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Better Camera-work, Better Film
ccthemovieman-121 March 2006
I found this sequel much better than the more-famous "Endless Summer" which had been made 30 years before this film. That was good, but this is far better and a big reason is better camera lenses and techniques.

The photography in here is spectacular and I'm not a fan of surfing but this is amazing footage....and who isn't awed by huge waves? The camera puts you inside and underneath some of these mammoth waves and they aren't just spectacular; they are beautiful.

As in the first film, the narration and the travelogue is interesting and humorous. Bruce Brown, the man who narrated both films, is consistently entertaining in this area as he navigates us to distant countries and islands. We see, for example, the beaches of Australia, France, Fiji, Alaska, Indonesia, Africa, on and on - just magnificent scenery.

Also featured are wild animals, poisonous reptiles, a topless beach and assorted other goodies. It also was interesting to see familiar faces from the mid- 1960s movie and see how they've aged.

It all makes the 110-minute film interesting for anyone, surfers or not.
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The sequel to a legendary surfing film.
TroyAir30 August 1999
Thirty years after making the greatest surfing movie of all time - "Endless Summer", with Mike Hynson and Robert August as two surfers who try to achieve the ultimate dream (an endless Summer of waves, girls, sun, and surf)- Bruce Brown decided to shoot a sequel. He took two more surfers, a shortboarder and a longboarder, and traveled the world again. This time around, the surfing world is much larger than just Hawaii and California, so the guys don't really get to play "surfing ambassador" on this trip like the two other guys did in 1964.

Robert August makes a guest appearance. Since completing his surfing odyssey in 1964, he's now known as one of the greatest surfboard shapers in the business, specializing in longboards. One of the greatest tragedies in the world is the fact that the board he used in "Endless Summer" ended up on a used surfboard rack and was sold, lost forever to a nameless surfer who probably didn't know what he had. However, August has made a living creating duplicates of that board and they continue to sell well. But I'm deviating from the movie.

Again we have Bruce Brown giving narration to the film, although in this movie the cameras recorded sound, so we can hear the surfers reactions to the waves and rides rather than have Brown interpret them for us (though I miss his narration - it was much funnier in his retelling). And we have the familiar tune from The Sandals, but recorded with better guitars. This time the two title surfers go to places not normally associated with water sports, such as Alaska and France. But even here, with the improvement in wetsuit technology in the past 30 years, surfers are riding waves. We also get treated to a brief history of surfing at the beginning of the film, which is a nice tribute to the sport which has done well for Brown.

Interspersed between the surfers' travels are clips from surf competitions, famous moments in surf history, and some fantastic underwater photography. While the trailer to the movie focused on the big action scenes (a la the "X Games" influence of ESPN), the movie itself actually follows a less MTV-heart attack pace, showing us the grace and beauty of moving on a wall of water. The advances in camera technology have really benefitted filmmakers, and it shows in this movie.

So is the sequel as good as the original? Yes, if not better. While I miss the relaxing humor of Bruce Brown's narration that was in the original, the photography of the sequel is much better. I'd suggest watching both.
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beautiful and astonishing
shino20 December 1999
this film lives up the hype of being even better than the legendary original. the style is precisely that of the original, but the leap is the technical quality of the photography. much of the photography is so beautiful and astonishing that it looks like james cameron computer generated it. you watch it, thinking "how the heck did they film that?" now i am a jersey boy, born in nyc, know nothing about surfing. but i know a great film and this is one.
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Another great surfing adventure from Bruce Brown and company
duraflex16 August 2006
ENDLESS SUMMER II was written, directed and edited by surfer-filmmaker Bruce Brown with his son Dana 30 years after Bruce created the original.

ES2 has much the same "feel" as the original but the technical quality is on a higher level with a much bigger budget, bigger production staff and a studio and sponsors behind it from the get-go. Problem is NEW LINE CINEMA was in a state of transition when the ES2 was coming to market and it never got the promotion that any film needs. Although it was made in 1994, like many people, I never even knew it existed until I was surfing the internet in 2006.

This "sequel" is quite comparable to the original and if you enjoyed that, you will definitely want to see this.

The photography is absolutely spectacular – much of it actually better than the original - and many of the shots literally take the viewer right INSIDE and UNDER the waves.

Fantastic surfing, great action, beautiful scenery, magnificent waves, gorgeous color, good soundtrack – what a treat – like a 2 hour mini-vacation.

The original seems more authentic but this film is excellent as well.

Pulling off all the necessary logistics and photographing this round-the-world adventure and including some of the best surfers on Earth was a major achievement and an entertaining one at that.

There's a little too much real-life risk-taking the film - much of it OUT of the water "playing" with lions and clowning around at the top of a precipice near a waterfall.

Nevertheless, the film makes a great armchair adventure for those of us who no longer surf. It also serves as a beautiful inspiration to those who do enjoy surfing or might want to try it. Just don't be as daring as these guys. They've been at it a long time and even with that, they come up with some nasty wounds along the way.

