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Among Bollywood's greatest entertainers of ALL TIME!
ChiBron4 September 2004
Once I finished watching HAHK for the first time in 1997(3 years after its original release), I had absolutely no doubt as to why this movie became the highest grossing Hindi film of ALL TIME. HAHK is a case where everything comes perfectly together - direction, acting, music, cinematography, sets, costumes and that extra indescribable "magic" every classic has.

HAHK's story in itself is nothing special. Heck, it doesn't even have much of a plot to talk about. But what keeps us hooked to this 3 hour+ saga is a crisp screenplay, and the charming way in which everything is presented. In a movie where there are barely any conflicts and everybody loves everybody else, the audience could've easily been turned off by the excessive sugar. But HAHK's greatest achievement probably lies in the fact that it NEVER feels fake. The cast's chemistry is so natural and there's such generosity behind the emotions that you can't help yourself but fall in love with this world of theirs. This is something none of the HAHK copy-cats(to this day!) could accomplish. So many movies tried to recreate that magical family atmosphere, but none(especially Barjatya himself!) could really pull of that feeling of genuineness.

Moving on, HAHK doesn't have a single "boring" or "lets fast fwd. this scene" moment in the movie. And that's what it ultimately is - a super entertaining musical dealing with two families and two irresistible characters in Prem(Salman Khan) and Nisha(Madhuri Dixit). These are career performances from two of Bollywood's finest looking people. People forget that Salman Khan started off being a fairly solid actor. Not only could he easily enact the typical Bollywood emotions, but his unique mischievous 'ada' and natural charm went well with his good looks and lean physique(buffing up was the worst thing he did to himself). 1994 was still a time when we could count on him to deliver a likable performance. And Salman isn't just likable here, his infectious energy and charm makes Prem utterly irresistible. I don't understand why Madhuri has always been seen as the show stealer in this movie. Salman matches her all the way. Speaking of Madhuri, she just glows in every frame here. Her charming performance was simply intoxicating. Who wouldn't fall in love with Nisha? Salman-Madhuri share terrific chemistry. One of the best ever in fact. Prem and Nisha's romance develops slowly and beautifully. Every scene shared between them is memorable and believe me, their moments will bring you back to watch this movie again.

The strong supporting cast in HAHK definitely provides the movie with the ideal stability and mood to further enhance our impression of these sweet characters as believable. The casting crew hit gold because every actor looks perfect in the role he/she is portraying. The music is also BRILLIANT and the song picturizations/choreography remains unsurpassed. Barjatya cleverly keeps the narrative flowing with each song. AND that was a HUGE key because 14 songs could've easily slowed the movie's pace down.

Bottomline: HAHK to me is the quintessential Bollywood entertainer. The movie, despite being unrealistically sweet, never feels fake(something no other movie has been able to recreate, not even the director himself). Every actor in the cast adds something to make the movie special. The leading stars to this day haven't given more likable performances. If you look up the word chemistry in a Bollywood dictionary, a pic of Salman/Madhuri from HAHK should be there. Overall, just an incredibly charming movie that you can't help but fall in love with.
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HAHK is classic Indian cinema that no one must miss!
Deepshika13 March 2002
No Spoiler but is rather lengthy and maybe too much detail for some people.

Hum Aapke Hain Koun, what can I say about it. I'll start with the fact is my favorite movie of all time. Why? I really can't say. Because believe me when I say that there have been much better movies made before and since it. I know this and yet this remains my favorite.

The story is quite simple, too simple some people say but thats not necessarily a bad thing. It's about Prem (Salman Khan) and Nisha's(Madhuri Dixit) love story. Prem is from a loving family and home, appropriately called Prem Nivas. Everyone loves everyone else including the servants and pets who are treated as one of the family. When Prem's older brother Rajesh's (Monish Behl) marriage is arranged with Pooja (Renuka Sahane), the oldest daughter of a Professor Chaudhary (Anupam Kher) and his wife (Reema Lagoo). The Professor and his wife are also school friends of Prem's kaka or uncle (Alok Nath) who has brought up the two brothers after the death of his sister and her husband.

During this 'rishta' Prem meets Nisha who is Pooja's younger sister. He immediately falls in love with her, but Nisha develops a strong dislike of him. What follows is a sweet and mischievous intercourse of jokes and pranks that they play on each other during the marriage ceremonies. While taking his bhabhi (sister-in-law) home, Prem apologizes to Nisha for anything he has done. Nisha is extremely surprised at his sensitiveness and also begins to like him.

