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The scene after the first game with Iceland where Coach Bombay makes the team do sprints is based on Herb Brooks' 1980 US Olympic team when they tied the Norwegian national team in an exhibition game. The team skated for about an hour even though the rink manager had turned the lights off.
Brandon Quintin Adams and Kenan Thompson didn't get along during filming, which is one of the reasons that Adams chose not to appear in D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996).
The Ducks that appeared in the first film but did not return for this sequel are; Dave Karp (Aaron Schwartz), Peter Mark (J.D. Daniels), Terry Hall (Jussie Smollett}, Tammy Duncan (Jane Plank), and Tommy Duncan (Danny Tamberelli).
When Dwayne Robertson was introduced, he says, "It's a great day for hockey." That was a tribute to former Pittsburgh Penguins/Calgary Flames/Wisconsin University Badgers coach and Former USA Hockey executive, "Badger" Bob Johnson, who died in 1991, shortly after coaching the Pittsburgh Penguins to their first Stanley Cup Championship and before he was to coach Team USA in the 1991 Canada Cup Tournament. That was how Johnson greeted his players every day.
Brandon Quintin Adams and Mike Vitar also starred in the The sandlot.
Marc Maron filmed a cameo as an angry valet who the Ducks come across in Beverly Hills but his scenes were deleted.
The characters played by Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway) and Justin Wong (Ken Wu) play for Team USA even though both Jackson and Wong were born in Canada.
Seven out of 14 members of Team USA were born in the Twin Cities Metro Area: Charlie Conway, Connie Moreau, and Jesse Hall are from Minneapolis; Guy Germaine is from St. Paul; and Adam Banks, Les Averman, and Fulton Reed are from the suburbs of Edina, Brooklyn Park, and Stillwater, respectively. The other states represented on Team USA are Pennsylvania (Greg Goldberg), California (Ken Wu and Russ Tyler), Florida (Luis Mendoza), Illinois (Dean Portman), Maine (Julie Gaffney), and Texas (Dwayne Robertson).
Filming began 7 July 1993 and ended that fall on 23 September.
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The only film in the franchise where Adam Banks isn't forces to choose between which team he plays for. In The Mighty Ducks, he has to choose either the Hawks or the Ducks (or forfeit every game for the rest of the season). In D3, he has to choose between JV and Varsity because of his new teammates.
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Icelands uniforms are the same colors of the Hawks in The Mighty Ducks (1992)
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

This movie begins with Gordon getting off of a Greyhound bus. The first movie ends with him getting on a Greyhound bus.
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