Interesting too that one featured champion surfer is smart enough to wear a helmet surfing the big waves over coral reefs. I think there's a good lesson in that.
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Surfing Appreciation 101
Pepper Anne12 April 2004
Bruce Brown's sequel, produced nearly 30 years later, is just as good as the first one. Once again, we join two surfers, professional surfer Pat O'Connell (who still surfs to this day) and his pal, longboard pro 'Wingnut' Weaver, as they travel around of the world to chase the summer, enjoying some intense waves, new cultures, and a whole lot of adventure.

Brown's movie shows just how much surfing has changed since the first Endless Summer. Whereas in the 1960s, Brown showed the sports immense popularity of the sport for Pacific Coast surfers. But, if you'll recall in the first Endless Summer, some of the places that Mike Hynson and Robert August traveled to, they had never seen a surfboard before.

Much has changed since then, as Brown reveals in the sequel. Right from the introduction, we see how crowded the Hawaiian shores are with every kind of surfer imaginable--long boarders, short boarders, males and females both surfing, children surfing, people surfing doubles or triples, people surfing with their dogs, body boarders, and everything else. The sport has come a long way since the first movie in 1966.

In the Endless Summer II, O'Connell and Weaver travel to southeast Asia, France, Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, and Coasta Rica. In fact, they were invited to visit Coasta Rica by the original Endless Summer surfer, board designer Robert August. In France, the pair get to surf with world surf champ Tom Curren. I think it was in the islands of Indonesia that they meet up with Laird Hamilton and Gerry Lopez (remember them from 'North Shore'?). This is where Brown gives some focus to what extreme lengths surfing has been taken to as they gang go 'towing' with Hamilton and Garcia into some of the biggest waves surfers have ever known. And in between that, they get to do a whole lot of other great stuff (particularly with the adventurous prankster, Nat Young of Australia).

The sequel is not quite authentic as the first one because of a few choreographed sequences. But, everything else is cool (despite the omnipresence of those Sunkist sponsors). The photography is great. The surfing is great. The music is great. If you love surfing, or at least watching surfers, this is still a great movie to watch. It's a lot of fun watching surfers living for what they like to do best: surf.
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Great Visuals, but I miss Natural Sound
fsg738 June 2007
I'm a New York City boy, have what I claim are the whitest legs in America, and I have never surfed, but I love watching Surfer movies (even the hokey ones from the mid-sixties). Endless Summer 2 is beautiful. Great video, and even the obviously staged bits work because we're all in on the staginess. The guys are likable and fun.

One Kahuna of a Complaint, however, is--I want to Hear some of those Waves crashing. You've got great video, but the music often gets in the way of the sensory pleasure. I see beautiful waves, but the gift of the Sound all of that powerful water makes is taken away from me.

Those beautiful sunsets and sunrises need Natural Sound, not Man-Made music. In Indonesia I wanted to HEAR the noise all of those cars and motor-bikes were making. SOUND puts the viewer there. You took all of the natural sound out, then added little bits around the music in the Edit.

Keep the musicians OUT of the Edit Room.
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Destined to be a cult classic
jamiepowell12 June 2002
Whether you are a surfing guru or just a grommet, you'll love this film. Following in the footsteps of the friends that travelled the globe in search of the endless summer in Bruce Browns 1966 classic, Pat and Wingnut follow the surf from South America, through Africa, Indonesia and Australia. The photography is exceptional, the people they meet (Laird Hamilton, Jerry Lopez, Robert August to name but a few) fascinating, and the scenery incredible. Bruce Brown brings to the screen like no other can what is essentially an intraverted and elite lifestyle, and for the duration of the film, you feel a part of that life. It will leave you searching frantically on the internet for a longboard and a cheap flight to Fiji.
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Not as good as the original but better than the rest
mab848523 August 2003
A follow-up 30 years later shows how surfing has changed in that time. The same commentary style of Bruce Brown remains entertaining. The production quality is of course improved. And the surfing footage is still excellent. One could sense Brown's disappointment when he revisited Cape St Francis, the location of the "perfect wave" in the original to see that the wave had been spoiled by development - something that one who has observed NSW's North Coast and SE Qld's changes over the past 30 years will identify with. All in all, as interesting as the original, modified for a later era, and almost as good.
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Endlessly Enjoyable
britishdominion16 November 2013
This is another shaggy, low-key Bruce Brown surf docu. Endless Summer 2 has a tone very much in keeping with the chill surf culture, giving you some interesting history and wrapping it all together with some well- choreographed surfing scenes. It is endlessly enjoyable.

I remember this picture screening at a discount second-run house, and walking into the run-down downtown theatre simply to get out of the rain and kill some time before meeting some friends. Little did I know when I sat down that, by the end of this movie, I would totally flip for the sport and that this movie would be the impetus to get me surfing too.