Following this are many sweet sequences of how their love blossoms with songs aplenty in between. While the two are lost in each other and their new found relationship, fate takes a nasty turn as tragedy strikes both the households. Prem and Nisha find themselves in a delicate situation. And they call upon themselves to sacrifice their love and happiness for their families.

Music is excellent. No ground-breaking stuff nor any A.R Rahman genius of any kind. But it is entertaining, catchy and sweet and some numbers such as Didi tera dewar will remain in our memories for ever. Picturization is also excellent. Not one song should be skipped in the movie. Not even the two minute long babul song.

Performances are of course excellent. Madhuri Dixit excells as Nisha and completely convinces the audience as the sweet-hearted but mischevious sweetheart of the house. Nisha's character reminds me slightly of Rekha's Manju in Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Khubhsoorat. This is Salman Khan's best performance to date. Even though I'm quite obsessed with him, I own that he is not a very good actor. But in this movie he is flawless as the sweet and lovable Prem. The rest of the cast was also well chosen, every single one of them from Pooja to Tuffy the dog. They gave us the impression of being a real family. Many movies since have used almost all the members of this cast for other family movies.

Direction is also excellent. Sooraj Barjatiya excells at romantic cinema. The scenes between Prem and Pooja and Prem and Rajesh show the love between bhabhi and her devar and two brothers. The sweet moments between Prem and Nisha are also fantastic as they hold your heart still for several minutes. The intricacies of love, from first attraction, to love slowly growing in a young girl's heart to deep understanding are shown with intricate and realistic detail.

The one letdown is the screenplay by Sooraj Barjatiya. Some lines given to Salman are embarassing, especially the english ones where the sentences are not sentences. Pretty sad for someone who has an MBA.

HAHK was a landmark in indian cinema for many reasons. First was that it was the first movies with no violence at all. The whole marriage song craze also started. First full-fledged family drama. Since then we've had many such movies and most of the audience has become bored of them. I think the last one of this genre we'll be seeing is Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. I personally love these non-violent family dramas, I don't think I'll ever get sick of them. Today, many people will say that HAHK wasn't a good movie, and I think it is because they have seen too many of the copies made after it. I still maintain that it's my favorite movie and that not only should you watch it but also own it. It is the Sholay of our times although I never liked Sholay :)
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Brilliant movie with culture, emotions and lots of FUN!
rajandey24 March 2009
This has got to be my most favorite movie ever! Even though i watched this movie over and over again i never get bored! The movie gives you an awesome performance by Salman Khan and a perfect performance by Madhuri Dixit!

Everything is absolutely rocking! The comedy, Songs, Locations, Costumes, Cast!

If you are not a fan of Salman Khan yet, this movie will make you a fan of him instantly, he is just lovable! The first three hours you will have a big smile on your face the whole time!

Double thumbs up for this everlasting classic in Indian cinema!
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One of the best family films ever!
anant_mathur8 May 2005
At a time when action films were the norm of Indian Cinema came a family film called "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun". A film that broke all the records at the time. It was the turning point in Indian Cinema to move away from violent films and towards more romantic and creative efforts or as I like to call them "Films without Villains".

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun started it all. The film is directed by Sooraj Barjatya, it is his second film after Maine Pyaar Kiya. HAHK stars Salman Khan as Prem and Madhuri Dixit as Pooja, its about how they fall in love and what they have to go through to finally end up together, throw in some family values and emotion and you have Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

Everyone should watch this film, but wait, I think they already have!

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Great Love Story cum Light Entertainment !
Umar Mansoor Bajwa17 July 2005
The success of this film is a memorable landmark inasmuch that the violent legacy of action films pioneered and boosted by Amitab Bachan came to an end and movies again took a semi u-turn to social and family oriented depiction of human values that are more close to real life.

This romantic cum social legacy of Hindi movies came to an abrupt end by the release of movies, like "Sholay" and "Zanjeer" in early 70s, when Amitabh set the stage for his personification of a young angry man willing to turn violent. In this way, the cool, romantic and charming personality of Rajesh Khanna eclipsed to give way to the new Super Star.

