I love the roughies made back then.

But I agree that it is watchable for couples, no roughness at all and just straight love scene's. Welcome to the jungle.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 4/5 Effects 0/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0/5

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