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While Ben Stiller played the parts of both Tony Perkins and his father, the Bushkins were played by his actual parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.
Shaun Weiss was originally not interested in acting in the film, but he changed his mind when he found out that if he did not act in Heavy Weights, he would not be allowed to act in D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996).
in 2012, during a PBS telethon, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara spoke to the camera, side by side, just like in the Camp Hope promotional video. The same music that played in the Camp Hope promotional video played in the background.
As part of his first date with his eventual wife, Judd Apatow tried to impress Leslie Mann by showing her this film.
The story that Tony tells the boys during the hike is actually a confused mix of the myths of Icarus and Sisyphus. Sisyphus was a Greek king who tricked the gods on several occasions. As punishment, upon his death, he was forced to push a boulder up a hill for all of eternity. Before he could reach the top of the hill, the boulder would roll back down and he would have to start over. Icarus was a young man who tried to escape an island prison with his father, Daedalus, by making wings out of feathers and wax. Despite his father's warnings, Icarus flew too close to the sun, his wings melted and he fell to his death.
While filming the scene where the kids have a party after locking up Tony Perkins and restoring the camp back to the way it was, Aaron Schwartz (Gerry) injured his arm. His cast had to be hidden in scenes featuring him.
There was a scene where Tony takes a bow and arrow (can be seen to the upper left corner when he collides into the wall) and aims for the kids and Gerry's dad, but Disney cut the scene. This scene is available in the deleted scenes on the Heavyweights Blu-Ray version.
On the Blu-Ray commentary, Judd Apatow states that he once ran into Paul Thomas Anderson, and he told Judd that he loves Heavy Weights.
As the kids are getting off the Camp Hope bus when first arriving, you can see the Max. Capacity is 25. The 25 is scratched over and a "23" is written above it.
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Aaron Schwartz, Shaun Weiss, and Kenan Thompson all starred in at least one of the Mighty Duck movies. Schwartz in the first as Karp, Thompson in D2 and D3 as Russ Tyler, and Weiss in all three as Goldberg.
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Similar to his character in this movie, Ben Stiller would play another health-obsessed fitness fanatic in the 2004 movie "Dodgeball."
Cameo: Peter Berg (The cook)
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The Heavy Weights blu-ray disc, released in 2012, featured over 30 deleted and alternate scenes including: 1. An alternate beginning featuring Gerry and a classmate walking through the halls on the last day of school carrying A/V equipment and talking about their plans for the summer. 2. A scene where Gerry talks to his brother as he enters his house about the visitor. 3. A 2 minute long version of the Camp Hope Promotional video, showing additional shots around the camp and more additional commentary from the Bushkins. 4. An extended version of Roy and Gerry talking on the airplane, including a scene where Roy steals another passenger's food, as well as more dialogue as they exit the airport and talk to the other campers, as well as a segment where Gerry mistakenly boards the Camp MVP bus while being taunted by Chris. 5. Another camper, Alex Hollins, is weighed by Tony during the midpoint of camp, and it is revealed he neither gained nor lost weight. 6. A scene where Gerry, Roy, Josh, and Nicholas are preparing to do their beginning of the year physical with Nurse Julie, and they talk about getting boners. 7. An extended version of the campers swimming in the lake under Lars's supervision--this includes a scene where Gerry asks Lars about the Blob, a scene where Nurse Julie talks to Pat, who is scrubbing graffiti from Camp MVP, and the campers see the dismantled go-karts and are told by Tony it would be replaced by an obstacle course called PUOC. 8. A scene in the Chipmunk bunk where the campers talk about the sit-up game (done later in the movie to foil Tony during the hike) and experiment it on Lars, who, when doing the sit-up, pushes Josh across the cabin. 9. Two versions of the Camp Hope campfire, both of wish begin with Pat and Tim singing about Camp Hope under Tony's leadership. Tony and Lars interrupt the campfire with Tony discussing sacrifice, obesity, and smuggling illegal candy into the camp. Tony urges the campers to throw all candy into the fire, and when nobody volunteers, he then raids the cabins to search for candy. 