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bpeck1318 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Private detective Mike Hammer takes on a case looking for Trinity Sinclair's father (Felix Sinclair aka Donald Acuff) who has been missing for 15 years. Hammer predictably gets romantically involved with her, but Velda doesn't think Trinity is as innocent as she portrays. But when Trinity's "father" ends up dead, the FBI shows up and Hammer is accused of the murder. Apparently Acuff was in the witness protection program for ratting out the Trinity Brothers 15 years ago. Mike and Velda think Trinity (obviously not her real name) is connected to the Daytona mob so Mike follows her to Daytona. Trinity (who is really a Daytona cop) and her partner, Vince, are the ones who killed Acuff and framed Hammer. They killed Acuff for Father Teddy Trinity, the youngest and only surviving Trinity brother--who because he is a priest, could not carry out the revenge killing himself.

The movie is a bit slow in places but is mostly non-stop action and a twisted plot that keeps you guessing. Hammer gets himself in many jams but somehow always manages to get himself out of them. I have not seen Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer, so I cannot compare the two; but I do like Rob Estes for this role.
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If you miss Silk Stalkings, this is a must
Isobel-39 September 2001
As a long time Mike Hammer fan (books, films, TV shows) it is great to see a Mike Hammer who really can turn heads in the street. The concept of an aging Stacy Keach as incredibly sexy was about as credible as James T Kirk the love interest. Pamela Anderson is equally great as Velda and the Miami locations are spectacular.

The only faults I could find for this movie are the absolutely predictable plot (always a Mike Hammer short coming) and the enormous number of scantily clad babes and lame jokes about "jugs" etc.

Why did nobody ever turn this into a series?
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I heard Zelda (vhs)
leplatypus27 July 2017
while it's in fact ... Velda! But that's the problem with hard hearing people, we can't catch names...

Anyway, from what I remember with Stacy Keach, Mike Hammer is an hard-boiled noir detective while here the mood is funny and located in sunny Miami. In spite of a cool cast, there is nothing exceptional here as it has been done over and over better but i concede that the idea is rather original to hire a detective to find a criminal hidden by a witness program... For one time, Pam shows her gray matter and deductive skills and she has a worthy partner in Babeness with Randi Ingerman ...
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