To Live (1994) Poster


Plot Keywords

communist china
epic gambling
child abuse starving
sadness hands held in the air
liberation wrestling
writing reference to quotations from chairman mao
medicine airplane
train rice
toilet bathhouse
truck promise
iron the mineral capitalist
refugee dumpling
government cannon
counter revolutionary class system
bullet fingerprint
family home trench
artillery trapped
money lender candle
turtle spawn running
rifle practical joke
sign hanging around neck obstetrics
confession dyed egg
egg secret mirror
mirror smelting works
factory working class
grave chick
painting uncle nephew relationship
bully parade
cripple red guards
professor witness
fire fever
landlord disgrace
chinese army chinese soldier
rickshaw coolie
piggy back ride inability to speak
losing one's voice trial
theatrical troupe kiss
abacus poverty
wetting pants execution
urination bayonet
escape drinking
drink dumping food on someone's head
children sabotage
hand cart slingshot
fight arm in sling
head injury nurse
doctor apology
school student
propaganda surgical mask
baby eating
food heredity
spanking with a shoe spanking
firecracker hopelessness
hope matchmaker
saboteur girl
boy photograph
photographer camera
little red book bicycle
father in law son in law relationship mother in law son in law relationship
burning a puppet hospital
feudalism ox
prisoner of war homelessness
chinese opera opera
musician band
socialism portrait painting
painter hunger
freeze to death survival
massacre bloodbath
explosion battle
boyfriend girlfriend relationship death of grandmother
death of girlfriend chiang kai shek
mao tse tung money
shame snow
street vendor street market
eviction opium
song singing
singer tea
burial accidental death
suicide of wife suicide
grandfather grandson relationship arrest
death of wife marriage
friendship friend
forgiveness brother sister relationship
wound blood
brother brother relationship illness
revolution taiwan
puppet calligraphy
debt shooting
death of brother dying
corpse dead body
grandmother grandson relationship death
murder addiction
pregnancy tears
crying grandmother granddaughter relationship
grandfather granddaughter relationship mother daughter relationship
father daughter relationship mother son relationship
father son relationship politics
husband wife relationship shadow play
family relationships wounded soldier
mute family saga
changing times death in childbirth
puppet show jeep
funeral wedding
water water carrier
steel silhouette
death of daughter gambling addiction
fireworks fate
chinese cultural revolution car accident
1960s 1950s
1940s communism
kuomintang civil war
death of father death of mother
death of child death of son
based on novel

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