10. An extended version of the bunk raid scene where Tony asks a camper, Philip, to unzip his pants where it is revealed that he had a 3 Musketeers in his pants. This version also includes the infamous Peter Fitz joke given by Josh. 11. Additional dialogue about Josh's whereabouts from the lunch line. This scene also shows the cafeteria workers warning Pat for giving the campers large servings. 12. An extended scene of Tim talking to Tony before the Camp MVP baseball game. Pat then approaches Tony, asking him to be reassigned to the Chipmunk bunk, but Tony tells Pat that he should stay away from the campers given his weight. 13. An extended scene of Gerry crying at the end of the Camp MVP baseball game--he ends up running away from the game and sees Lars harpooning the Blob. 14. An alternate scene of Gerry writing a letter, but this one was to his parents and full of sarcastic comments, such as saying how he sees the nurse all the time, how he has made friends playing baseball with the Camp MVP kids, and how he has enjoyed the Blob. This scene also contains an alternate version of Tony on a bed of nails. 15. A scene where the campers perform a play featuring Roy as a drunken bum getting a fish bone and the other characters playing alley cats. 16. Two versions of a scene where Nurse Julie visits Tony, and she snoops around his cabin and criticizes his weight loss program and personality. Tony tells her that "pain is the ultimate tool for shifting a belief," citing various motivational speakers. 17. An extended version of the campers searching Tony's cabin and an extended version of Tony running and working out around camp. The campers learn Tony is interested in the money from the infomercial, and Nicholas smuggles ginseng, rice cakes, and bulking agent from the cabin. 18. An extended version of the 20-mile hike, featuring junior counselor Dawson thanking Gerry for not ratting him out for smuggling food, an alternate version of the Icarus/Sisyphus story, a scene where they walk over an underground ant farm, as well as an extended version of Tony working out on the top of a mountain. 19. A scene where Tony, after being imprisoned, talk some wisdom to Sam, who was standing guard, and encourages him to let him out. This version also features an alternate motivation parody tape featuring Roy and Josh and not Gerry. 20. A scene where Pat talks code to Gerry to meet in the dining hall during Parents Day and he introduces himself to Gerry's parents. Gerry's parents also ask why they had not met Tony. 21. An extended version of the Camp Hope or Camp Hell video, which includes more dialogue between Tony and Josh where Tony coaches Josh to say positive things about the camp. Josh criticizes the food, leading to alternate takes, and when he tells Tony he's been at the camp longer, Tony makes him do 120 push-ups. The film also shows Tony prepping the campers for a small 30 minute run where he taunts the campers and tells them to run with their heels up to their butt. It also has extended footage of Josh and Roy eating a rat and ends with Gerry introducing Nurse Julie, who gives her disapproval of Tony's program. 22. An extended version of Tony invading Parents Day. After he loses his balance in the auditorium, he reaches for a bow and arrow, aims it at Mr. Garner, and talks about how his own father never showed him any affection. 23. Extra footage of Camp Hope after Pat takes over, including his stealing Camp MVP's boat motor to use in the go-kart for the Apache Relay and a scene where he has sex with Nurse Julie on a boat. 24. The Apache Relay scene is extended to show many more events including Pat and Lars giving the campers a motivational talk and Gerry thinking Camp Hope would get creamed. It is revealed that MVP picked 15 events and Hope picked 15 and each event had a time limit such that the participant would automatically advance if time ran out. Other events featured in the deleted scenes but not in the film itself were an obstacle course, a t-ball derby, a canoe race, a belly flop contest, an A/V obstacle course involving the camper running a projector through a simulated hallway and setting up the film, Tim (in a Southern accent) reading Shakespeare passages in the Hall of Intelligence, and a segment where the Hall of Intelligence participant had to skip to the next event (the Grand Prix). Also, at the end of the film, Chris from Camp MVP files a formal protest because he realized Pat stole his boat motor to use as the Camp Hope go kart motor. 25. Alternate versions of Tony selling items door-to-door including mail-order meat, Chinese herbal healing remedies, and South American massage balls.
The lookout warning the boys that Tony is coming back has a bloody nose. You can see this when he is hanging from the window.
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During the hike, as the boys start swatting away mosquitoes, Tony encourages the swatting motion, because it's a good isometric exercise. This is incorrect, since an isometric exercise involves a stationary position and/or applying force against a fixed object.
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