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Our favorite movie glasses of all time

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Our favorite movie glasses of all time
We would argue that it's the spectacles and not the clothes that make the man or woman. Here are some of the best glasses in movies, from the ones sported so iconically by the Boy Who Lived in the "Harry Potter" movies to the alien-revealing shades in "They Live" to the damnable specs in "The Jerk."

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The Matrix

Never mind that wearing sunglasses would seriously hinder your fighting skills, even in a virtual world -- looking cool is top priority in the land of the Wachowskis. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus look great in their shaded specs as they leap, kick, punch, shoot guns and answer ringing telephones, but our favorite pair belongs to Agent Smith. The look of surprise/annoyance/slight concern on his face after Neo manages to break them in the original "Matrix" is classic: "I'm going to enjoy watching you die, Mr. Anderson." Smash an Agent's glasses and the fight gets personal.
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DVD Huh? Blown Away

Just because Corey Haim is dead doesn’t mean that we can ignore the vast empire of barely-mediocre films he left behind. In fact, if I re-titled this column "Cory Haim, Huh?" I could probably ride high for a few months (no pun intended) before even getting to Dream A Little Dream 2.

Blown Away (1992) stars Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and Nicole Eggert, three signs that your movie will only get a theatrical release in South Korea. None of them are likeable. The Coreys are college kids who work at a ski resort. Obviously filmed on the off-season, the ski resort consists of nice, lush green grass with patches of snow added by CGI. I wish I was kidding. The Coreys get mixed up with super skinny 17-year-old Eggert who wants them to kill her father. I’ll let you guess the ending, since I didn’t really understand it
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