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Classic Made For Cable Fare
CleverTitania27 February 2002
Well, despite the venom of the other comment on this movie, it's not as bad as all that. If this movie was ever released at the theaters, that was a mistake, because it was designed to be a straight to late night cable film.

If you're a fan of the original Fast Getaway (and granted not that many are), then this is a nice little sequel. Corey Haim has always been my favorite for delivering light fun performances that give you the impression he was having fun at work, and this is another example. While the premise was cheesy, the bank robbery scam is a surprisingly interesting concept that I think a film with more backing should explore sometimes.

Also, while I've never liked Cynthia Rothrock in anything, I liked revisiting the chemistry that Haim and Leo Rossi had in the first movie. They are seem comfortable together, and it comes through in the father son relationship of the characters. I think Sarah Buxton was always an under used actress, but I enjoyed her in this film. Coincidentally, she was also in Corey Feldman's most underrated film, Rock and Roll High School Forever. Peter Liapis does well with a seriously flawed and two dimensional character of Renkin, the FBI agent who refuses to believe that Nelson (Haim) could ever be anything but a crook.

This movie is basically fluff. But it never pretends to be anything but. It's a nice 'nothing better on so let's watch some butt kicking and car chasing' movie. And if you're a fan of the Corey's in general, it's worth a couple hours when you're bored and watching late night cable.
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Very low budget crime comedy
kapecki29 December 2002
This very low budget comedy caper movie succeeds only in being low budget. Dialog is dumbfoundingly stupid, chase scenes are uniformly boring, and most of the on-screen money seems to have been saved for a series of crashes and explosions in a parking lot during the film's last five minutes (a briefly glimpsed port-a-potty early in that scene is certain to wrecked and spew crap on the film's chief villain--no prop is here without a purpose). The whole film is depressingly reminiscent of those that occasionally came out of Rodger Corman's studio when he'd give a first time director a few bucks and a camera--but without the discipline Corman would impose.
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Not as bad as it seems
kathymichiels22 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is a movie you should watch when you have nothing else to do, no pressing business or whatever. Take the night off, shut your brain down and just watch. You'll love it. It has all the usual features such as pretty girls, robberies and car-chases.

SPOILER I especially liked the first scene, where you think Nelson and his girlfriend committed a bank robbery. Same as in the first movie only without his dad. Turns out they were testing the security.

Granted it's not a high standard movie, but how many run-chase-getting caught-movies are?? I think it's enjoyable. I watched it as a kid the first time and it was nice to see it again.
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this is the best
Muzicluvr1520002 February 2003
any movie with corey haim in it is extremely cute!!! especially this movie, his sweet charm, and that sexy smile just make me want to melt!!!! Corey Haim deserves much applause for any movie that he makes, i just wish he made more movies recently.
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And I thought Tank Girl was Bad!
Sand-Spider6 August 2001
There are many films that have graced the motion picture industry that have touched our hearts. Such films as Double Team, Bio-Dome, Last Action Hero, Super Mario Brothers, Dude Where's My Car, Car 54: Where are you?, Vampire in Brooklyn, Barb Wire, The Ambulance, etc. left a permanent dent in our lives taking away many countless hours from our existence that we can NEVER get back! Speaking on behalf of the boring city of Tucson, Arizona a place where such actors as Stephen Baldwin (Fled), Don Johnson (Tin Cup), and Don Swayze (Death Wish) are seen as Legends. This town has marked the pinnacle for outstanding leaps and bounds in film history (Except the movie TombStone with Kurt Russell, that movie was f**king brilliant!). But back to the issue at hand which is the AUDACIOUS film Fast Getaway II. Corey Haim has graced this town with his Oscar caliber abilities. Not to mention his co-star in the film Leo Rossi who has made as much winners of films as Eric Roberts. This movie like its counterpart film Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man depict Tucson out to be a complex labyrinth of NASCAR streets that are filled with twist and turns that would blow Steve McQueens MIND! Which is so far from the truth it's not even funny. The box office intake on this film made any movie with Clint Howard to be a Hollywood SMASH! As of this date and for years to come I will be the only person to review this God-awful movie. I write this review only to myself knowing that nobody will ever lookup this Sh**ty movie. In conclusion I'd rather sit on a cactus than watch this raunchy movie again!!
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