HAKAK turned the tables, insofar, that this beautiful song studded and family drama having a focus on light merriment and jubilant frenzy took to the hearts of the audience and Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit touched new heights of stardom ushering in a revived era of filmdom that is the touchstone of social and family drama.
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A Landmark Film
CAMKG5 October 2002
HAHK represents all things that the best of commercial Hindi cinema stands for. It has music that is melodious and just merges with film. There is a romantic angle full of innocence and electrifying chemistry. The premise is very simple yet has enough scope for a large array of emotions. Repeat viewing only enhances the appeal of the film. This is most definitely a Sooraj Barjatya - Madhuri Dixit collaboration to give credit where credit is due. It is the highlight of both of their careers so far, in my opinion. Barjatya does a great job with each and every character of the film. He does something that is essential for the viewer to enjoy the film: he makes you genuinely care for each character. So if they laugh, you laugh and if they cry, you cry. And he does so with sincerity and simplicity. Most definitely the film was designed to be big budget block buster, but it was made with the intention of making a great film which it most certainly is. Salman Khan and Madhuri together are one of the best onscreen couples ever depicted. Great choreography, a well-written script and most of all excellent direction by Barjatya in pacing the film superbly. One of the best films ever made. 10/10.
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One of the greatest movies ever made
shivakumarvishwa21 June 2008
This is one of the best movies ever.The direction is superb.The choreography is excellent.The story is great.It tells us about Prem and Rajesh who are orphans and are being taken care by their uncle Kailash.One day they get Rajesh engaged To Pooja chowdhary.Pooja also has a sister named Nisha.Nisha and Prem fall in love.Rajesh and Pooja get married.They have a baby noy.One day a tragic incident happens.Pooja dies after falling from a staircase.They plan Nisha to marry Rajesh.On the climax scene Pooja gives Tuffy a letter and sends it to Prem.Rajesh reads it.He realizes their feelings.All ends happily when Preem and Pooja marry.The cinematography is excellent.Madhuari and Salman are brilliant.The others are great too.The on screen chemistry is excellent.The music is excellent.The costumes are good too.Script is excellent.Dialogs are excellent.Photography is excellent.I have seen tnis 7 times already.This is Tooooooooo good.A MUST SEE MOVIE RATING-10/10
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All time best
zakir_md_9911 August 2000
This movie can definitely listed among the top 5 movies of all time . It Is a breezy movie with an ingradient of all nice things . It has ear soothing music, good performances and extremely good-good happenings going on . You wont feel bored even for a second .Though without a strong story , it is pure entertainment at its best .
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A great movie at its time
kalyan-kancherla18 January 2013
People may dismiss this movie today as artificial and too cheesy but the fact remains it kept the box office cash registers ringing when it released in 1994 for years. Coming to the movie, it doesn't have any story at all but what keeps the audience glued to the movie is its tight screenplay, direction, melodious songs and the strong performances of every actor. The human relations shown were pure and simple. I must have watched this movie over and over again and every time I watched it, there was always a smile on my face and it always feels like a festival to me when I watch this movie. This movie brilliantly showcases the talented madhuri dixit.
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The Greatest BollyWood Music Ever Created
mariotofu23 December 2011
What makes this movie so great wasn't the story line. Definitely not, considering for the first 2 and half hours there was virtually no conflict. The rising action of Prem and Nisha falling in love was what made this movie brilliant. Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit have the perfect chemistry and considering they were both powerhouse actors used to their full potential, this movie felt heavily realistic. The romantic interactions between the two seem like something we'd see right in front of us, as if we were apart of the family too.

The rest of the cast seemed like they really were family members. The comedy and friendly interactions between all of them seemed all too common. This was the first time a movie did that while being successful. The effect was several more movies followed the Romantic Comedy without violence approach. For generations now, HAHK may seem like a cheesy and sappy love story but when it first came out, it broke records everywhere. Prem and his Bhabi have a loving relationship where he respects her like a mother but also has incredible fun with her. The traditional Desi relationship between a Bhabi and Deewar. The final Lo Chali Main song with him and his bhabi is incredibly cute and funny.

This movie was and still is the best musical romantic comedy created by Bollywood. It could easily be broken down why.

This movie consists of 12 musical numbers and each and every one of them were entertaining and catchy. Only 2-3 of the songs were actually deep in meaning but even they were fun to sing along too. The pathos in each song and chemistry between characters makes people like us want to go out there and dance along. Songs such as "Didi Tera Deewar Deewana" and "Wah Wah Ramji" have permanently assimilated within the Hindustani culture.

As the story progresses you can see more how relationships develop and you will be hooked. It might feel too lovey dovey and happy but there are no boring scenes. Which I can only say about a few other movies such as; 3 Idiots, Lagaan and Black. If you're life isn't depressing, you'll love this movie.
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sandeeptlvdy8 January 2010
Definitely the best Indian cinema ever released or will ever release in future. Although the film is inspired from the movie "Nadiyaa Ke Paar" by the same production company. It is a completely commercialized version of this movie. And believe me the class of this movie is double.

