Exotica (1994) Poster


Plot Keywords

bird egg
nightclub pet shop
protective male man with glasses
auditor exotic animal
unhappiness sense of touch
contract for having a baby rooftop
eel aquarium
private dancer computer
eavesdropping san francisco california
sense of smell pajamas
station wagon fellatio
topless female nudity bare breasts
swing movie camera
pedophilia pedophile
nightclub bouncer nightclub doorman
nightclub manager rain
home movie flutist
pianist piano
theatre audience death
murder murder plot
car accident death of wife
backstage waitress
lap dancer earphones
microphone death of daughter
murder of daughter incubator
illegitimate daughter searching for a missing girl
search missing girl
photograph toilet stall
restaurant cafe
older man younger woman relationship prostitute
housesitting artificial insemination
macaw parrot
ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship friend
friendship drink
drinking bar
telephone call cigarette smoking
smuggling striptease
revenge deceit
jealousy passion
secret dancing
dancer father son relationship
father daughter relationship female female kiss
kiss infidelity
unfaithfulness adultery
extramarital affair seduction
obsession temptation
sex marriage
husband wife relationship hairy chest
gay nudity
flash forward flashback
upskirt sexy dance
panties false accusation
one word title touch
haunted by the past actress breaking typecast
critically acclaimed babysitting
lesbianism female nudity
lesbian kiss schoolgirl uniform
lesbian toronto ontario canada
customs officer search party
corpse airport
taxi accountant
two way mirror wearing a sound wire
brother brother relationship extortion
homosexual widower
nonlinear timeline strip club
pregnancy disc jockey
thunderstorm betrayal
audit gun
uncle wheelchair
ballet video footage
animal smuggling cuckold
female frontal nudity flute
grief ticket scalping
loss of daughter stripper
babysitter men's bathroom
independent film title spoken by character

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