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Alternate Versions

The version released to video tape in the US has two extra scenes. The first addition is a scene early on when Kane first arrives in New York in which he picks up a prostitute. The second is the love scene between Conner and the reporter Alex, which contains more explicit footage. Both scenes are reported to be present in European theatrical prints.
In the European version of the film, Kane says, "Highlander is out there somewhere, and he owes me for all those years." after he escapes from the cave in 1994. In the US version, he says, "Highlander is out there somewhere, and he owes me 400 years." It makes a little more sense in the European version because Kane would have no way of knowing how long he was in the cave. The currently available US DVD contains the European version and the reference to it having been 400 years is no longer there.
In the US version of the film, the Suze DeMarchi and Nuno Bettencourt rock song "God Took A Picture" plays over the final credits. In the European version, "Bonny Portmore" by Loreena McKennitt plays over the final credits. The recent 2005 US DVD re-issue uses the European cut and therefore loses the rock song. On the French and the Canadian full-screen DVD release the end credit music is "Bonny Portmore" by Loreena McKennitt followed by "Bluebeard" by Cocteau Twins.
In the US version of the movie, we see Kane use his sorcerer's powers to transport himself to New York. In the European version, we see Kane walk out of a shipyard, implying that he got to New York by stowing away on a ship. The implication being contradited by a visual distortion in the shipyard background. The 2005 US DVD re-issue uses the European version of the movie despite the claim on the cover of also being the "Director's Cut" and therefore removes much of Kane's supernatural powers seen in the original "Director's Cut" release. Which ofcourse is a mistake.
UK video version is cut by 57 secs to maintain a "15" certificate when Kane is forcing himself onto the hooker and the sex scene between Connor and Alex is shortened.

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