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A very entertaining TV movie
bsinc23 March 2002
This movie was a nice surprise. It had an above average story (for a TV movie) that really captivated and entertained me for that hour and 1/2. The cloning thing was really interesting, not because of its credibility or believability (because there isn't a lot of that), but because it left me wondering if something like this could (or already has) really happen(ed). The thought of having a clone of yourself and meeting him/her someday is truly mind boggling and fascinating. The acting is good, and I thought the leading actor, C. Thomas Howwel did a great job. He's one of those actors who's face you remember distinctly although seeing him only once.

Sure, the story could have been from another movie and the ending is predictable(it's similar to the one in "The Assignment", except the ending there is, in my opinion, opened to the viewers imagination), but hey, I enjoyed it. 7/10
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Rare but disturbing movie to find
omoto 14 March 2013
I first saw "Dark Reflection" on Fox a long time ago when it was the made for TV version. I only saw parts of it though. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere.

The thing that's disturbing is that Elizabeth (Lisa Zane) doesn't know her spouse enough to where she thinks a "Look a like" criminal is her husband Ben and accepts him just because "He acts a certain way" during a certain moment, yet she knows enough to think somethings messed up because the criminal "Doesn't know what her son likes." At the end where the criminal falls through the ceiling, her husband Ben doesn't come down from the ceiling to get his wife, especially the scene where you see Elizabeth (Lisa Zane) at the art gallery. You'd think Ben would've continued to pursue his wife and rid the criminal. There's other scenes in the movie that irks me, but I don't want someone to think "I'm taking the movie too seriously."
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