Color of Night (1994) Poster

Plot Keywords

patient therapy
psychologist suicide
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star appears nude voyeur
voyeurism promiscuous woman
multiple lovers copulation
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car crash tattoo
loft father son relationship
painting welding
shooting death of family member
bleeding to death jumping from window
stabbing home security
rattlesnake nymphomania
depression nail gun
car chase grief
gender dysphoria adultery
doctor patient relationship sex with patient
violence new york city
manhattan new york city male rear nudity
male nudity mental illness
serial killer male bare feet
female bare feet chrysler building manhattan new york city
male to female footsie playing female to male footsie playing
footsie box office flop
paranoia lesbian
therapist murder investigation
femme fatale tied to a bedpost
leg spreading crotch shot
footsie under the table female to male foot in crotch
penis lesbianism
s&m lesbian kiss
female nudity brother sister relationship
attempted suicide orgasm
schizophrenia rough sex
female frontal nudity sex in a swimming pool
sex in shower falling from height
obsessive compulsive disorder nudity
investigation murder
psychopath behaviorist
gender disguise neo noir
insanity multiple personality
psychology psychoanalyst
sex group therapy
male frontal nudity erotica
color blindness surprise ending

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