Excellent work by director Sooraj Barjathya and the most brilliant screenplay i have ever seen. Perhaps the only movie which i have seen more than 200 times and whenever i watch my interest to see it doubles and excitement doubles. The career best performances from Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan, Renuka Shahane etc is another main highlight. A completely flawless movie i have ever watched.

The brilliant songs add the beauty of the movie very much.In my top favorite songs two topping ones are from this movie. Hats off to the makers and actors of this classic.
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The biggest grossing Indian film of all time... according to the DVD cover!
Sherazade24 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
To me, it was just okay. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the wholesome quality of the film but it was a tad bit too long and uneven for my taste. Heck! it was longer than the Titanic and then some. The film caught my interest with its portrait of simple and traditional Indian family life and values, the way the two families connected and the way love was the center piece. The music is as classic as it is great and the wedding scenes were magnificent. I just couldn't understand the plot twist, how and why it happened. It really just threw me off.

Salman Khan plays a young and plucky boy named Prem and Madhuri Dixit plays the jewel that catches his eye one day when he and his family embark on a vacation that really is a trip to review a bride for his elder brother but in disguise of a vacation. Once there, as he is busy matchmaking his brother, he spots the younger sister of his sister-in-law (played by Madhuri Dixit) and falls in love with her. Everything goes along swimming well, with cricket matches in the afternoons, loving family meetings and exchanges, nice song and dance numbers until one after when a tragic accident changes the life of the two families forever. When the dust settles, the love between Prem (Khan) and Nisha (Dixit) is forever tested when she is asked to marry her brother-in-law as a replacement for his dead wife.

Who am I to you indeed! This movie left me with a blank stare.
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simple story but fun, with great chemistry between Madhuri and Salman
long-ford28 January 2009
This is very very long but immensely enjoyable. There's very little storyline- a long Indian wedding replete with countless rituals followed by the fated lovers falling for each other. Yet it's fun. Madhuri has never looked better and she shares a great chemistry with Salman Khan. Some of the songs are very sweet and definitely worth watching. The climactic melodrama was unnecessary in my opinion and simply prolonged an already long film. Some of the constant dancing could also have been toned down a bit. But it's an Indian wedding so that's all right then!

Overall 7/10
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The fluffiest Bollywood film ever.
veracious_lies1 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you want to see a romantic, sweet comedy that's nice to the core, family-orientated and lacks of any real conflict, watch HAHK.

Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit, two of Bollywood's biggest stars in the 90's, play two youngsters whose siblings marry each other and soon the two youths also have to ask each other, "Who am I to you?" (translation of the title).

Salman and Madhuri are cute and have just the right kind of tension between them - I especially love the opening credits and their song in it. The film is pure sugar, what with it's 12 songs and 3 hours of family entertainment. If you like your Bollywood with melodrama, you might not like this film because it lacks of any conflict. Every goes well from the beginning to the end. There is a tiny twist at the end but it's hardly anything serious or heart-breaking.

All the other actors do a nice performance. I especially loved some of the romantic subplots. The songs are very memorable, though some of them blend into one another as there are just so many! If you're looking to introduce someone to Bollywood, my advice is not to pick this film. Unless they're fans of silly romantic comedies, they'll want to watch something with more content and less fluff.
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The most entertaining movie
mdmohammedshah12 October 2017
The most entertaining movie ever for me where each and every scene and character comes to mind for more than 22 years.Easily Salman Khan's best performance till date .He was the ideal brother, ideal lover, ideal nephew anyone would love to have.Naughty but responsible Prem in the movie surprised me with his comic timing and dance steps matching the angel of dancing Madhuri Dixit . Madhuri Dixit was in her most charming avatar in this so called marriage video.Have watched the movie more than 100 times and still can't get enough of it.Sooraj Barjatya nailed as a director with the movie which has a thin storyline .
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One of the best Bollywood films I've seen in a while
Lizzy m22 April 2017
Some parts of the movie were a bit cheesy in my opinion, but I mean, that was kind of Hollywood's thing back then I suppose, and I do think that the cheesiness of the acting and plot is what accentuates the humor in this film. Anyways, this film was actually quite entertaining, as an American, Bollywood films don't always appeal to me, but this movie was different. My dad put this up on Netflix with my mom, as I walked into the room, and I was instantly hooked. It had such an adorable plot line with highly likable characters that you'll instantly fall in love with in seconds. The jokes were extremely clever as well, and of course goofy and cheesy (in a sort of odd and satisfying way). In conclusion, the film is lighthearted, romantic, humorous, and just downright adorbs.
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Perfect Bollywood
Gypsi Bates31 March 2017
Hum Aapke Hain Koun. . . ! is a movie about family, sacrifice, duty, and most of all, love. It is a story that will bring laughter and tears, and is heart-warming all the way through. The choreography and music were excellent, the costumes were lovely and vibrant, and the cinematography was beautiful. Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan were perfect in their roles, and the supporting cast was also fantastic. This sweet film comes highly recommended.
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Attractive stars make drippy script acceptable
alexdeleonfilm12 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Viewed at Budapest Bollywood Film Week, October 2016. Star vehicle of 1994 featuring young pre-musclebound Salman Kahn and gorgeous Madhuri Dixit.

