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End of an era for Amitabh...or is it?

Author: pop-16 from London, England
3 February 2004

What was to become Amitabh Bachchan's final movie of his career before retirement, he ended with an action movie. I thought it was one of the best movies of him where he played an honest police officer who had two tasks - one to end the rivalry of Chunkey Pandey and Sunny Deol and two to destroy the villain Anupam Kher. There were some great songs in this movie sung by all the stars. There was also a young Raveena Tandon, who was only a newcomer. Sonam looking stunning with Chunkey Pandey. Amitabh singing in prison with Jaya Pradha, "Saathi Tera Pyar", another wonderful song. The best one out of all must be "Mere Dil Mein Tu" sung by Chunkey, Sunny and Amitabh. After almost 20 years Nutan was back with Amitabh and she played his wife in Saudagar in 1973. Only this time she was playing mother to him, while 70s and 80s low-key actor Vinod Mehra played his younger brother. After this movie, Nutan and Vinod Mehra died. Perhaps the movie delayed until 1994. Although the movie was a box-office flop, I thought Amitabh performed great. Amitabh came back with the box-office disaster Mrityudaata in 1997.

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Author: patobiero from United Kingdom
5 October 2006

I am definitely one of the world's biggest Amitabh Bachchan fans ... which is probably why I hate this movie and haven't even been able to finish watching it. Bachchan's early work is brilliant, in my opinion, and there have also been some stunning performances in his recent movies ... but 'Insaniyat' falls in a huge crack in the middle. The Big B looks awkward, tired, out of date and (unbelievably for Bachchan) severely and desperately uncool in this movie. He does try hard, but he doesn't pull it off (not by a long shot), and the worst part is that you can tell he knows he isn't succeeding. I'm so glad he didn't retire from the big screen after this movie, and that he's still putting out fabulous work. Sunny Deol does his pouting best in this movie (although he can never, in my opinion, match up to his legendary dad - sorry, Sunny), but it's not a remarkable performance. This movie does try hard, with a star-studded cast, a big budget and fair performances by most cast members, but it just doesn't fulfil its promise.

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Amitabh's retirement

Author: silvan-desouza from India
25 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Amitabh Bachchan retired after Khuda Gawah in 1992 for some time, Insaniyat which was supposed to release in 1991 got delayed and released in 1994. The film was supposed to have Sunny,Chunky in leads while AB was supposed to be a guest appearance but his role was extended and made him the lead. Nutan, Vinod Mehra passed away before the film released and Sonam too left the industry and hence barring 1 song her role was chopped. The film has a typical plot but it's difficult to keep focus as it shifts from one track to another. The film has AB play a cop who tries to bring settlement between 2 goons Sunny and Chunky and help to combat with the villain. The film has melodrama, some nonsense action scenes, some nonsense unintentionally hilarious scenes like Anupam Kher wearing Shafi Inamdar's mask and other scenes

Direction by Tony Juneja is nothing great Music is quite good, Saathi Tera Pyaaar is hummable rest are not too great

Amitabh Bachchan looks wrinkled, out of shape but does quite well, Sunny Deol with a dubbed voice is as usual, Chunky Pandey doesn't impress much, Jaya Pradha has a brief role and is as usual, Late Nutan is as usual,though she being younger to Bachchan and co-starred with him in Saudagar(1973) she plays his mom, Raveena Tandon perhaps signed this film when she entered bollywood in 1991 and has hardly anything much to do, Vinod Mehra has 2-3 scenes and is okay, Sonam has 1 song, Shafi Inamdar is okay, Anupam Kher doesn't impress much, others are as usual,Aftab Shivadasani did his last role as a child artist.

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One of Amitabh's terrible films

Author: superindrajit from Hong Kong
19 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ever since Bachchan returned from politics, his successful streak ended and he chose some of the worst films ever. If Toofan and Jaadugar(from 1989) weren't horrible enough, then check out films like Ajooba(1991), Indrajeet(1991), and Insaniyat(1991). All these films flopped terribly and even if Akayla(1991) was a flop, it was somewhat decent. Hum(1991) was a hit and a damn good film. Aaj Ka Arjun(1990) was a hit but it wasn't anything great, Agneepath(1990) flopped but it was brilliant and Bachchan got a national award for his performance. This was a decline period for him and sadly, he had more losses than wins in the last of the 80s and most of the 90s.

