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  • Highlander III opens with Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) telling how, after the deaths of his wife Heather (Beatie Edney) and his friend Ramirez (Sean Connery) in the 16th Century (as portrayed in Highlander), he left Scotland to wander the world looking for answers. Eventually, he made his way to Mount Niri in Japan where he lived and trained with the sorcerer Nakano (Mako) until another immortal named Kane (Mario Van Peebles) took Nakano's head. The storyline then jumps ahead to present time (1994), eight years after the Gathering in New York City. Connor is living with his adopted son John (Gabriel Kakon) in Marrakesh (Morocco) when he suddenly becomes aware that Kane has returned and is looking for his head. Connor leaves John in Marrakesh with his friend Jack Donovan (Michael Jayston) and returns to New York to face Kane, because there can be only one.

  • The Highlander franchise, starting with Highlander (1986) (1986) was based on a story and screenplay by screenwriters Gregory Widen, Peter Bellwood, and Larry Ferguson. It was followed by Highlander II: The Quickening (1991) (1991). Highlander:The Final Dimension (aka Highlander III: The Sorcerer) is a communal effort by Brad Mirman, William Panzer, Paul Ohl, and René Manzor. Two more full-length movies followed, Highlander: Endgame (2000) (2000) and Highlander: The Source (2007) (2007), while the TV series Highlander (1992) (1992-1998) was running concurrently. A sixth Highlander movie, Highlander, said to be a remake of the original Highlander, is planned but no release date has been announced.

  • Those viewers who have seen all three Highlander movies say that it is possible to skip Highlander II because it appears to subvert the story to the future and follows an ostensibly different storyline from the original movie. Highlander III goes back to the original storyline and picks up where HIghlander left off. Seeing the first movie before seeing Highlander III is recommended. Some viewers say that Highlander II should be the last movie watched, since it takes place the furthest in the future.

  • When Kane beheaded Nakano in order to obtain his powers of illusion, Nakano tricked him. During the quickening, Nakano caused the mountain to collapse, trapping Kane and his two henchmen inside. It isn't until an archeological dig in 1994 that Kane is afforded a means of escape. Consequently, Kane wasn't in New York City at the Gathering (in Highlander), and Connor MacLeod has never been the last Immortal.

  • When Kane decapitated Nakano and underwent The Quickening, it caused Mount Niri to collapse, leaving Kane and his followers imprisoned within Nakano's cave.

  • We are told that Connor married Brenda Wyatt (Roxanne Hart), his love interest in Highlander, and they moved to Scotland after the Gathering. A year later, they were involved in a car accident. Brenda died instantly, while Connor was not injured. Of course, that leaves Connor a free man and open to a new love interest, whom he gains in the person of an archeologist, Dr Alexandra "Alex" Johnson (Deborah Kara Unger), who just happens to resemble a woman he once loved during the French Revolution.

  • No. But it is possible, Alex could had been a descendant of Sarah, Connor's lover during the French revolution, since Alex had a striking resemblance to Sarah. But when Alex sees Sarah's painting in Connor's old place, she doesn't know who the woman in the painting is and asks Connor who she is.

  • Kane, an immortal warrior born in the 12th century, had been trapped within Nakano's cave for centuries and knew nothing about the modern day world and modern day life and had no knowledge what a condom was for and since Kane was infertile like all other immortals and that immortals cannot have children with mortals, a condom was not required.

  • Stenn (Martin Neufeld) remembered Russell Nash/Connor McLeod from the head hunting sprees (in the first Highlander movie) when McLeod was arrested by the NYPD for the decapitation of Iman Fasil (Peter Diamond) but was released due to lack of evidence. Believing McLeod is the notorious headhunter, Stenn is determined to take him down. Consequently, he arrests Connor at the airport when he goes to rescue son John (Gabriel Kakon) from Kane and interrogates him. Stenn does not believe McLeod has a son but releases him anyway and promises that, if McLeod makes one false move, he will bring him down.

  • Bonny Portmore performed by Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt. The song is also featured during the ending credits on the 2005 The Final Dimension DVD.

  • It is presumed that Kane, posing as Connor, made the arrangements in an attempt to lure Connor to him. Although that information is not explained in the movie, it does show Kane getting John's Marrakesh phone number from Connor's message machine and realizing that Connor was John's "Daddy."

  • When Connor learns that John is on his way from Marrakesh to Newark, he quickly hops a flight to Newark from Glasgow. He arrives just in time to see Kane change his appearance and greet John while posing as Connor. Connor attempts to break through security in order to rescue John, but he is picked up and held by NYPD, who refuse to believe that he has a son. When he is finally released, Connor gets a phone call from Kane, telling him to meet him at the old mission on Route 1 in Jersey City. When Connor arrives, he finds Kane holding John, but they both turn out to be illusions. Sensing that Kane is nearby, Connor tracks him to an abandoned power plant. Suddenly, Alex shows up, explaining that she followed Connor because she thought she could help him. This, too, turns out to be an illusion on Kane's part, and the final battle begins. Eventually, Connor bests Kane, beheads him, and becomes in imbued with his powers. John comes walking down the stairs, and Connor and John are reunited. In the final scene, Connor, Alex, and John are driving down a road in Scotland. "I'm at peace," Connor says in a voiceover. "It's finally over." As they pass Heather's grave, a bolt of lightning can be seen bristling on her grave marker, suggesting that it may not yet be over.

  • The lightning established that Connor did not win The Prize and that there were still other immortals out there. It was written for the possibility of another installment. In 2000, The 4th installment Highlander: Endgame was released with Lambert returning one last time as Connor and joined by Adrian Paul, reprising his role as Duncan McLeod from the TV series.

  • It was not revealed what happened to John and Alex, and they are not seen nor mentioned again by Connor. One possibility is that they were murdered by Jacob Kell (Bruce Payne) (from Highlander: Endgame), as Kell was bent on making McLeod's life a living hell and also murdered Rachel Ellenstein (link=nm0321096]), McLeod's adopted daughter.

  • The UK VHS (rated 15) lacks two sex scenes and approximately one minute is missing on comparison to the uncensored version.

  • In Europe, Highlander III was shown in a different cut in cinemas, that was probably longer than the US version, especially the sex scene with the female journalist has probably been censored or even removed completely for US audiences. In 2005, the European theatrical version was released on DVD in the States, mislabeled as the Director's Cut, because the original Director's Cut was put out on Laserdisc and DVD by Dimension prior to 2005 and features updated special effects.


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