PLOT: Two well off families ~ one has two marriageable sons, the other two marriageable daughters. number one son marries number one daughter. At the wedding number 2 son (Salman) falls madly in love with Number 2 daughter (Madhuri) ~ She gives him a hard time but we know she really digs him -- number one daughter (Puja) gets pregnant and delivers a baby boy then dies -- (the so-called plot thickens) -- family enjoins number 2 daughter (Madhuri) to marry widowed husband to make sure orphaned baby has a mother. For the sake of the baby Madhuri agrees but we know she is really in love with his younger brother (Salman = Prem) ~ At the second wedding widowed number one son, having intercepted a canine borne message, realizes that number two daughter really loves his little brother, (number two son Salman) so he gallantly bows out And the lovers Really meant for each other -- (Salman & Madhuri) -- are united in nuptial bliss. The End. Sickening white dog is a major supporting actor, uncredited.

Assessment: Colorful bullshit with lots of good percussive music and dances but a plot and characters thinner than the paper it's written on. Not one of Madhuri'd best dance vehicles, either, but she was never more beautiful. Surprisingly agile Anupam Kher in family father role. Altogether, highly overrated. Okay time pass at best. Six out of ten twinklers ******mainly for the glossy showcasing of the two undeniably attractive superstars, Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit. Alex
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Film was awesome, Nice love story..Nice to watch Rajshri production film
kalyaniadhav20 April 2015
Very good picturised.

Songs are nice. Romantic scene picturised for Madhuri and Salman are tooo good. I can watch this film 100 times.

It's perfect family drama without "saas bahu" ....

Songs are really good...

Sarees wearied by Renuka too good...she looking perfect newly married woman

Somewhere every couple relate to madhuri and salman

Good choice of story,Songs, music, drapery, shooting place

Renuka and Mohnish looking pretty... Every one played a perfect role for character...
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Conclusion after watching multiple times - Madhuri is phenomenal
satmad123-778-2736288 April 2015
It is difficult to point out good or bad points in this particular movie. From the first watch, the movie will look quite a simple one with nothing of the excellence short (as most of the critics also could not find). Still, the movie, like a magnet, attracted viewers again and again to the theaters and slowly one realized that it is this simplicity of the movie that is its best asset. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first complete family entertainer of its kind - no blood, no violence, no hero-villain hand-to-hand combats, no dialog-baazi etc. Basically a new hit formula was born that was adopted in hits like DDLJ, Raja Hindustani, Hum saath saath hai, Vivah, Waqt and many more. Unbound love from people can be gaged from its box office result, which no other movie has matched till date. Watch it for the first time and you will be entertained thoroughly for 3 and a half hours. Watch it for second time and you will start humming the songs (14 songs and all adds fun-element to the story). Watch it for third time and you will start to fall in love with the characters. Thereafter you will continue to watch this movie every now and then. Like we enjoy meeting our relatives during festivals, fans (possibly half of pan India or more) of HAHK continue to enjoy the movie at regular intervals. It has been more than 20 years now and the love for the movie remains the same. One thing that stands out is Madhuri Dixit as Nisha. I am sure like me, many of my generations who have watched the movie have become an ardent admirer, fan and possibly a devotee of this beauty. Apart from looking million bucks in every frame she appeared, her lively act took the movie to a different level altogether. How can one not fall in love with her eyes after seeing her walk down the stairs in purple saari while Salman was humming the shayari for her. Her simplistic attire and expressions in maye ni maye is the one to die for. Madhuri mesmerized everyone from 8 to 80 years old with this movie. Obviously, there was a reason that her name appeared before Salman Khan and she was paid more than Salman for the movie.
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a great film
ryanrajsharma24 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
one of the all time most entertaining film in world wow film superb actors full melody fantastic chem fabulouamadhuri great dance great songs great costumes great affection great drama one of the all time most entertaining film in world wow film superb actors full melody fantastic chem fabulouamadhuri great dance great songs great costumes great affection great drama one of the all time most entertaining film in world wow film superb actors full melody fantastic chem fabulouamadhuri great dance great songs great costumes great affection great drama one of the all time most entertaining film in world wow film superb actors full melody fantastic chem fabulouamadhuri great dance great songs great costumes great affection great drama
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Sickly sweet, but great fun. It should help you find your smile
maxqnzs4219 December 2006
Over the last few months, I've become increasingly jaded and cynical about Hindi cinema. The choices seem to be narrowing to increasingly violent and brutal films with good performances or soulless masala clones with production line Barbie dolls for heroines, and songs that are forgotten seconds after they finish. I've been pushing myself to reach 150 BW films watched, and it has increasingly seemed like a waste of time and effort, often leaving me angry at the time chewed up by the drek on offer. In the last week, I've sat through Aashiq and Gumrah, both films that left me bewildered and angry at their awfulness.

