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Another Sci Fi Film Noir

Author: tabuno from utah
8 February 2004

While not in the league of Blade Runner, this movie has a decent sci fi script with the classic flawed detective and voice over narrative about his search for a mysterious mother/daughter who may hold the secret to immortality. Performed with sincerity, the girl comes across as the most subtle but brilliant performance. The intellectual IQ of our private dick leaves a bit to be desired though, but the convolutions, the build up, and the thrills and chills are patent fifties conventions. A decent if not truly classic sci fi in the Blade Runner mold. Six of Ten Stars.

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Nifty sci-fi noir thriller

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
15 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Disillusioned and down-on-his-luck security expert Joe Keyes (excellently played with spot-on weary cynicism by Michael Biehn) is hired to protect Gracie Rickman (cute Lindsey Haun), a little girl with alien-altered blood who holds the secret to immortality. Sinister scientist Thomas Newmeyer (essayed with deliciously wicked relish by John de Lancie) gives chase. Director Craig R. Baxley, working from a tight and absorbing script by D. Brent Mote, relates the involving plot at a snappy pace, does an able job of creating and sustaining an edgy and mysterious atmosphere in the first third of the picture, and stages the action set pieces with his usual skill and gusto. Moreover, Baxley brings a cool, stylish, and engrossing contemporary film noir sensibility -- flawed and troubled protagonist with a dark past, gritty urban locations, hard-boiled female characters, etc. -- which further adds to the movie's considerable entertainment value. Kudos are also in order for the sound acting by the capable cast: Biehn makes for an appealing reluctant hero, the gorgeous Joanna Pacula is in fine feisty form as Keyes' tough cookie ex-wife Monica Quik, plus there are nice turns by Lisa Collins as Gracie's caring mother Mrs. Rickman, Tobin Bell as paranoid researcher Warren Rickman, Steven Williams as no-nonsense Sargeant Eldon James, John Kapelos as mean, vengeful cop Mark Waters, and Michael Des Barres as Keyes' loyal old partner Lew Ramirez. Joao Fernandes' lively and polished cinematography gives the picture a funky neon look. Gary Chang's moody score likewise does the trick. A real bang-up flick.

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Biehn is solid as usual.

Author: Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) from Canada
30 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not bad sci-fi with a touch of film noir, focusing on a haunted, weary character named Joe Keyes (Michael Biehn), a "protector" for hire who's approached by a researcher, Warren Rickman (Tobin Bell) and his family for protection from Rickmans' villainous associate Thomas Newmeyer (John de Lancie), a renowned scientist eager to exploit a unique find: a tiny alien spaceship, part of a bigger one that was blown up in a space battle, that hurtles down to Earth and enters a little girls' bloodstream. This gives her healing / regenerating abilities, and the "deep reds" inside of the child can also be passed on to other people and help them maintain youthful appearances. One can see why Newmeyer would find this "fountain of youth" so alluring. Keyes has to pull himself together long enough to keep Rickmans' wife (Lisa Collins) and daughter (Lindsey Haun), the aforementioned child, safe.

Capably directed by Craig R. Baxley ("Action Jackson", "Dark Angel", "Stone Cold"), this is slick enough stuff that entertains well enough for a well paced 85 minutes. It sets itself up with an obvious "Star Wars" homage, then becomes a mystery into which the character of Keyes is dropped. It takes a while before characters start spilling the vital information that Keyes needs to hear. The action, stunts, and special effects are well done. The largely familiar cast also includes such folk as the lovely Joanna Pacula as Keyes' associate Monica Quik, Michael Des Barres as his good friend Lew Ramirez, John Kapelos as grudge bearing cop Mack Waters, Steven Williams as the helpful Detective Sergeant Eldon James, and in a bit, veteran actor Jesse Vint, who'd acted in "Dark Angel" for director Baxley. De Lancie is an effectively nasty villain, but this agreeable bit of escapism really belongs to the under-rated Biehn, who's believable as a depressed man who despairs over an imperfect world that allows tragedies to happen.

All in all, this should prove to be some fun for fans of the genre.

Seven out of 10.

