Dumb & Dumber (1994) Poster


Plot Keywords

airport criminal
aspen colorado friendship
beer briefcase full of money
kidnapping buddy
killing an animal ampersand in title
repetition in title hit with a door
1990s driving in the nude
arrest fbi agent
shot in the chest held at gunpoint
x lax drugged drink
snowball fight snowman
bar ski lift
ski character says i love you
stepmother stepdaughter relationship endangered species
benefit cane
cigar smoking reference to cinderella
massage pedicure
tuxedo newspaper
lamborghini jumping on a bed
illiteracy soiling pants
snow nebraska
knocked out 555 phone number
person on fire sleeping in a car
face slap pills
prank gone wrong pepper
mississippi singing in a car
hitchhiker bet
phone booth pistol
bare chested male hot tub
motel kicked in the face
broken arm punched in the face
punched in the crotch kicked in the crotch
date telling a joke
female rear nudity cigarette smoking
state trooper pennsylvania
connecticut waitress
dine and dash salt
truck stop restaurant
blind child severed head
parakeet top hat
scooter apartment
ulcer fired from the job
falling from height car crash
character repeating someone else's dialogue exploding car
mouth spray providence rhode island
scene during opening credits dog
limousine driver crying man
hotel suite tv commercial
sexual fantasy spitting on a hamburger
woman in a bikini urinating into a bottle
worm farm cult film
urination defecation
clumsiness dream girl
heart ripped out slapstick comedy
van unrequited love
unlikely hero toilet
rescue on the road
dead bird icelandic owl
foolish poison
heart in hand skiing
idiot blockbuster
limousine stupidity
bulletproof vest drinking urine
tongue stuck on a pole fantasy sequence
road trip utah
gas station travel
ransom flatulence
independent film

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