Then, today, I finally got to see HAHK. I went in expecting to loathe it. Despite my vigorous efforts, I just couldn't. Cinematically, there's almost nothing right with this film, but it was still great fun to watch. One IMDb review disparaged it by calling it "just a shaadi cassette", and I think that was right on the money. I also don't think that it is such a bad thing. There's an artless naivety and innocence to the film's spirit that makes it easy to overlook the fact that watching it will induce a coma in the saccharine-intolerant. I am normally very intolerant of super-sweet fluiff, but somehow this film sneaked past my outer cynic and found my inner child. It was a better K3G, better for not having all the negative elements. If you're going to make candy floss, don't try to be "cool" by spicing it with pepper, just celebrate the sugar, and that's what HAHK does. I don't know if I'll watch it again, but there are several songs that were well worth the watch, and Tuffy was great.

I don't think such a film could be made today, since jaded cynicism is de rigueur for film viewers the world over, and I doubt that many directors would have the courage, or find the backers, to make such an unabashedly retro piece. To compress the "mushkil" into the last 20 or so was genius, it let the film just bubble away, with so many laughing, smiling faces that only the stoniest grinches could be unmoved. Maybe the biggest flaw with HAHK is the fact that so many subsequent films tried to copy its "formula", without realising it didn't really have one, and that calculating mimicry is no substitute for the real thing.

As a film, I'd give it 5/10. For refreshing my BW palate, and reminding me of the magic of masala, I'd give it 8.
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I love this movie.
si_shaalini6 March 2007
Although when compared to English movies it's long and too much detail,this movie happens to be my favorite Hindi movie.I have a massive crush on Salman Khan in the film.He is too cute and adorable.And Madhuri Dixit's character is mind-blowing.This film has a thin storyline but it's the moments of the film that make it click.The romance of Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan is so good.The songs are good and the family life made me yearn for the warmth and affection.When compared to English movie standards it's quite absurd but dil se I like this movie.The costumes of Madhuri Dixit was good too.At times she puts daUn Salman Khan too much which makes me feel sad for him.Why does she give respect to her brother-in-law and not Salman Khan in the beginning?
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Definitely worth a watch.
rajivgill17 August 2001
I'm not a fan of Salman Khan, but this is one film I'm glad I didn't give a miss. Great music, great acting and a simple storyline to tug at your heartstrings. The chemistry between Madhuri and Salman is remarkable. Look out for remarkable family/wedding scenes, which many other films have tried to ape in vain. Definitely worth a watch.
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Indian Sound of Music.
Herag Halli18 March 2004
There are some movie where all things fall in place like a zig-saw puzzle and "HAAK" is one of them. This is a tightly scripted and directed film that keeps you glued and one of the few "family movies". The chareceters are livid,the music probably the catchiest melody since the yester years,the acting superb (Dixit,and the older Characters). The scenes are woven into a beautiful fabric that portrays the family life so much so this could be an ideal family (like Sound of Music) if at all if such a family exists and lived happily ever after. In my opinion this was the turning point for the Indian Cinema, not "Sholay", since this movie is for the family where as "Sholay" was for the Community. This is a movie that you treasure to be played on occasions when you begin to forget the meaning of family and friendship.
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