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Better than expected

Author: Chris from Nottingham(Uni), Herts(home)
19 January 2001

I watched this film expecting it to be a film full of villagers, but was pleasantly surprised to find that despite it's no doubt very low budget, some good special effects managed to be pulled off,(I especially enjoyed the alien being excremented through someone's hand-Nice), even though the film is a bit slow moving, it did keep you guessing (especially at the beginning), and had some good twists so I gave this film 7/10. There were above average performances from all cast members and some nice ladies, if you get the chance watch it, even for curiosity's sake.

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A Very Good Entertainment

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
20 February 2004

In a space war, a tiny spaceship is hit by another one, falls on planet Earth into the hand of a little girl (Gracie) and penetrates her hand. Some time later, the private investigator Joe Keyes (Michael Biehn) is hired by a mother, who is under the protection of his former wife Monica (Joanna Pacula) together with her daughter Gracie (Lidsey Haun), to help her husband, the scientist Warren Rickman (Tobin Bell). Warren is being threatened by his colleague, Thomas Newmeyer (John de Lancie). Joe is divorced from Monica, and blames himself for the death of another mother and daughter who were under his protection. They were the wife and daughter of the detective Mack Waters (John Kapelos), and killed by a murderer Mack had put in jail. When Joe finds Warren, strange events happen and Joe decides to find Monica to realize what is happening and help her. A great mystery involving immortality and healing is disclosed along the story. This sci-fi movie is very intriguing, having a very different and unpredictable screenplay. It recalls a film noir, with narrative in off, dark and smoky places, with touches of `Blade Runner', and is a very good entertainment. With some improvement, it could have been an excellent movie. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): `Sangue Imortal' (‘Immortal Blood')

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Fun on an otherwise boring evening

Author: Marion van Hoof from Arnhem, Netherlands
14 October 1999

Home alone and a die hard Scifi-fan. Vaguely triggered by the name of Biehn in the TV-guide. Apart from the apparent alien 'reds'(a bacteria-sort-of-thing that extends life-expectancy), it feels more like looking at a Micky Spilane-like detective. A p.i. who tries to save a little girl from a mad professor and saves his tormented soul in the process.

But it was good fun watching it.

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Enjoyable, but not mind stretching

Author: Steve Culshaw ( from Reading, UK
6 April 1999

Finally got around to watching my tape of the film being shown on BBC. At first I didn't recognise Michael Biehn and was about to trash it, but then I did and, on the basis of really enjoying him in Aliens, I watch Deep Red.

Well at the end of ~90 minutes, I wouldn't say I was mentally challenged, but I'd still recommend it as a basic enjoyable movie -if you're into sci-fi, nanotechnology, and the good guy winning.

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It was tough ... but the avg genre fan will enjoy

Author: nothing_important from Athens, Georgia
18 November 2007

There isn't anything wrong with the overall tone, the scene shooting looks good enough and the actors have a fair script it seem so to me. Interesting premises if a little "deux ex machina". It does alter the 'overall tone' as I mentioned i.e. another sciffy is logged for our enjoyment. I like the score, no pop songs or MTV montages here. Biehn is easy on the eyes as is the Polish actress who plays Monica. I like most of the user comments here; My rating is 5/10. To quote a nice scene in the movie, "It felt good tonight didn't it?" There were nice, understated FX. The cheese is more like a condiment than a key ingredient.

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Great, but I have a vested interest.

Author: joekeyes from Los Angeles
18 February 2002

I've seen this movie many times and I think it's great. Sci-fi/film noir, how can you go wrong? Michael Biehn, John De Lancie, Steven Williams were all terrific. The effects were pretty good considering the budget (Less than $3M). Not enough humor maybe, but intriguing just the same. But then, I have a vested interest, don't I?

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Somewhat cheesy, but fun

Author: Jase53 from Manchester, England
10 March 1999

Caught this on TV last night and had to watch as Michael Biehn is a particular favourite of mine ( Basically alien nano-things (reds) that repair the bodies cells and make you effectively immortal take residence in a small girl. She possesses the only reds which do not decay within hours (deep reds) so nasty scientist type wants said little girl to make himself immortal. Emotionally battered Private Eye tries to protect little girl, to save not only her but to redeem himself.

The basic premise is pretty standard stuff, and the sci-fi involved is never delved into in suitable detail, things tending towards the twee and convenient. But hey, forget about James Cameron and Ridley Scott, turn off your brain and enjoy some pure cheesy old tosh!

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