The Flintstones (1994) Poster

Alternate Versions

A credit for Mel Blanc as Dino was added to home video versions. The speed of the credits scroll was adjusted to make room without extending the music.
When aired on USA, the movie featured scenes cut from the final releases and made for TV viewing, as Universal often does.
  • A scene of Fred activating the garage door and pedaling the Flintmobile inside;

  • Wilma cutting the tail off his zebra suit he wore on his first day of being an executive followed by him saying they're gonna go find the biggest steak in the world and that Wilma would cook it;

  • Extra dialogue from Cliff when he threatens to fire Fred unless Fred fires Barney;

  • Wilma, Betty and the kids walking to the clothing store;

  • Barney at an unemployment office;

  • Extra dialogue in the meeting room where Fred says that the model factory could never build full sized houses;

  • Wilma pretending her car broke down at the gates of Slate & Company in order to knock out the guard so she and Betty could go in and get the Dictabird.

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