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  • In the first wedding, Charles is the Best Man, so he must be friends with the groom, Angus. At the second wedding, Charles again knows the groom, the couple getting together at the previous wedding. At the third wedding, Charles knows the bride, as it's Carrie. Charles is the groom for the fourth wedding.

  • It is "Funeral Blues" by W H Auden.

  • The phrase "I think I love you" features throughout the song.

  • Four Funerals and a Wedding is a title of the Simpsons, Midsomer Murders, Deep Space 9, a spoof on Harry Enfield and Chums. There was also Four Weddings and a Frog sketch, Four Regrettings and a Funeral, Simpsons episode, Steve Coogan's Three Fights, Two Weddings and a Funeral, book Four Well Dones and a Funeral and so on.


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