Endless Summer 2 is just a slight, breezy little picture, a DIY travelogue with great scenery, big waves and daring surfers, Most of all, it just made surfing look like it would be a whole lot of fun - like anyone could do it. And I am here to tell you, it really is fun... and you really CAN do it.

There's plenty of other pictures that have dramatized the sport - Blue Crush, Point Break, In God's Hands, Chasing Mavericks etc - but this film is just a simple, pleasant 90 minutes that has a reverence for the sport, the power of nature and those who discover the world while in search of the next big pipeline.

Be warned: this movie will encourage any landlocked viewer to ditch work and catch a wave, too.
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The best
sk8alwayz8 December 2002
i carnt say much more than... its the best surf/movie ever! and each time i watch it, it just gets better no other surf movie can beat it! and if there is.. then i wanna see it!
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Ride The Wild Surf
Lechuguilla23 December 2016
This is a sequel to the original film "Endless Summer" (1966). Number 2 echoes the same basic format, as voice-over narrator Bruce Brown follows two professional surfers, here "Wingnut" Weaver and Pat O'Connell, who travel around the world in search of the perfect surfing waves. The documentary inspires youthful idealism with its two young surfers and a theme of carefree innocence. A travelogue of local places in a non-American setting augments the surfing scenes.

Using 35-mm film, color cinematography is by far the best element, with terrific shots of surfers riding ocean waves from up close and from far away. The height, symmetry, and fluidity of the waves are inspiring. And some of Brown's narration is clever and funny.

Unfortunately, aside from the beautiful camera work, there's not much to this film. Watching surfers ride a wave is interesting for the first four or five minutes; then it starts to get monotonous. The two surfers are slightly annoying and stereotypical of hip California surfers only interested in having fun, sans responsibilities. Maybe that's intentional, to appeal to a youthful audience.

The travelogue of local cultures is frivolous, "cute", and highly contrived. And please, enough with the jargon; the word "stoked" was so overused, hearing it again and again made me want to turn the sound off. Does Brown not have a script editor? Frenetic background music also is irritating and could have been replaced with the natural sounds of the ocean.

Obviously, "Endless Summer 2" will appeal to viewers interested in surfing, and to those who gravitate to National Geographic documentaries of non-American cultures. My biggest complaint here, aside from the repetition and the "shallow" (so to speak) plot is that the film was made by and for surfer-centric specialists. Brown and company know what surfers like; if only they could make a comparable film aimed at a wider audience.
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Great Movie
SnowMan-716 January 1999
This movie is one of the best surfing movies that I have seen. The scenery is awesome. Not to mention the lives and personalities of the surfers in it.
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When Sharks Attack is a better film.
jrcorb29 July 2002
I hate this film. Not because it isn't terrific. It's as good as good gets. My problem has to do with the films results. People all over the place watch Wingnut and Pat rip it up all over the globe and think, "Wow, I'd love to do that!" Next thing you know they're out in the line up trying to stand and getting in my way when it's already crowded enough. So I cannot stress this anymore...DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM. Watch "When Sharks Attack" instead.
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Disappointing, Tired Sequel
carkeysmcgee9 May 2003
I watched the original a few days ago, and I absolutely fell in love with some of the beaches and scenery that were in that one, as well as Bruce Brown's down-to-earth narration, so I might have put the first one up on a pedestal, but I really didn't like this updated sequel, as it was kinda like watching the Eagles in concert after they are all like 50 years old, or how embarrassing the Beach Boys were back in the '80s.

The main sensory problem I got with this movie is the poor Gary Hoey soundtrack. The original had more smooth grooves to go along with the zenlike sport, but the Gary Hoey electric guitar kinda turns surfing into a violent and unsettling experience. The photography is still as beautiful as the original, but fails in the interesting department.

Likewise, the movie itself seemed more forced. I noticed Bruce wrote it with his wife, and also there was some talking parts and some dumb staged humor (the original had the same, but they didn't resort to the real people acting and having dialogue, more of pantomimes). The only difference between this movie and somebody's surfing home movies is the better cinematography and the title of "Endless Summer", but other than that, you tend to lose interest in the film if you're not a surfer, whereas the original was about more than surfing; it was about interpersonal relationships and traveling aimlessly with a sense of adventure, not sight gags and a planned itinerary.
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Great sequel to a great flick
RNMorton17 October 1999
"Sequel" to The Endless Summer is just as good, with Bruce Brown again following two young surfers on a round-the-world quest for perfect waves. Film never lets up, and the location photography and narration are just as good as in the original. Enhanced by return visits to some of the locales from the first movie. Highly recommended whether you surf or not.
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Awesome Movie, A must for Surfers
atinoco6 November 2002
This movie is just great, I just can't get tired of watching it, scenery and beaches are just BEAUTIFUL, and also featuring my favorite surf legends, it's the best surf movie I've ever seen. Also pretty funny, what a nice way to travel the world and have fun in the same time!!!!!! I'm up for it anytime!!!!!
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