Insaniyat(1994) was actually started in 1991 but got delayed and finally released in 1994 because Nutan and Vinod Mehra passed away, the film also had some production problems. The film was supposed to be the right action comeback Bachchan needed from a streak a flops from 1991-1994. Yes Khuda Gawah(1992) despite being a nice film flopped and Sadhu Sant never released. Insaniyat was planned with Bachchan in a guest role and the heroes were Sunny Deol and Chunky Pandey but all that changed and Bachchan became the main hero. The film was pinned with expectations and people though it would become one of Bachchan's biggest hits because not only were the songs decent, the combination of Amitabh, Sunny, and Chunky was considered strong. Sadly, this film become one of the worst ever.

There is no actual story of the film, the start is clichéd yet promising with Amitabh's childhood and him beating a villain. The film is actually about Bachchan a police officer who is after the villain and his brother(the main villain after the initial villain dies) and he plans to do this by making enemies Sunny and Chunky friends. That doesn't happen smoothly, Bachchan finds out his mom is alive and his little brother is the eye witness of some murder. His mom doesn't recognize him but hates him for not being able to save his brother from dying. Bachchan kills the hired assassins only to be arrested and sentenced to be hanged for murdering 3 innocent people(who are actually corrupt). Sunny and Chunky plan to kill the villain Anupam Kher and Amitabh escapes from jail to join the duo. Watch how Bachchan and the duo kill the villains in a prolonged climax only if your choice of action movies is this poor.

Direction by Tony is extremely poor, not only does the script let him down but he doesn't put in much effort to make the film rise above the shabby script. This kind of story has been used millions of times in the past and it's the handling that decides whether a typical film like this will work. This factor goes completely against the movie as well. Not only are most scenes stupid but how certain people survive from explosions aren't explained. After Bachchan goes to prison, the film becomes even worse with some stupid planning to harm the villain and the film just goes on and on till it reaches the climax where Amitabh kills the villain. There are only a few well handled scenes like the scenes between Amitabh, Sunny, and Chunky, the murder Amitabh commits to avenge his deceased brother, and some dialogs Amitabh gets to speak. Apart from that, this is one of the worst action movies from the 90s.

Amitabh Bachchan is not at his best here, he hams terribly in some scenes but his dialog delivery is powerful in some scenes making the film watchable in those small portions. His expressions are timed well but his overacting in parts ruins his performance. Sunny Deol's performance fails to deliver completely here. His voice is dubbed by some guy who fails to sound like Deol and some of the scenes involving his own story is poorly handled and explained. Chunky Pandey was never a good actor though he provides decent support to Sunny and Amitabh. However, his act is nothing great. The heroines don't have much to do but they look good and they are well used in the songs. Goga Kapoor is hardly present in the film and his character gets killed by Bachchan in the beginning, he just hams it up as the villain. Anupam Kher also hams it up badly as the chief villain, he cuts his own leg off to survive a train accident and why he doesn't feel any pain makes no sense at all. Prem Chopra is wasted in a role that requires him to act as the stupid and timid inspector afraid of crocodiles. The rest provide poor support that the film needed.

On the whole, Insaniyat is one of those crap Hindi action films that should've never been made. Not only did this film successfully cripple Amitabh's career but also gave Sunny Deol a flop who was going good in 1993 with many hits.

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This was the best movie of Sunny Deol and Chunkey Pandey

Author: gavin_coolhgr from Guyana
22 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Insaniyat is the story of inspector Amar Saxena whose childhood was been destroy by a man called Goga. He, however looked for Goga son for many years but did not find him. Later on, a man called Bijian who was known to create riot in the country was suspected by Amar that he was Goga's lost son. Amar was in disguised because Bijian tried to harm his family a lot of times. But there were two gang leaders, Karim Lala and Haricharan who would normally have gang rivalry but both was being convinced by Amar to stop there gang rivalry and they even join hands with Amar to bring Bijian to justice. Insaniyat is one of the best films of 1994 and it was said to be released on February 28th 1994. However, Raveena Tandom and Sonam also played a very interesting role in this film. Sunny Deol and Chunkey Pandey looked very good in there teaming up at the ending part of this film. Prem Chopra also played a very interesting role in this film too like he does in other films.

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